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Training - my players not developing (at all it seems like)

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Hope to get some help.

Am playing as Blackburn Rovers. I am at the end of my first season. My players have in general played well and Hoilett has the third highest average in the league and Samba the highest.

My problem problem is that my players dont develop and some (and I am not talking about the old players) even gets worse in both mental and technique even though they play regularly.

Fro instance:

- Formica for instance has about 20 games and his mental stats has gone down.

- NZonzi players every game he is pretty much the same. Slightly better physical stats, but technical and mental stats are the same

- Hoilet is my top goalscorer and he has gained one in pace - and that is it. No technical stats or mental stats have gone up. He is focusing on finishing - high level - but it isnt up. Not even 1.

- Olsson is playing as left back and has all season but his tackling is now 2 lower than it was to begin with.

And so on and so on.

First off - I dont care how you train but when you as a young player play all the games in the EPL you progress.

Second - I train them hard but not too hard so that they get injuries.

Third - I have even tried to download a regime - FURIOUS it was called and played almost all season with that and not progress.

Fourth - I have 4 stars coaches.

Is this right?


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First off - I agree to some extent but I think your 2nd point can be the issue. If someone is playing regular and been trained hard then they wont progress as much due to them been tired and having low condition all the time. Its the same with players who are unfit or not match fit, they simply don't progress.

So you've played the same season twice? As you said ud used FURIOUS training for almost a full season.

Are you sure the coaches are assigned to training catergories?

How many coaches do you have? Are you sure they are first team coaches and not all youth coaches?

You got any screenshots of the players who have declined so badly showing the decline on the attribute graph please?

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I think player development is a bit hit and miss this year.

I don't claim to be an expert but I've had some decent results. I've developed a schedule which is just a testing method, and after some tweaking I managed to improve an u19 player with an increase of 23 in his attributes over a 6 month period.

The player was Kenji Gorre at Man United, the schedule was low strength, low aerobic, no tactics, intensive ball control and medium attacking, low defending and low shooting.

The training intensity was very medium, he didn't suffer any injuries and he was only playing u18 games (no reserve)

Also, I didn't work him on any individual focus, didn't encourage him or even tutor him.

I went on holiday for 6 months and as I said certain stats had increased compared to the start of the game. His technique, passing and creativity had increased the most with technique increasing by 3 and the others 2. Then a few of his stats had increased by 1.

His form in this period was nothing special. His average rating was 6.48 and he'd scored 4 goals and 2 assists in this period and his morale was good.

Thinking perhaps I'd cracked the tutorial for this player and was hopefully ready to move on to generalisation this scedule for all players, I saved the tactic and went back to the games 1st day of the season (I saved before holidaying)

Then I placed Kenji on the schedule again, every condition was excactly the same and done a holiday for another 6 months. The stats had increased by 3, first touch this time had went up by 2 and his tackling went up by 1

Completely different results to the first set of testing even though the conditions were as close to the original test as possible.

His form was no better, and his morale was still ok. I also looked at his injury history and his fitness and both seemed ok, no sign of history. I thought maybe it was just a 1 off bad result.

So I went back and did another test, following the same steps.

This time his form was dreadful, he'd managed only 7 games in this 6 months (4 starts and 3 sub appearances).

He had recieved an injury, which would explain the bad form.

Yet, his stats had recieved an increase of 16. Slightly strange that he had missed a month with an jury and had barely played any football yet he'd recieved a good increase.

Maybe the schedule was better than I thought!

Another round of testing. This time no injuries, great form. Average rating 7.68, 3 goals and 6 assists and 2 MOM awards. Excited to see the stat increases...Horrified to find that the technique and first touch which recieve the most focus had increased by 1 each, but several stats had went down by 1 as well meaning this time he had actually decreased his overall attributes.

Quite a random set of results when you consider that 3 sets of tests were carried out using as close to identical conditions as possible.

I'm going to keep working, but it's extremely frustrating so far.

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