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Finally managed to get out of the relegation zone with Cannes! 30 games into the season and we're out of it for the first time! Hopefully we can stay out of it for the last eight games.

edit: Out of those 30 games we spent at least 20 of them bottom of the table.

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ri916 - Sounds like a good time for a little run of form leaving your rivals no time to recover.

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We had every chance to stay up with teams losing around us. We went into the final game 2 points clear of the relegation zone with the other sides in terrible form (we should have pulled away long before). Of course, they sides in the relegation zone decided to win and we lost so... AS Cannes were relegated. However I was still upbeat. I decided I would stay on and bring Cannes back up to Ligue 2 but that descision was taken out of my hands. I will reload and pop up somewhere else but I'm not sure where yet. Expect a new club update later today though. Oh, I will be starting a new save. It feels messy to start at a new club in the same save.

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ri916 - thats a harsh decision from the board after you took them up

LLR - Hopefully you'll have better luck back in Portugal

Well I'm approaching the last few games of the season and the play-offs are no certainty yet, but looks like I'll need to get promoted as the vultures are circling round my best players and I'll have to sell if I don't go up

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Andy Sava - like you say each season is about developing and improving the squad so maybe it won’t be the worst thing in the long run…

LLR - that’s some second half of the season collapse… Good to see you back in Portugal though – good luck

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Holstein Kiel - 2015/2016

Table | Squad | Transfers | Fixtures 1 | Fixtures 2 | Manager Profile

Season Overview

League Finish - 13th

Media Prediction - 18th

It's been a very bad season. Even if we managed to avoid relegation we didn't play well at all. We started alot of games badly and had to come back from behind. We had some really poor finishin from out attacking players that really showed in the results we got. After all of this came the mega extra huge mistake that i did regarding my expiring contracts (about which i talked in my previous posts) and i managed to lose like 70% of my first team.


1. Jean-Jacques Monin

2. Giorgio Bovo

3. Richard Ayala

Next season

What a season lies ahead of us. It will be the biggest challenge so far. We will have to stay up with an almost 100% new squad and probably with a bunch of kids in the first team. To be completely honest i am quite excited about the next season. Time to get started!!!

Club History

[b]Season             League                         Position                     Achievements[/b]
[url="http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/279094-FM12-Big-Euro-Nation-Small-Club-to-Big-Club-Challenge?p=7853130&viewfull=1#post7853130"]2012/2013[/url]          German Third Division          14th                         Avoided Relegation
[url="http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/279094-FM12-Big-Euro-Nation-Small-Club-to-Big-Club-Challenge?p=7877117&viewfull=1#post7877117"]2013/2014[/url]          German Third Division          9th                          N/A
[url="http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/279094-FM12-Big-Euro-Nation-Small-Club-to-Big-Club-Challenge?p=7887550&viewfull=1#post7887550"]2014/2015[/url]          German Third Division          1st                          Promotion & Third Division Winners
[url="http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/279094-FM12-Big-Euro-Nation-Small-Club-to-Big-Club-Challenge?p=7915217&viewfull=1#post7915217"]2015/2016[/url]          German Second Division         13th                         Avoided Relegation

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Oh god yes. The best thing happened. The board gave me some extra wage money and i managed to hold on to some of my key players! I am so happy now!!!

EDIT: A takeover took place in the start of the new season and we now have a new leader.

EDIT 2: Screw this new president. We just got an offer for Bovo and he decided to accept it...

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Andy Sava - congrats on survival and the new contracts. i think you'll actually end up in the top 10 at the end of the season... good luck

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rlipscombe - Thanks. That's what i actually set as my season objective with the board after i managed to hold on to my players, top half finish. I still lack some depth in some positions but my youth players that i brought in are doing well.

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Lanzarote - 2015/16 - Season 4 - jimbowmanuk

Media Prediction: 8th

Actual Finish: 2nd

Season Tickets: 1020(+55)


Only signed 2 players as I felt the squad was good enough, released players wanting too money and when offered £120k for Lupeta I couldn't really turn it down due to the financial state of the club.

League - Graph

The improvement last season had me firmly in the belief that we could not only gain promotion but win the league, and looking comfortable for most of the season we lost a few points in vital matches coupled with the eventual winners not dropping many in the last few games meant we had to settle for 2nd place again. Into the play-offs again and we were drawn against Lorca. A 2-2 draw away from home in the 1st leg had me confidently believing we would win at home, however we had 3 suspended players and 1 injured from the first team so we were 2nd best in the 2nd leg losing 4-2, 6-4 on aggregate. So I'm consigned to a 5th season in the dreaded B4

Fixtures 1

Fixtures 2

Spanish Cup

Back in the Spanish cup and we were given a fairly easy tie to start winning 2-1 and advancing to meet Celta from the division above. It was a close affair but they just edged it 1-0

Federation Cup

My finest glory to date, we dispatched of Jumilla 10-2 over 2 legs, before meeting fellow B4 team Puertollano and again easily winning 6-3 over the tie. Onto the quarter-finals where we met Logrones winning 3-1 away before losing 3-2 at home so through to the semi's 5-4. Leganes stood between us and the final. A tight affair with us winning 3-2 at home and the scoreline was reversed away forcing extra-time, both teams scored again but we had the vital extra away goal so on to the final where we would play Real Madrid "B" side Castilla. The contest was over after the 1st leg and we had romped to a 7-1 victory, a 2-1 win in the 2nd leg meant we had won 9-2 overall and I had won my 1st piece of silverware

Squad Stats - Marcos the youngster shows real potential scoring 33 goals during the season

Finances - The club had a takeover during the season and the new chairman decided to take out a £500k bank loan on the 1st day

Next Seasons goals

Promotion, Promotion, Promotion

Season	| League	| Position	|Spanish Cup	| Federation Cup	| Europe	| Achievements
2012/13	| Secunda B4	| 2nd		| N/A		| N/A			| N/A		| Lost in Play-offs
2013/14	| Secunda B4	| 11th		| 2nd Round	| Quarter-finals	| N/A		|
2014/15	| Secunda B4	| 2nd		| N/A		| N/A			| N/A		| Lost in Play-offs
2015/16	| Secunda B4	| 2nd		| 2nd Round	| Winners		| N/A		| Lost in play-offs, Federation cup winners

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Ac. Viseu - 2017/2018 - End of Season Review

Manager Profile

Team Information


Predicted Position: 12th

Actual Position: 2nd

Average Attendance: 7833

Season Ticket Holders: 1390

Taca de Portugal:

A good run saw us defeat Operario Acores, Braga, Oliveirense and Leixoes on our way to the semi final against Benfica. Unfortunately, they proved too strong for us, and despite winning the home leg 2-1, we were hammered 4-0 in the return, bringing to an end our hopes in that tournament for another year.

Portuguese League Cup:

Unfortunately we finished 2nd behind Porto in our group which saw us crash out of the League Cup early on.


A tremendous season saw us challenge for european places from an early stage and hold on to finish 2nd in the league and qualify for Best Placed Third Qualifying Round. Sure to a test for our squad but exciting times at Ac Viseu!

A brief look at the main players of the season:


Souza - vastly improved this season, only conceding 35 goals in the league opposed to 63 the year before. Sadly leaving for Sao Paulo so finding a replacement will be job number one on my agenda next season


Alisson - not quite as influential as last season but still a permanent fixture at RB

Marvin Grundei - useful at CB and RB, proved an able partner for Tavares at CB for most of the season

Leonel Jakson - edged out by Grundei but a handy backup

Ricardo Tavares - another consistent season for the main man at the back, although the position could probably do with some investment for next season

Raphael Simon - still not really living up to my expectations, but solid enough. position may be under threat if Casadei continues to improve

Omar Casadei - the next Federico Balzaretti. brought in as cover for the LB position due to Simons ongoing fitness issues, useful coming off the bench


Dionatan Teixeira - now the only player remaining to be a regular in the first team since my first season in charge, and continues to pop up with some vital goals, scoring 10 this season. A cult hero for me

Ruud Jacobs - one of the stars of the season. bossed the midfield on many occasions. 20 assists and 7 goals from CM is pretty special. shame he's on his way out, but proved difficult to keep happy from day one. will be missed

Boris Nkoa - used as cover for the DM position, not going to improve any but useful enough squad player

Ramzi Loucif - another who could step into Jacobs shoes

Kevin Krieger - hopefully the player to cushion the blow of losing Jacobs, became a part of the first team as the season progressed and showed enough for me to have faith he can continue to impress


Mohamed Kante - was on the edge of things all season, but never really able to break the formidable front 3 unless covering for injuries/substitute. scored a few vital goals though and could continue to push for a start next season

Nene - the left side of my front 3, with 18 goals and 18 assists, was a vital part of the teams success this season. attracting a bit of attention from other clubs, so hopefully we can keep hold of him

Ahmed Sayed - another great season for Sayed, contributing 22 goals and 9 assists from the right side of my front 3. Great start to his international career as well, scoring 5 in 5 apps for Egypt

Per Kjaersgaard - what a season yet again for the main man up front. eclipsed last seasons goal tally with ease and in doing so became the clubs top league goalscorer of all time, surpassing Jean Silvas 47 league goals in just 2 seasons! My player of the season no doubt, the top scorer in the Premier League, the League Forward of The Year, and recently called up for the first time by the Danish national team.

Top Scorer - Per Kjaersgaard - 33 goals

Highest Average Rating - Per Kjaersgaard - 7.72

Fans Player of The Year - Per Kjaersgaard

Portuguese Premier League Top Scorer - Kjaersgaard - 1st, Sayed - 3rd

Portuguese Premier League Most Assists - Jacobs - 2nd, Nene - 3rd

Portuguese Premier League Forward of The Year - Kjaersgaard - 1st, Sayed - 3rd

Portuguese Premier League Manager of The Year - Garry Maltman - 1st

Portuguese Premier League Team of The Year - Kjaersgaard

Portuguese Most Improved Team of The Year - Ac. Viseu

Moving forward, these are exciting times for Ac Viseu. Our first foray into European football will no doubt be a challenge, and one im not expecting much from. In league terms im not sure how easy it will be to replicate the success of this season, but i feel that with a few new faces and hopefully some funding to do so, we can continue to at least challenge for european places. The one thing im not sure about is whether we can close the gap ability wise on Porto, as they were the only team to beat us in every encounter last season. This could be the most difficult part of the challenge for us. Time will tell :)

Season          Division                                 Position       Achievements
2012/2013       Portuguese Second Division - Central      7th	        Safety          
2013/2014       Portuguese Second Division - Central      1st           Champions, Promoted Through Playoffs
2014/2015       Portuguese Second League                  7th		Safety       
2015/2016       Portuguese Second League                  1st           Champions, promoted to top flight   
2016/2017       Portuguese Premier League                 7th           Consolidation    
2017/2018       Portuguese Premier League                 2nd           European Qualification      

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Solid season G-Wiz! Good luck in the Champions League.

EDIT: After what went on in my last season i was so excited for the next one that i kept on playing with only a sleep break last night. I am currently 8 games away from the season finish and i am fighting for promotion!!! I love this game, one season you are down and expect the worse and the next you are fighting for glory.

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Vikeologist’s 2033/34 End of Season Ejea Report


Season             League            Pos           Cups                      Europe     Award			Notes[/left]

East Stirlingshire
2012/13            Sc Div 3          1st           No comment                n/a        Manager of the Year
2013/14            Sc Div 2          1st           Challenge Cup Finalists   n/a        Manager of the Year
2014/15            Sc Div 1          3rd           CC Winners & SC Final     qual       None
2015/16            Sc Div 1          2nd           CC & SC Winners, LC R/U   EC 3Q      Manager of the Year
2016/17            Sc Div 1          1st           Challenge Cup Winners     EC 4Q      Manager of the Year
2017/18            Sc Prem           5th           LC Final                  qual       None
2018/19            Sc Prem           7th           LC Winners                EC R2      Manager of the Year 
2019/20            Sc Prem           1st           SC Winners, LC R/U        n/a        Manager of the Year
2020/21            Sc Prem           1st           SC & LC Winners           EC Winners Manager of the Year
2021/22            Sc Prem           1st           SC Winners                cc Q/F     Manager of the Year
2022/23            Sc Prem           1st           LC R/U                    CC R1      Manager of the Year 
2023/24            Sc Prem           1st           LC R/U, SC Winners        CC R1      Manager of the Year
2024/25            Sc Prem           1st           SC R/U                    CC Q/F     Manager of the Year
2025/26            Sc Prem           1st           SC, LC                    CC Q/F     None
2026/27            Sc Prem           1st           SC, LC                    CC Q/F     Manager of the Year
2027/28            Sc Prem           1st           LC                        CC Q/F     None
2028/29            Sc Prem           1st           LC                        CC Q/F     Manager of the Year
2029/30            Sc Prem           1st           LC, SC                    CC Final   Manager of the Year
2030/31            Sc Prem           1st           LC, SC                    Winners    Manager of the Year
2031/32            Sc Prem           1st           ESC, WCC, LC, sc          Winners    (Unbelievably) Nothing
2032/33            Spanish 2B        12th          None                      n/a        None   
2033/34            Spanish 2B        1st           Spanish Confederation Cup n/a        None			Lost in Playoffs


Forgot to screenprint the squad at the end of the season


We won the league, (Second Division B2), and the Confederation Cup for 2B2 teams and below, but unfortunately finishing top just gives you a better chance in the playoffs. We were drawn in the playoff semifinal against Villarreal B, who had won a strong 2B division 3 very comfortably). I was fairly confident though. After all, we had won the Cup, not them. We had almost no injuries. Perhaps that was the problem. I picked the wrong team. We drew the first leg at home 1-1, and then lost 3-1 away. Getting to the final would have given us promotion.

But never mind. We would just have to do it the hard way. Losers get another chance in the Second Phase playoffs, where we played Vecindario. The beat us 3-0 in the first leg away. Back at home, we dominated the match, but could only manage a 2-0 victory, and we were out.

Most players are on one year contracts, so I’ve had a clear out and this season we should completely dominate. The trouble is that you’re limited to a squad of 22 senior players, and a few injuries can really mess up your season. In any case the squad is a bit thin. However, it should still be a wee bit of a cakewalk, (famous last words).

I’m also the manager of Scotland, and that was full of drama, but I’ll keep it brief as it doesn’t pertain to the challenge. In fact, maybe I shouldn’t be managing a national team while doing the challenge for the second time, but I have a huge reputation advantage from my time with East Stirlingshire anyway.

Anyway, we got off to a terrible start in the qualification for the World Cup. 8 points from the first 6 games, and that includes 2 wins against the two whipping boys of the group. We were behind our competitors for second place; northern Ireland and Finland! In the middle of that we lost all three games in the Four Association Tournament. It was not going well. It all started to turn around when we beat Spain in a friendly. We won 3 of the 4 remaining games, only losing as expected to Portugal. Even so we needed about 6 separate results to all go our way, including Spain losing at home to Ukraine in another group, to ensure not only second place, but also that we didn’t finish bottom of the Second Place teams table.

Then we drew by far the easiest draw of the playoffs against Serbia. We won 3-0 at home and then scored an early away goal in the second leg, which made us fairly safe, as they would have to score 5.

So Serbia scored 5 goals, but luckily for us, and indeed the computer screen, we then scored another goal, and went through on away goals.

For the World Cup, the top seeds in our group were the hosts; Australia. Colombia and Congo were the other teams, but with a win, loss and draw we failed to progress on goal difference. We’re really not very good, but hey. There’s some good young players coming through because of the whole dynamic league reputation and East Stirlingshire’s youth development. I just need to not get sacked in the meantime.

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Holstein Kiel - 2016/2017

Table | Squad | Transfers | Fixtures 1 | Fixtures 2 | Manager Profile

Season Overview

League Finish - 2nd

Media Prediction - 15th

Average Attendance - 9649

Fans Player of the Year - Fuat Zeybek

After what went on last season this is what i was least expecting to happen. We played exceptionally and we got rewarded for it in the end.


Carlos Caceres (Position - DM/M C, Games Played - 38, Assists - 5, MoM - 2, Average Rating - 7.06) - Managed to snap him up after he got released by San Lorenzo and he was a key player for us featuring in every match this season.

Fuat Zeybek (Position - AM RL/ST, Games Played - 21, Goals - 18, Assists - 3, MoM - 4, Average Rating - 7.40) - He was recommended by one of our new signed scouts (love this new feature btw). He did very well despite some injury problems during the season which kept him away.

Marco Damiani (Position - DL, Games Played - 14, Average Rating - 7.02) - I brought him to strengthen our defense since my new chairman decided to sell Giorgio Bovo without consulting me. Played him more in the second part of the season and did well.

Robert McKeown (Position - GK, Games Played - 15, Average Rating - 6.85) - After i transfered him he started complaining that he can't settle to life in Germany. I gave him a leave of absence but that didn't solve his issues and he started complaining again making me a little mad so i told him to get real and get on with his play. No need to say that his morale dropped and wanted to leave the club but after a while it was all fine again so he got to play in our last few games. First time this worked for me with an unsettled player :D

German Second Division


After a disspointing first season in the Second Division we were not expecting much from this, at most a top half finish. And we sure finished in the top half of the table :D

We started of the season with a 5 games unbeaten run which put as at the top of the table. The 1-3 defeat against Nurnberg didn't stop us and we went on a 6 games unbeaten run. The first part of the season didn't end really well as we had 5 games without a win and it seemed like we won't have a say in the promotion battle after all.

Fortunately the team managed to go back to a good form and slowly but surely we climbed back in the rankings only losing 2 games and geting one draw in the final match. In the end we finished second and we got a well deserved promotion after a sensational season.

One wierd thing happened in our last few games this season. We had to play at home against Osnabruck and then travel to play the next day away at Furth. This would never happened IRL and it was really annoying. However my boys gave their lives on the field and won both games.

German Cup

First Round - (vs. Sondershausen) We got handed a really easy opponent for the first round but we only won the game 2-0.

Second Round - (vs. Stuttgart) The draw was not as kind with us as in the first round and gave us Stuttgart. They were having a really bad time when we played them and we came out with a surprising 3-1 win.

Third Round - (vs. St. Pauli) Again we got a little bit lucky with the draw and we won the game 3-1.

Quarter Finals - (vs. FC Bayern) All our luck went bye bye and we had to play FC Bayern for a place in the Semi-Finals. The players tried but it's hard to hold your own against Bayern without a very strong squad.

Geting to the quarter finals stage in the cup was really unexpected and it got us some extra cash.

Key Players

Frederic Maciel (Position - ST, Games Played - 25, Goals - 16, Assists - 6, MoM - 6, Average Rating - 7.52) - In a season where he was torn apart by injuries Maciel managed to score 16 goals in 25 games, i would say that is really good.

Tim Hofmann (Position - DC, Games Played - 34, Goals - 12, Assists - 3, MoM - 6, Average Rating - 7.35) - The mountain in my defense had another impressive season.

Richard Ayala (Position - M/AM C, Games Played - 29, Goals - 2, Assists - 11, MoM - 3, Average Rating - 7.17) - After a not so good start in his first season here, he got used with his role and had a good season.

Jelle Maes (Position - M/AM C, Games Played - 24, Goals - 4, Assists - 7, MoM - 2, Average Rating - 7.13) - An overall good season for the young midfielder.

Paulo Ferreira (Position - DC, Games Played - 36, Assists -2, Average Rating - 6.99) - I had some offers for him during the season but i didn't want to sell him and the chairman managed to stay out of this one.

Youth Players

Luigi Tessaro (Position - DM/D/WB R, Games Played - 24, Average Rating - 6.77) - For his age he played very well during the first part of the season when i had to use him. He should have a good future at the club.

Andre Simon (Position - AMC/AML, Games Played - 27, Goals - 1, Assists - 2, Average Rating - 6.64) - He became the youngest goalscorer in the Second Division history.

Next season

So the journey to Bundesliga is finally over. Now we will have to build a team capable of challenging for the title. The hard part starts now and i am very excited for the future, anything can happen. We already have 2 players joining us in july, Gonçalo Silva and José Ferreira.

Club History

[b]Season             League                         Position                     Achievements[/b]
[url="http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/279094-FM12-Big-Euro-Nation-Small-Club-to-Big-Club-Challenge?p=7853130&viewfull=1#post7853130"]2012/2013[/url]          German Third Division          14th                         Avoided Relegation
[url="http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/279094-FM12-Big-Euro-Nation-Small-Club-to-Big-Club-Challenge?p=7877117&viewfull=1#post7877117"]2013/2014[/url]          German Third Division          9th                          N/A
[url="http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/279094-FM12-Big-Euro-Nation-Small-Club-to-Big-Club-Challenge?p=7887550&viewfull=1#post7887550"]2014/2015[/url]          German Third Division          1st                          Promotion & Third Division Winners
[url="http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/279094-FM12-Big-Euro-Nation-Small-Club-to-Big-Club-Challenge?p=7915217&viewfull=1#post7915217"]2015/2016[/url]          German Second Division         13th                         Avoided Relegation
[url="http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/279094-FM12-Big-Euro-Nation-Small-Club-to-Big-Club-Challenge?p=7916502&viewfull=1#post7916502"]2016/2017[/url]          German Second Division         2nd                          Promotion

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Well done on promotion there andy sava, impressive goals return from Hoffman there. i have never had a happy conclusion with an unsettled player, they always end up leaving, so well done with McKeown!

Well done on a fantastic season g-wiz you've got to the Champ League in super quick time.

well done on the title vikeologist, the lord of the shire strikes again!

I need to drive my good lady to work in the next hour, so I'll type my next season update later tonight during the England game.

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Thanks aldojags, waiting to see how you finished your season :)

In other news i now have 6 portuguese players. Guess who i fancy for winning Euro 2012 :p

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Jimbowmanuk - seriously feel for you missing out on promotion AGAIN!! Hope the first piece of silverware made up for it a little bit. Looking at the table it looks like it might be the defence that’s the key.

G-Wiz - great season there – congrats on making the CL qualifying rounds! Look like you have a really good attacking three there. Hope you can go one further and nick the title next season.

Vikeologist - looks like the curse of the Spanish play-offs kicked in again there for you too!

Andy Sava - that was a quick season! Thought you might do well but promotion?? Well done mate. Like the look of Zeybet too. Good luck in the Bundesliga

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Season Review 2024/25

Ligue 1

Media Prediction 4th | Finished 1st | Table | Fixtures 1 | Fixtures 2

3 in a row-A fantastic comeback having trailed by 9 points in January, we didn't lose a game in the 2nd half of the season, having lost 4 in the first half.

I forgot to take a picture of my graph to show everyone, but was off the top spot until last day of season, Marseille were top by 2 points, we were 2nd. Guess who we were playing at home on the last day...correct, Marseille. We won 1-0 with a goal after 10 minutes, and hung on to record our 3rd consecutive title. If you only look at one screenie, look at fixtures 2, stunning end to the season, 15 consecutive wins. Don't know what changed. Same players same tactics as I had in poor first half, but we just clicked and were unstoppable after January.

Tony Champion was the main man this year, phenomenal form, along with Oneil Tatlot. Ilan Roger missed first few months of season having broken his foot at Euro 2024, but when he came back he more than contributed.

Delighted to have won it, it's not a sure thing this Ligue, Marseille and PSG spent so much money every year so I'm delighted to hold them all off for another season!

Valenciennes were the surprise package this year, involved in the title race this year up until last few weeks.

Relegated are Bastia, Grenoble, Auxerre. Replacing them are Guingamp, Stade Malherbe Caen, and Rodez Aveyron, a club who also started this save in the bottom tier of French football, so a great achievement for them.

Good year for Ligue 1 in general, as we gained an extra Champions League spot.

Champions Trophy


We won the seasons opener against last seasons giant killing minnows FC Rouen. I posted this earlier in the thread - FC Rouen yo-yo between 2nd and 3rd tier, yet last season they won the French Cup, and this season they won the Coupe de la Ligue, remarkable achievement for a small squad.

Coupe de la Ligue


Out in the quarters away to PSG.

French Cup


My poor domestic cup record continues, going out at the first attempt at home to Valenciennes.

Champions League

Table | Fixtures

Very unlucky to go out in Group Stage on head to head record. 10 points was not enough.

Europa League


Done well to get to the Semi's, before losing out to eventual winners Sporting Lisbon.


First choice players in bold, and youth academy players will be marked with a *star*.


Pavol Skrobak - got this keeper on a free from Apoel, and he had a fantastic season, keeping Jimmy Lynch rooted to the bench for most of the year.

Jimmy Lynch - long serving keeper dislodged by Skrobak, and we've since released him on a free.

*Amar Ben Haddou*- young keeper played a few games here and there, coaches fancy him as 3.5 potential which would put him similar to Skrobak's current level of ability, so I'll persist with him and play him when I can.


Viv Cable - Welsh right back had a good season.

Bart van der Weg - young Belgian is now rated as a wonderkid, and it's not hard to see why. He dislodged long time favourite Nathan Chalobah.

Karl Thorpe - been with us for years and is solid as ever.

Cedric Hue - now features more often for French national team, not the best left back in the world but I like him.

Mahmoud Rabie - young Egyptian featured quite a lot, will take over when Thorpe retires/leaves.

Peter Mohammed - plays quite a lot at left back when I rest Cedric Hue.

*Jimmy Donaldson* - our versatile young defender continues to be a steady utility man.

*Recep Alici* - young right back saw some first team football and continues to develop well.

Nathan Chalobah - has been a great servant, but has fallen behind Van der Weg and Rabie in the centre of defence, so I've since sold him to Blackburn Rovers for £4.4m, he was a fantastic player for us though.

*Maxime Reset* - the youngster has ok attributes, and is good to have as back-up. Is competent anywhere across the back.


John Larsson - anchor man is solid, and so he should be with the wage he is on!

Pituca - solid season again, this guy is regularly courted by Barcelona/Inter but the £100m asking price scares them off.

Ali Jelassi - fantastic player, can't believe he's still only 25, feel like I've had him for 10 years!

Oneil Tatlot - after last seasons injury ravaged campaign, it was a spectactular return to form for our trequarista, he's been voted player of the year for Ligue 1.

Raul Gil - good player and has been retrained for right back, but he's on a hefty wage for a back up player, may move him on....

Pablo Roig - Argentine international is a good player.

Daniel Michel - the French international was brough in on a free from Marseille, as back up to Tatlot. Didn't perform well, and wanted away as he was wanting more games, so spent 2nd half of season on loan to Valencia. Hoping for more in the coming campaign.

Ugo Potenza - Italian international done ok in AM or upfront, but decided to move him on so have sold him for £4m to Udinese.

*Charles Modeste* - young DM taking shape as his physical stats improve I can see he'll hopefully be a good player for us.

Sevki Gurdal - didn't feature much, but a reliable back for us.

Andy McMahon - didn't feature much, but solid player to have on the bench. Think he could be sold in the summer depending on what happens.

*Alexandre Pruvot* - young midfielder improved a bit, featured a couple of times. Hopefully he'll come good.


Tony Champion - stunning. Phenomenal. Unstoppable. Best season yet from the Englishman, how he hasn't got a cap I'll never know. Won European Golden Boot, along with Ligue 1 top scorer award obviously.

*Ilan Roger* - struggled with injury, but when he returned he played well, hoping for a good run of games this year.

Brayan Gutierez - Colombian forward played when Roger was injured and done ok.

Vladimir Kralik - scored the goal on the last day of the season that won us the league! Really talented player, and French squad regular.

Mattia Panagelli - has struggled to hit the heights of 2 seasons ago, so was sold at end of season to Parma.

*Patrice Caron* - scored a few goals domestically and in Europe, and looks like he'd be decent back-up/squad player. Need some improvement though before I'll make my mind up.

*Gregory Michel* - injury ruined his season.

Club Info

Finances - Champions League money keeps us healthy. Still got rubbish gate receipts, although the average attendance broke the 10,000 barrier this year, so that's progress! But I have no idea why my club has not got more fans now, given I've won 3 leagues in a row.

Transfers - not many in, few out, and a few more have been sold since this was taken.

Team of the season - Champion and Tatlot included.

Next Season

I want to get beyond Group Stages!!

And I want to retain league, and win a domestic cup, as my record in cups is awful. Got to 1 final a few years back, other than that I usually get knocked out pretty early.

Signed these players on pre-contracts...

Yann M'Villa - yes this is the same player who is currently playing in Euros for France. He's been at Rennes his whole career, and I've just taken him in to tutor the likes of Charles Modeste, and to give solid experience. Got him on a 1 year deal. Think he'll be a good player for us.

Dario Cavallero - great looking striker, from Espanyol. 31 years old, so only offerred 2 year deal. But like M'Villa, will provide great experience to tutor the kids.

Bartlomeij Onyskzko - Polish striker from Genk cost me £2.1m.

Dusan Ivkovic - great looking keeper from Cardiff. Will give good competition to Skrobak.

Kamal Sekyere - Chelsea youth, brought in for free. Is English but currently in Ghana squad. Looks to be a good squad player.

My history. I'm in the hall of fame now.

Past Seasons
Season     Division        Pos    French Cup      League Cup         Europe        Notes
[url="http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/279094-FM12-Big-Euro-Nation-Small-Club-to-Big-Club-Challenge?p=7705369&viewfull=1#post7705369"]2012/13[/url]     National      4th      8th round        N/A                            Survived Relegation
[url="http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/279094-FM12-Big-Euro-Nation-Small-Club-to-Big-Club-Challenge?p=7713320&viewfull=1#post7713320"]2013/14[/url]     National      8th      7th round        N/A                            N/A
[url="http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/279094-FM12-Big-Euro-Nation-Small-Club-to-Big-Club-Challenge?p=7722456&viewfull=1#post7722456"]2014/15[/url]     National      1st      8th round        N/A                            Champions
[url="http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/279094-FM12-Big-Euro-Nation-Small-Club-to-Big-Club-Challenge?p=7734045&viewfull=1#post7734045"]2015/16[/url]     Ligue 2       6th      7th round        2nd round                      Consolidated
[url="http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/279094-FM12-Big-Euro-Nation-Small-Club-to-Big-Club-Challenge?p=7741822&viewfull=1#post7741822"]2016/17[/url]     Ligue 2       2nd      11th round       4th round                      Promotion
[url="http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/279094-FM12-Big-Euro-Nation-Small-Club-to-Big-Club-Challenge?p=7757976&viewfull=1#post7757976"]2017/18[/url]     Ligue 1       10th     Runners Up       4th round                      Survived
[url="http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/279094-FM12-Big-Euro-Nation-Small-Club-to-Big-Club-Challenge?p=7778883&viewfull=1#post7778883"]2018/19[/url]     Ligue 1       6th      11th Round       2nd round                      Consolidated    
[url="http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/279094-FM12-Big-Euro-Nation-Small-Club-to-Big-Club-Challenge?p=7795399&viewfull=1#post7795399"]2019/20[/url]     Ligue 1       3rd      11th Round       3rd Round                      Qualified for Champ League            
[url="http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/279094-FM12-Big-Euro-Nation-Small-Club-to-Big-Club-Challenge?p=7831196&viewfull=1#post7831196"]2020/21[/url]     Ligue 1       3rd      11th Round       4th Round         EL QF        Qualified for Champ League                        
[url="http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/279094-FM12-Big-Euro-Nation-Small-Club-to-Big-Club-Challenge?p=7848172&viewfull=1#post7848172"]2021/22[/url]     Ligue 1       4th      11th Round       Semi's       CL Group Stages   Qualified for Europa League
[url="http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/279094-FM12-Big-Euro-Nation-Small-Club-to-Big-Club-Challenge?p=7869045&viewfull=1#post7869045"]2022/23[/url]     Ligue 1       1st      11th Round       Semi's       EL 2nd KO Round   Champions
[url="http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/279094-FM12-Big-Euro-Nation-Small-Club-to-Big-Club-Challenge?p=7880932&viewfull=1#post7880932"]2023/24[/url]     Ligue 1       1st       9th Round       Quarters     CL Group Stages   Champions 
[url="http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/279094-FM12-Big-Euro-Nation-Small-Club-to-Big-Club-Challenge?p=7917651&viewfull=1#post7917651"]2024/25[/url]     Ligue 1       1st       9th Round       Quarters     CL Group Stage, & EL Semi's     

Season     Ligue 1         French Cup        Coupe de la Ligue                Champions Lg             Europa           World Cup/Euros         
2011/12    PSG             PSG                      OM                         Barcelona               Roma            Euros-Germany
2012/13    Lyon            Toulouse                 Lyon                       Inter                   Liverpool
2013/14    Lyon            PSG                      Toulouse                   Barcelona               Porto            WC-Argentina
2014/15    Lyon            Toulouse                 Lyon                       Man Utd                 Stuttgart
2015/16    PSG             Lorient                  Lyon                       Juventus                Man United       Euros-Germany
2016/17    PSG             Sochaux                  PSG                        Benfica                 Arsenal
2017/18    OM              Lorient                  OM                         PSG                     Arsenal          WC- Belgium
2018/19    OM              OM                       RC Lens                    Man Utd                 Barcelona
2019/20    PSG             St Ettiene               Sedan                      Valencia                Hamburg         Euros-Belgium
2020/21    PSG             Valenciennes             OM                         PSG                     Benfica
2021/22    OM              Lyon                     Lyon                       Arsenal                 Fiorentina       WC-England
2022/23    Viry-Chatillon  Lyon                     OM		               Barcelona	       Leverkusen
2023/24    Viry-Chatillon  FC Rouen                 OM                         Barcelona               Rubin Kazan       Euros - Spain
2024/25    Viry-Chatillon  Bordeux                  FC Rouen                   Real Madrid             Sporting Lisbon

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Congrats aldojags on your solid season. The quality of your players is so nice, can i have some of them ?:D I really can't pick my favorite :)

EDIT: So Mali just offered me their manager job. To bad i can't take it lol.

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Great season aldo. The flares seem to be a Portugal thing. We get one in almost every game.

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EDIT: So Mali just offered me their manager job. To bad i can't take it lol.

I've had a few random job offers from African countries, Nigeria being the most recent. Was heartbreaking as a few seasons ago, I had to reject the Scotland job, was tough to do say no!

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aldojags Tony Champion is awesome and living up to his name I see. Your league table is after 37 games and your still second.

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aldojags Tony Champion is awesome and living up to his name I see. Your league table is after 37 games and your still second.

Oops! I took that so I could show how close it was should I go on to win the league, let me fix that...

edit: fixed...

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Aldojags - congrats on the hattrick mate. Champion looks like a cracking player now. Surely an England call-up must be coming soon?? Unlucky in the CL – hopefully you can make a breakthrough next season.

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rlipscombe - I was delighted with Champion's form, he's been threatening it for 4-5 years, his attributes have always been impressive, but some seasons he was so inconsistent, but this year it clicked and there were not many games where he didn't find the net. The CL is a toughie, I don't see any quick fix - will still be in 3rd seedings, be difficult to get out group, after that, anything can happen. Going to make it my number 1 priority this season, and if league suffers then so be it. Aslong as I finish in the CL spots, the board will be happy, and that's now top 4, I reckon I could do that with my eyes closed, so CL is going to get full attention this year. Watch this, I'll bomb out 4th in Group Stages!

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LLR - It is an excellent name. If Lusitania weren't my favourite Azorean team, they'd have a shot!

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Tony Champion has just been called up for an International...for France! I forgot he was nationalised last season, ah well England have lost out on a gem! Quite a few players in French squad are from elsewhere but have 2nd nationality status from playing in country for 5 years.

With the signing of 35 yr old Yann M'Villa, I now have 6 players in France squad - M'Villa, Champion, Jelassi, Roger, Tatlot, Hue. Struggling to see where the next one will come from right enough...

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Hi All, long time lurker but now it's time to get involved!

Time to fire up the steam and have a go with France!!

Will post when loaded.

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USL Dunkerque - French National - June 2012

Starting the challenge with Dunkerque in the French National. According to wikipedia, they are nicknamed The Doves, but FM claims The Blue and Whites!

Anyway, here are the screenies.

Sunday League Rep

Struan Robertson

Dr Poods unveiled as the new manager of Dunkerque, what does the media think?

Not much, obviously

Club Overview

USL Dunkerque Club Overview

General Information

Information Screen

As you can see, prediction is 18th, no challenge then.....:p


The fabulous Dunkerque facilities

A 4,200 seater stadium with 1500 seats in a poor condition with rented youth facilities

Another update to follow later. Need to get started n'ecst pas?;)

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Got an increase to the youth budget and managed to bring in some players to (hopefully) implement the 4-3-3 I want to play. An excellent preseason completed...now the fun begins on the coast!!

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Great preseason!

Even had more possession and shots than Bordeaux and Metz (Rnd 1)...Just lack a cutting edge

Nice one but am I the only one that never plays friendlies? Assman has to earn his money somehow and his teamtalks are crap.

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Nice one but am I the only one that never plays friendlies? Assman has to earn his money somehow and his teamtalks are crap.

I get the assman to do them. Its only because they seemed very familiar with 4-4-2 and I wanted them to play 4-3-3, when I set it up the players were so unfamiliar with it I wanted loads of friendlies to improve their efficiency

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Our newly promoted side was a surprise promotion package until right at the end of the season when one win in the final six games put paid to our ambitions. After getting so close it was a massive disappointment to end the season like that.

Fixtures 1 | Fixtures 2

The cups were better this year and we beat a couple of League 1 teams. We were particularly strong in the French Cup losing the Semi final 0-2 vs Stade Malherbe Caen. A tight match which could of gone either way but we couldn't finish our chances.

The Copa de la Ligue saw us lose out to Lille 4-2 AET in the fourth round. We deserved to lose that one and were lucky to reach extra time in truth.


Davide Petrucci - The only transfer fee I spent and was £30k well spent. A creative player with a good passing range and currently playing as a CM in a flat 4-4-2. Was concerned he wouldn't fit this role but he soon put them fears to bed.

Danny Helmund - Young CB who is good in the air, strong and brave and plays mostly as stopper.

Dialo Guidileye - Petrucci's CM partner and responsible for the defensive side of the midfield. Breaks up play and plays simple balls to the more creative players.

Emiliano Sala - A player with talent but goes missing and frustrates and reacts poorly when criticised. We fell out about his form during the run which cost us promotion so I transfer listed him and he is moving to Brescia for £350k. A nice profit on a free transfer.

Gerhard Kern - My favorite summer capture. Still young and a bit raw but with talent and he made the LM spot his own.

Kristian Beck - Young Dane was the last summer signing and due to wage budget I took a chance on him. He only had two stars PA when he joined but was still first choice RM which was a concern. He did well though although he did struggle to settle a little. I remedied this by bringing in a countryman for him in January. He now has 3.5* CA and has improved no end.

Due to injuries I found myself with just two fit strikers at the start of January and, because of our budgets getting adjusted had enough wages to bring in two youngsters. I decided on the two players above others because of their nationalities and the fact they have countrymen already at the club.

Mads Neilsen - Brought in as he has potential and is Danish along with Beck. Yet to score and only started two games but has a future with us.

Darren Carroll - Another young striker with potential but this ones played a couple more games and scored a couple. Adds to the German contingent in the squad.


With most of the key players new transfers last summer, there is little to add here but I will give our top scorer Guy Gnabouyou a mention. Quick and scores fairly consistently although, of course, I would like more. Not going to improve much more but good enough for as long as were in Ligue 2.

UNDER 19's

A few players with potential Ligue 2 potential in the youth squad but also have one with potential Ligue 1 quality. Rayan Tran has high determination and has improved well so far and could have a real future.


Once again the board put an investment in at the end of the season although finances were much better this year after our French Cup run. Still an investment of £3m means we have a transfer budget of £2.4m for the new season.

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Lusitânia Açores - Youth intake - 2043


Afternoon everybody, it's that part of the season again. Time to see what our careful scouring of players from Angra do Heroísmo, the island of Terceira as a whole, the rest of the Azores of course as well as the Portuguese mainland and the world has unearthed for the team this year. With the successful adaptation of last year's Pereira into a decent left winger there are very few desperate needs in the squad at the moment.

It's not all roses though, there are areas we would like to strengthen. We are short in the goalkeeping department following Martins exit at the end of last season and another playmaking forward would be nice.

The New Youth Class

Enough of this wishful thinking though, it's time to see what we've actually got. In total we got 16 players from the academy, 12 of which were half-star players. A further two had potential of one and a half. One more had two-star potential, and finally a player with four star potential. I am looking to sign a couple of the half-star potentials on a sheer punt that they have decent stats, obviously I'm not expecting much and so will only bring them up down the line if they do anything of note. Other than that it's the usual aims. Let's start at the bottom.

Américo Ferreira - b. Angra do Heroísmo - Striker - 1.5 star potential - I don't expect anything from this lad, but he has some potential and could add some last resort depth, as well as adding strength to the U-19 squad. Don't expect to hear much more about him.

Mauro Joaquim - b. Porto Santo (island near Madeira) - WB® - 1.5 star potential - Another I don't really expect anything from, I'm wavering on offering him any sort of deal and will probably leave the decision up to the assistant. If he recommends him for depth then I will take him on, otherwise I'm happy to see the back of him. I don't play wing backs and he doesn't have the talent to make it worth training him to play further back or forward.

Dalvinder Davies - b. Southend-on-Sea - GK - 2 star potential - A half star jump and a player who adds depth to our batch of keepers means this guy could jump up to number three keeper straight away next season. Although again, that's more of a statement on the quality of out back up keepers than this guys phenomenal talents. Dias doesn't have much to worry about here.

Hugo Medeiros - b. Angra do Heroísmo - AM® - 4 star potential - A potential star in the making. Not a position we have a great need for. Rodrigues is young and we've got others buzzing around, but he is definitely an upgrade. Comes blessed with decent pace and dribbling skills but needs to work on the mental side of his game. Although he's nice and determined so hopefully he will fulfil the early promise and add some nice competition. He could spell the beginning of the end for loyal servant Alvaro Pinto though.


Didn't really address many of our needs. Davies isn't going to put pressure on the number 1 jersey and is only ever going to be slightly sub-par back up. The 1.5ers likewise don't look particularly promising and could have long apprenticeships in the U-19s to serve and prove their abilities. Other than that there are a few from the rest who will be given youth contracts because of vaguely decent stats, like Alnwick or (more likely) interesting nationalities - there's a guy from Lebanon to add to my Mongolian youth - who have been signed up.

Not our finest year of talents, but then, you can't have everything - potentially asking for a great player in a position of need was asking too much!

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USL Dunkerque - French National - October 2012

A fine start to the lads. After being predicted to come 18th and no wins from our first 3 games (2D, 1L), we have strung some good results together. Good performances from LeClerc in particular and we sit in 3rd after 10 games




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Wow, gone a couple of weeks and lots of updates and newcomers!! Will see if I can sit down tonight and review what I have missed. Best of luck to everyone!

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Wow. The first season in Bundesliga is proving to be tougher than i expected. I am actually worried i may drop back in the second division. The team just can't seem to focus in the last 15 minutes of a game.

EDIT: 11 games lost in a row...so sad.

EDIT 2: So the anger got the better of me and made me go 25k over budget on my wages. Bye bye financial security, hopefully it was worth it and we will manage to stay in Bundesliga.

EDIT 3: I got a goalkeeper that is labeled to be the next Dida.

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Welcome, and good start Dr Poods. I got out the National and Ligue 2 with 433, it's a crackin system for those leagues but I when I hit Ligue 1 was too open defensively, so I changed to a 41212 diamond.

marty good season there for your first time in Ligue 2, some real solid foundations. I especially like the look of Guidileye and Kern. Guideleye would make a solid DC.

PRDH I love the weird nationalities your youths throw up! The right winger is another star, thats you sorted in that position for 15 years! And he's a local boy too. How is that striker from last year the four star guy? I haven't had anything above 3 stars since I got 4 star Roger 4-5 seasons ago! He's just scored his first goal for France in his 8th cap.

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aldojags- Guidileye plays as a CM with defend duty and although he could retrain at CB, I like him where he is as he can also play a bit.

First league game of the season and he scored a 35 yard scorcher to remind he is a midfielder and earn us a draw against a relegated Ligue 1 side.

EDIT - Chairman just sold Kristien Beck for £2.5m.

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