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Bromley 2021/2022 Review

Season Review


Premier League: Champions (Media Prediction: 8th Place)

FA Cup: 5th Round – Defeated by Manchester City

League Cup: Champions – Defeated Manchester City 2-0 in the Finals

Champions League: Second Round – Defeated by Paris Saint-Germain

It took us five years in the Premier League to finally win it, steadily progressing up the table. Given how insane our offense was this season, when we finally lifted the trophy after a 4-1 victory over West Bromwich in our last match, it did not come too much of a surprise. We started the year on fire, and we never sizzled out, finishing with a ridiculous 110 goals in the league. We only managed to lose three games all season long domestically, and having conceded 38 goals, our defense was not so bad, either.

It is no coincidence that our rise to the top of the Premier League came in Nicolas Olarticoechea’s first season at the club – the 24 year old Argentine striker was simply flawless. When I brought him in for £8,250,000 in the summer, I figured he would be slotted in as the third choice striker, rotating with Musah and Sedlarevic, but 12 goals in his first 4 games changed all that. He broke Bromley’s league and overall goal record, scoring 35 and 50 goals, respectively, over the course of the season. Not only that, but he contributed 16 and 24 assists in the league and overall, and he finished with a 7.89 AR in the Premier League. Needless to say, he was the Premier League’s Footballer of the Year, and possibly the most in form player in the world this season. His effect on the team and its fortunes cannot be overstated – without him, there is no way we achieve what he did this season.

The Premier League was not our only achievement this year, as we lifted the League Cup for the first time in our history, as well, with a 2-0 victory over Manchester City. The FA Cup was a disappointment, as we crashed out to the same team in the 5th Round. In the Champions League, after making a mockery out of Group C and qualifying first, ahead of eventual champions Marseille and Bayern Munich, we crashed out in the Second Round to eventual Semi-Finalists Paris Saint-Germain in a lackluster display. Still, it was a decent try considering it was our first time in the tournament, and with further experience, we can hope to do better next season.

Key Players

Player of the Year

Nicolas Olarticoechea: Who else? Outstanding in every facet of the game, he finished with 35 goals, 16 assists, and 13 MotMs in the Premier League, while recording a 7.89 AR. Needless to say, he led the league in goals scored, and won the Premier League Footballer of the Year, as well. Without him, the Premier League title would not have been possible, and the 24 year old Argentine has been the finest player on the planet in 2022, so far.


Tricio: Statistically, this was not the 24 year old Brazilian goalkeeper’s finest season in a Bromley uniform, but there can be little denying that his fourth season with the club has been the one that has catapulted him to world fame. He conceded 38 goals in 38 games, and although his 9 clean sheets was on the low side, he has become one of the most talented young GKs in the world today. That has been highlighted by the fact that he is now considered Brazil’s favorite choice as their No.1.


Tete: He became Bromley’s first ever defender to be selected in the Premier League Select when he was chosen this year, and the 23 year old Brazilian can thank his inane ability to head the ball into the back of the net for that. In 28 appearances, he scored 8 goals, all with his head – this does not mean, however, that his defensive abilities were anything to laugh about. Although his 2.46 TpG was low, his 7.36 AR backs up the fact that he was one of the finest defenders in the Premier League this season.

Alexandre: The 23 year old has become one of the most complete defenders in the Premier League today, and if it was not for a torn hamstring that ruled him out of the last 3 months of the season, there is little doubt that the Brazilian would have been chosen to the Premier League Select. He averaged 4.09 TpG and 7.25 AR, helping the squad out immensely with his versatility and athletic ability. He was slotted into the midfield on quite a few occasions, and did admirably in the center of the park. It was his work in the back, however, that helped the team win the Premier League this season.


Gilmar: The 23 year old Brazilian right winger scored 7 goals and recorded 15 assists this season, setting a career high in the latter and equaling it in the former. His 7.28 AR was also a career-high, and he was rewarded with his first ever Premier League Select nomination. The fact is, there is no better right winger in the league today, and his improvement, whether in ability or performance on the pitch, continues to be remarkable.

Lukas Kubik: There was a time not so long ago that it was generally thought that the club needed an upgrade at the left wing position – not anymore. Those times are long gone after the 24 year old Czech delivered a fantastic season, scoring 7 goals and handing out 15 assists on his way to his first ever Premier League Select nomination. His 7.36 AR was also a career-high, but his greatest asset was his free-kick abilities, scoring most of his goals from the set pieces. He has earned his position through blood and sweat, and has become one of the most indispensable players at the club, and has never looked so confident as the club’s vice-captain as he does now.


Emmanuel Musah: The club captain, 24 year old German Musah set a career-high with 11 assists this season, to go with his 15 goals. Part of a three-headed monster with Sedlarevic and Olarticoechea, he featured in the rotation quite a bit, making 9 of his appearances as a substitute. He remains one of the club’s most important players, however, and on his day, there is no one better. Smooth as silk, he may never be the 20+ goalscorer, but one would be hard pressed to find a better all-around forward in the game today, slotting in as an attacking winger on both sides on numerous occasions for the club. He was named in the Premier League Select’s substitute squad.

Zoran Sedlarevic: He won the Premier League’s Young Player of the Year award for the second consecutive season, and with good reason. In 33 appearances, the 24 year old Serbian scored 18 goals and handed out 9 assists while recording a 7.35 AR. Much like his club captain, Emmanuel Musah, he showcased his great all-around ability, slotting in as a left midfielder on a few occasions. He was the subject of many transfer bids throughout the season, some reaching as high as £25,000,000, but they were swiftly and forcefully rejected – his performance this season proved it was the right thing to do.

Most Promising Youths (17 Years or Younger)

Shannon Carpenter: Initially, he came to the club as a midfielder, but its painfully obvious his talent lays in the back four. He has the potential to be an outstanding central defender, and he got quite a bit of playing time this season, appearing in 19 games. His 6.92 AR is encouraging, and showed that he was able to hold his own against some of the best players in the world. Will hope to emulate Kieran Holland’s path as the only Bromley Youth Academy product to get a call-up to the English national team someday.

Abdelkhalek Daoud: The French midfielder came for £5,000,000 at the beginning of the season, and in his only appearance for the club, he scored a goal. Very quick and technically gifted, he looks to be like a huge star for the future if he lives up to his potential.

Harry Hanby: He is a 2022 Bromley Youth Academy graduate, but he has already made his first appearance for Bromley. His pace is his most obvious strength, and he is currently being taught to be a quality right winger, despite being a mostly left footed player. Has been called one of the finest players of his generation by the coaching staff at the club.




It was another great season in terms of the transfer market, with Olarticoechea an absolute bargain at £8,250,000. Our most expensive signing, £10,000,000 man Tidiane Samb, did well for us, scoring 4 goals and handing out 7 assists. The rest were all quality youngsters, who I am sure we will be hearing about in the coming few years.

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Congratulations u deserve it!
Done on a fairly low wage bill as well.

Thanks! Yes, we have one of the lowest wages in the Premier League - although that is sure to change soon!

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Fantastic achievement with Bromley! Enjoy your success (and the Champions League next season)!

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Fantastic achievement with Bromley! Enjoy your success (and the Champions League next season)!

Thanks! Hopefully we will go further than the Second Round we did this season!

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Congrats on the first of many League wins for Bromley! (Try saying that in real life ;) )

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Phenomenal season, with some pretty impressive stats from strikers.

Looking at those stats, Holland seems to be another big contributor. Over 300 intercepts, 3.5 tackles a game, all at 21 years old.

Which trophes will you be aiming for next season? Clearly a league repeat, but will you chase the FA Cup or Champions League as the second priority? All four, with League Cup, may be possible.

I wish I was good enough to have that sort of success (or any sort of success) in FM.

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Hey guys! I know I have not updated for a while - I ended up stopping this save for a bit because of some computer issues, but Ive been playing it constantly - up to 2026 now! Bromley have won three Premier League titles and a Champions League, and I'm also managing Ghana now :) Although I wont be updating in the conventional way, I thought it would be fun to have a look at some of my greatest players over the years. We kick things off, of course, with Elliot Law:

Elliot Law


Without a doubt, Elliot Law was the very first true legend of the club. When the manager bought the club in 2011, Law was a 17 year old striker who was in the club’s U19 program, but he was promptly called up to the senior team after a few practice sessions. He became the catalyst for success in Bromley’s title winning campaign in 2011/12, lifting both the BSS trophy and the FA Trophy. Despite his young age, he lit the BSS for 21 goals, contributing 6 assists and recording a 7.23 AR, as well. He was the 3rd highest scorer in the BSS that year, but he became the youngest player in its history to be shortlisted for the BSS Player of the Year, an award many feel he should have won. In 2012/13, things only got better for Law, as he scored a career high 28 league goals while guiding Bromley to the BSP title, their second consecutive championship and promotion in a row. He added 10 assists and recorded a career-high 7.52 AR, propelling himself to legendary status in the eyes of the club’s fans. In his first two years with the club, they had captured two league titles and two consecutive FA Trophy titles, as well, and the main reason was their star striker. Although it was David Corrigan who took Bromley’s Player of the Year during their BSP campaign, replacing Law who had won it the previous season, he was the club’s leading scorer in both seasons.

As the npower League Two season drew closer in 2013/14, there began to be calls for Bromley to upgrade their frontline, with talk being that perhaps Law was not talented enough to play at this level. The difference between the Blue Square and the npower leagues, critics claimed, was vast. Elliot Law, however, proved everyone wrong, and at the age of 19, led Bromley to their 3rd consecutive promotion, with the club finishing in 3rd Place. He scored 21 goals on a 7.13 AR, and won the Bromley Player of the Year for the 2nd time in his career. The club was surprising everyone with its success, and Law was the driving force behind it. In three consecutive seasons, he had scored over 20 goals, all before turning 20 himself.

The calls for upgrading their frontline, however, only got louder once the team advanced to the npower League One. In an act viewed as defiance to the media, his manager not only refused to buy a replacement, but named him captain of the squad, replacing Scot Thompson who had left on free transfer. Law was one division too high, stated the critics yet again, and once again, Law proved everyone wrong. With David Corrigan gone to AC Milan, the burden of leading the frontline fell on Law, and although he had a capable partner in Michael Higden, the success the club achieved in the 2014/15 season was, again, because of their star striker. He finished the season with 17 goals, and was named the club’s Player of the Year for the second consecutive season. More importantly than that, however, was Bromley shocking everyone and capturing the npower League One title despite being absolute favorites to finish bottom of the league and be relegated. Once again, Law proved that he was more than capable of carrying the club to glory, and in the span of four years, Bromley had gone from the BSS to the npower Championship.

The club’s first year in the Championship was a mixed bag – for the first time since the manager bought the club and began managing it, Bromley found itself unable to compete with many of its counterparts in the league. However, it did manage to escape relegation, and finished in a respectable 12th Place, much better than the relegation position many had predicted. For the first time in his career, however, Law found himself overmatched, finishing with only 5 goals and 6.81 AR in 29 appearances despite being the central point of Bromley’s offense. The critics were quick to jump on the manager’s decision not to upgrade, claiming that Law had finally found himself in a division too high for his talents. It was, indeed, the toughest season he would experience in his career, but his manager maintained faith in him. The following season, in 2016/17, he did what many thought was unthinkable and led Bromley to a Championship title, scoring 16 goals and 7 assists as captain of the club. The club were in the Premier League, and Law had dispelled any notions that he did not belong at this level.

The manager continued to start Law for two years after the club’s promotion to the Premier League, giving Bromley’s first legend a chance to showcase his talents at the world’s highest stage. He did a decent job, as well, scoring 16 goals and recording 13 assists in 55 appearances over two seasons. It was obvious, however, that for the club to continue its historic advancement, it needed to get better players, and Law was eventually replaced by a starting unit of new captain Emmanuel Musah and superstar striker Nicolas Olarticoechea. He would stay at the club until the 2023/24, but with each passing season, he received less and less playing time. After leaving Bromley on free transfer at the end of the 2023/24 season, he eventually retired from playing football and went into coaching.

His contributions in the early days of the new regime will never be forgotten, and he truly was the club’s first great player. Talent wise, the club will see many strikers that will be better, but when it comes to his heart and what his contributions meant to the club, leading them to consecutive promotions all the way up to the Premier League, one will be hard pressed to find another player that meant more to the club in its history. Bromley’s second ever captain under the new regime was also its all-time leading goalscorer with 124 league goals before Musah broke it in the 2024/25 season, and up till the end of that season, he remained the club’s all-time holder in terms of league appearances, a record that was also broken by Musah in the 2025/26 season.


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David Corrigan


Corrigan during his time with Bromley, dated October 2013.


Corrigan in December 2025.

He spent less than two years at the club, but his impact was felt as strongly as any other player’s at the time. He joined Bromley in 2012 for £9,000 from Eastbourne Boro, whose academy he had graduated from the year before, right after the club had won the Blue Square South and gotten itself promoted to the Blue Square Premier. Corrigan was only 17 at the time, so the assumption was that he was being bought with the future in mind. He quickly threw that theory out of the window, and almost singlehandedly carried the club to their Blue Square Premier championship when Elliot Law went down with an injury. He ended up with 21 goals and an amazing 23 assists, a BSP record that still stands to this day. He also won 11 MotMs in his 37 appearances, earning a 7.58 AR in the process. That year, Bromley also lifted the FA Trophy for the second consecutive season, and Corrigan was rightfully named both the BSP’s and Bromley’s Player of the Year.

The 2013/14 season saw Bromley compete in the npower League Two, but with the return of Elliot Law, Corrigan became the second choice goalscorer at the club. He remained as dangerous as ever with his passing ability, however, and in 24 appearances, he delivered 13 assists to go with his 4 goals. During the January window, AC Milan shocked both the club and the player when it came in for a bid of £550,000, an offer that was quickly accepted. The amount was a record sum for the club at the time, and after a season and a half at Bromley, the 18 year old David Corrigan packed his bags for Italy.

His tenure at the club was short, but any true fan will tell you that his effect on it was immense. One can even argue that without him, the BSP championship might never have been won. His statistics from the 2012/13 season were outstanding, made only more impressive by the fact that he was only 17 years old at the time.


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Glad to see this is back up.

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Thanks guys! Ill post a catchup of whats been going on since I last updated, but for now, I thought I would share this :):


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Scot Thompson


For the first three years under the new ownership at the club, it was Thompson who was the manager’s first captain. The American right back was signed on a Free Transfer from Portland, and his influence was immediately felt. There was arguably no better right back in the Blue Square South during Bromley’s championship run in 2011/12 – in 30 appearances, he delivered 4 assists, won 8 MotMs, all while averaging 4.92 TpG and 7.35 AR. His leadership in the locker room and his play on the pitch were instrumental in capturing the BSS title, and the same feat was repeated in 2012/13 as Bromley won the BSP title. Thompson’s play did not falter, averaging 4.75 TpG and 7.28 AR in a higher division as he captained the club to an improbable back to back promotion campaign. At the age of 32, his third year with the club would end up being his last, but his play showed no signs of slowing. As Bromley powered to their 3rd consecutive promotion, this time from the npower League Two after finishing in 3rd Place, Thompson once again was one of the main causes behind it. In 39 appearances, he averaged 4.80 TpG and a respectable 7.07 AR, ending his stint in England on a high.

As mentioned previously, Scot Thompson has a special place in the club’s history because he was its first captain under the new ownership. For three years, he was its rock in the back as well as its leader off the pitch, and his contributions cannot be weighed on simple statistics. Although he left the club due to increasing age, few doubt he could have been a meaningful contributor in the npower League One, as well. His stint with Bromley remained the most successful period of his career, and the club is forever grateful of what he brought to the table in the three years he was with it.


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