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FM12 - Best in the series!

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Hi all,

Im more of a lurker than a poster but this game has impressed me enough to post.

Being a looong time fan of the FM series (and even going back as far as the first Champ Man), even though i purchase every year and clock up a fair few hours, i always felt there was a slight disappointment with them...until now.

Couple of things that are simple but for me, very effective:

  • The ability to change the attribute colours to make them stand out more - LOVE THIS!
  • The smaller font looks soo much better than previous versions
  • I love the combined overviews, I can give quick glances without clicking so many buttons
  • The Team Meeting feature is awesome, only tried it one but impressed so far!
  • Never used the Match Report in previous games, but love this to give a quick oversight of my players performances
  • The dropdown tab for the various squads is great (senior/reserves/etc)
  • The little orange note icon at the top corner of the players name - now i will be using the notes feature more often as i can see who i have made notes of :)

There is many more things that makes this game more enjoyable for me but cant remember :)

Thanks Sigames for giving me a will to live while my missus goes from Series 1 to 8 of Charmed :p

Also, can anyone post a link of a guide to create my own kits/logos? Really need to give my Newcastle team some life!!

Very happy customer!


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