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Switching a manager between network players

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Hi all,

I'm playing a network game of Football Manager 2012 in a some client-server environment. I have a Desktop PC that is running a network game (it is the Server), and I have a laptop I'm running the client part on (the Client).

I have created a manager on the Client and played with that manager for a day or so. The next day I started the game on the Server again and took the Manager under control on the Server.

When I connect to the network game from the Client, I see that the Manager is already in game, and I can't control it from the Client. Is there any option revert a control over the Manager from the Server to the Client?

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I have a similair problem (I think)...

Me and a friend decided to play a network game and we went Barcelona and Real Madrid.

I won the league in the first season and it occured to me that Tito Vilanova's contract was running out, so I went to click on his profile and offer him one, when an error message came up, it did this repeatedly, kicking me from the game every time.

I like Tito, so I naturally wanted to renew his contract, so I ask my friend (who is the host btw) to take control of my manager user and try to renew his contract himself (for me), and everything went smoothly until he tried to go off of my user. He thought that when he pressed 'Resume Control' of his Real Madrid, he would automatically sign out of Barcelona (like on FM11?) But it did not, and now we don't know how to let me go back as Barcelona manager without retiring me (because I got Manager of the Year, got entered into the hall of fame, and I would like my reputation to carry me into the Spain u23 job over my friend), does anybody know how my friend could quit my user control without retiring me?

I know it is a big read, but I would really appreciate it if somebody could help, any additional questions you need just ask me, thanks in advance..

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