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running out of space on drive c.Anyway to tell FM12 to use userprofile from another drive?

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As topic says. I have a small drive C: And there is no way that I can find 4 GB as a nice facepack for FM12 will demand. It seems that the faces Have to be installed on c:\users\...\Football manager12 unlike f.instance the skins and other data which I have been allowed to install on drive d: (Preferences - > user data = D:\FM)

Any way to install the facepack other places and telling FM12 where. Og any way to move the userprofile library for FM12 out of c:\users\... ?

THANKS in advance if anyone can solve this.

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You are correct in saying that the facepack has to be installed into your user data folder (normally in your documents). Assuming you have a second hard drive with more free space, you can tell FM12 to look into a different folder/drive in preferences under the general tab. The default path for the user data folder is:

C:\Users\'user name'\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2012

If you then set up a similar folder structure on a new 'D' drive for example, then all you need to do is change the 'C' for 'D',

i.e. ....... D:\Users\'user name'\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2012

Then close down the game, copy the whole 'Football Manager 2012' folder over to the new folder structure that will need to recreate on the second hard drive and FM12 will automatically look in this directory for your saved game, graphics files etc when you start it up again.

Basically you can move your user files to anywhere on your computer, you just have to tell FM12 in preferences, what the folder path is.

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