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AS Cannes End of Season Report 2014/2015




We survived which was the main aim. Our form was patchy and we never put together more than two wins in a row. We were really poor at the back, which has prompted a change of tactics for next season. I am going to focus on improving our defence in the off-season. I am also going to bring in good quality young back ups to increase the depth of the squad. I don't want to change the starting line-up too much. So I will look to bring in a high quality centre back and then concentrate on developing the players signed this season.

Aim for next season concede less and a top half finish (hoping for European qualification).

Year   Div           Pos        Cups                     Achieved                  
2013  National     1st                             Promotion to Ligue 2                                
2014  Ligue 2      1st        Qtr of French Cup    Promotion to Ligue 1
2015  Ligue 1      12th       Semi of league cup   Survived

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End of Season Report - Novese - 2021/22 (Season 10) - Serie C1A

Serie C1A -


This was my tenth year in charge, over 400 games stewarded and our 8th in this godforesaken division. The closest we'd come was back to back runner-up finishes and a couple of playoff final defeats. It's any wonder we still managed to cram fans through the gates. Speaking of the gates, the board opted to add an extra 2,500 seats to the Pastorino Stadium in anticipation of the new campaign.

As predicted, wholesale changes were required. I let go of my entire midfield in the summer, confident that I could snap up a similar quality for lower wages. I was right. By the time the season began, I'd assembled a squad that I felt was stronger than at any other time at Novese. Sometimes, change is good.

We began the campaign strongly, going unbeaten in our first 5 before suffering two defeats in three games to remind us of the difficulties the division posed. However following that loss to Treviso we embarked on a stunning 14 game unbeaten league run which included 11 consecutive league clean sheets. I'd always vaunted our defence and it finally appeared to be coming together in this crucial season.

With that run behind us, it seemed certain automatic promotion would be ours but Pro Vercelli had just about kept pace, sitting 7 points behind us with about 9 games to go. A defeat at Pro Vercelli threatened to derail our promotion bid and although we won our next three league games, we came unstuck losing three consecutive league fixtures (two in the last minute) to Venezia, Perugia and Pro Patria. The league tightened up but a stern team meeting and a win in all our final three games meant the league was ours. To ENORMOUS relief. Progress showed we deserved it.

We also won the Serie C1 Super Cup defeating Foggia over two legs.

Results 1 | Results 2

The Cups:

TIM Cup - still pointless. Serie C Cup - even though it's pointless we progressed all the way to the final. Somehow though, we managed to lose to Gubbio from the division below us! Oh well. We've won it twice before and that will hopefully be the last we ever see of the competition!


Key Men

Riccardo Tantardini (DC/MC) - completed his tenth season with us by leading the line superbly. Amazing to think he's been with me since it all began. I hadn't realised. At 29 though, and with the step up to Serie B to come, I'm unsure if he can cut it. Willing to give him the chance though, he's the record appearance holder for Novese with 344 games.

Luca Funari (SW/DLC) - has been with us for 6 years now but really came into his own this year, displacing Cemil Ayaz at the heart of defence.

Robert Stroh (D/WBL) - continued where he left off last year. Our German left back was solid and dependable all year; a vital cog in a steadfast defence.

Lorenzo Bianchi (DM/MC) - signed on loan from Parma and swiftly became a fan favourite. He was our best CM all year, scored a few goals and provided plenty of assists through his expert set-pieces.

Simone Pellegrini (AMLC) - the former loanee was snapped up on a free after being released by Atalanta. He played in the hole to great effect. 10 goals and 14 assists. Marvellous.

Dennis Fischer (AMRL/ST) - new young German prospect. He partnered Saponaro and provided a good haul of 18 goals in 34 games. His pace offered a good balance to the forward line. Was surprisingly named Fans Player of the Year.

Pietro Saponaro (AMC/ST) - as ever, led the line superbly. 20 goals in all competitions made him the go-to man for goals.

Squad Stats


Club Information

Objectives Complete?

  • Promotion

Success! FINALLY we've done it! We're out of C1A and I'm pleased to say we won the title too, adding another trophy to the cabinet

  • Continue financial prudence

Success. Just about. With prize money and new sponsorship deals we'll be in the black going into Serie B.

  • Rebuild the squad

Success. It took 7 players to leave and 10 to come in but it worked out just fine.

New Objectives:

  • Avoid relegation
  • Continue financial prudence
  • Take advantage of new scouting areas

Obviously the target is to ensure we never wind up in C1A again! But aside from that we have a much healthier wage budget - £10k p/w to play with - and a decent transfer budget. The lift in reputation seems to have given us a larger base of players to chose from and there are a couple of 5 star players recommended by scouts that now know who Novese are. If I juggle the budgets and potential signings well, we could end up with a very strong squad. Only two players left the club in the summer as their contract's expired. Both weren't good enough for Serie B. Let the new adventure commence!

Overall Best Eleven

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The Journey Continues - 2021/22 - Season 10(jimbowmanuk)

Although I have completed the challenge I have decided to stick with the save and take advantage of the Add leagues feature. I left Elgin and took the USA job(update will follow on them later) where qualification for the World Cup has given me a tough group against England, Portugal and Peru.

In January I was offered the Athletic Bilbao job, which I accepted. Their rule of Basque only players limits my movement in the transfer market but some really promising youngsters are coming through the youth system. I took over aftrer 20 league games had already been played and Athletic were sitting 19th. The 1st couple of games were learning curves to work out what kind of squad I had and once I'd settled on 1 striker things seemed to click into place. Winning the games were expected to win and some draws and losses against better opposition meant we survived in 15th place. Next season looks like European qualification will be a realistic goal for me to attain.

Athletic League Graph

Elgin City Watch

Elgin City under their new manager, Gary Speed, had a bad start to the season and resulted in them only finishing 5th in the league. My legacy of losing Scottish Cup finals continued also. This time First Division Hamilton the winners. So Elgin City will not be playing in Europe next season. This season they did finish 3rd in their Champions Cup group, meaning the Euro Cup to contend with but they went out in the 2nd knock-out round to Man City 4-3 on aggregate.

Scottish Premier League

Scottish Cup Final

Everyone still going with their challenges keep up the good work, and don't give up. If Elgin City can do it, then so can every other small team in Europe's big leagues.

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Well done iacavone :thup: Been a long time coming ;)

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Congrats Randy on avoiding relegation

WOOOHOOOO GOOOO Iacovone, finally escaped the hell of Serie C1A, now to take Serie B by storm.

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The Journey continues - USA - World Cup 2022(jimbowmanuk)

Taking over the USA days before the Gold Cup, I felt there might be pressure as I was attempting to retain the Cup for the US. Our Group pitted us against El Salvador, Trinidad & Tobago and Panama. We struggled to a 1-0 win in the 1st game before comfortable 4-1 and 5-0 victories to put us through. The quarter-finals had us matched against Curacao, and my former Elgin player Burrows was still leading the line for them. They were no match as we posted a 5-0 win to set up a semi-final against Costa Rica. A 4-0 victory put us through to the final, where we would meet our first real challenging opponents, Mexico. A close game with both sides matching each other in the first half, but some inspiring words at half-time and the USA won the Gold Cup with a 4-2 victory.

Next up was the qualifying for the World Cup, and the previous coach had put the team in a good position by winning the first 5 matches, leaving me only needing 2 victories to qualify. We won all the matches 3-0(Costa Rica), 5-1(Curacao), 5-1(Panama), 5-0(El Salvador) and 4-3(Mexico). We played 5 friendlies before the World Cup, scoring 23 goals without reply the biggest being a 3-0 win against Denmark.

The World Cup

Group B vs. England 0-5

England were really clinical in finishing even though we were evenly balanced on attempts, The 13 game winning streak coming to an end.

Group B vs. Portugal 2-1

We were going to need a lot of luck to try and qualify, and we got it. Almeida bringing down Joseph in the box on 8 minutes resulted in a penalty for the US and a red card for Portugal. The spot kick was dispatched, followed by another 7 minutes later and despite an own goal we were never really troubled.

Group B vs. Peru 4-0

I was expecting this game to be a victory when the draw was made and it was, putting the US through to a second round encounter against Algeria

Second Round vs. Algeria 3-0

Dan Joseph scored a hat-trick enroute to a routine victory in a match we dominated

Quarter-final vs. Argentina 4-1

Argentina were by far the better team but set pieces made the difference, with them being 1-0 up Javier Pastore put the ball into his own net. the scores remained this way until the 72nd minute when Garcia scored a curling freekick to give us the advantage, before Pastore went off injured and with it the heart of Argentina as they crumbled defensively to ship two more goals.

Semi-final vs. Denmark 4-2

Confidence was high in the camp going into this match as we had just recorded a famous victory aswell as having the upperhand as we had beaten our opponents 3-0 in a pre-world cup friendly. We dominated the match but the defence was suspect on a couple of occasions, but the 4 we scored were enough to put us in the final.

Final vs. England 1-6

I didn't have high hopes for the final as we had already lost 5-0 in the groups to England. This was a very one-sided match in which I was happy to score a consolation goal. Tom Gardner finished the World cup as top scorer with 15 goals, 8 of which were scored against us.

2021 Fixtures

2022 Fixtures

I am still undecided whether to stay with the USA or to apply for a European nation to manage, as there are sure to be a few casualties following the World Cup.

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Jimbowmanuk - What an awesome effort with USA, making it to the final, disappointing to lose by 5 goals to England, especially as it seems they are the only team that seems capable of beating you. Good Luck wherever you decide to ply your wares after that game.

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Jimbowmanuk - What an awesome effort with USA, making it to the final, disappointing to lose by 5 goals to England, especially as it seems they are the only team that seems capable of beating you. Good Luck wherever you decide to ply your wares after that game.

Cheers LLR, I've taken the Turkish job, as it reunites me with some of my old Elgin Players, Roberto Mancini stepped down as England manager after winning the World Cup

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SV Wilhelmshaven Season Report 2021-2022

After a really poor season last time out that saw the club take a step backwards, this was a season for the talented youngsters of Wilhelmshaven to show if they were capable of breaking into the elite of the Bundesliga

League|Graph: This was the season that finally saw Wilhelmshaven establish itself as one of the top clubs in Germany, even managing to lead the Bundesliga into the Winter break. However Bayern's amazing form and our slight drop in form due to competing in Europe saw Bayern claim their 5th! consecutive Domestic crown. Bayern lost only once and conceeded only 14 goals, and look to be just as dominant in the years to come.

Europe: Made it to the Euro Cup group stage and then walked through the group stage winning all 6 games. We dispatched Lorient, Feyenoord and Zenit in the knockout phase and met Udinese in the semi final. However we left our goal scoring boots at home and they squeaked out a 1-0 aggregate win. Udinese went on to win the Euro Cup

German Cup: Went out in the 3nd round to 1860 Munchen, who are in the 2nd division. I played a strong squad but they actually outplayed us and claimed the victory in extra time



Farkas- The undisputed top keeper at the club, now being recognized for his exploits as he won German Goalkeeper of the year.

Covelli- The Canadian-Italian backup was brought in January as I let the previous backup leave. He's unhappy but whatever. Farkas is the clear number one.


Andersen- Our Danish attacking left back did not have a great season as a backup and may not be of a class needed to compete in the Champions League

Balan- Has emerged as a tower of power in the back line. Form fell off near the end of the season which is worrying

Dembele- 3rd choice defender is reliable when called upon

Ivanildo- The club captain has really regressed at an early age. I'm loathe to part with a player that has been with us for so long, but he's not up to the standard anymore

Jansen- There is probably a way to get more out of the Norwegian though I don't know how, decent enough as is.

Martinovic- Our 'German' right back appears to have reached the end of his line here, as I have a talented youth player that I think can be equally as good

Musil- The long time left back is the epitome of solid and reliable

Oldani- Touted as the next Philippe Senderos, Oldani was our best defender this season and looks to have the world at his feet

Perrone- Star right back struggled a bit with injuries this season


Falah- The Swede is integral when fit, which has been his problem the last few seasons

Fofana- Malian right winger alternates between brilliant and invisible

Huertas- The hero of our Euro Cup triumph of a few years ago has been really average since that moment, may be time to move him on

Loose- A summer purchase to get the team some more Germans, Loose has been a nice little addition, though he is injury prone

Schussler- A nice player to have, a nice combination of a combative midfielder and a deep lying playmaker

Urbanek- Brilliant Czech winger

Uzun- A pure backup that will be moved on when one of our homegrown players develops to a point that he can play regularly, still Uzun can do a job when called upon

Vieira- Our Brazilian/German international continues to struggle with injuries and a crowded midfield

Worn- The Austrian star only gets better as he matures


Zoidze- Much better at setting people up than scoring himself, his partnership with Kyung-Ho will be key to our fortunes.

Kyung-Ho- Showed why I had stuck with him by lighting the league up in the first half of the season, though his season was eventually derailed by injuries, and thats when the season fell apart for us. Integral to the team.

Daniel- Way off his form that saw 13 league goals last year, though scored at a decent rate in other competitions

Oumaya- I'm not sold on the Tunisian though my assistant manager thinks he's the next big thing, good scoring record in Europe to be fair.

Finances: Never been a problem while I've been at the club

Facilities: The stadium is being expanded by 5k, as well as the youth facilities improved, which is a step in the right direction.

Transfers: Only a few signings and the only major player to leave was Wagner who was never going to displace Farkas from the keeper jersey

First season in the Champions league is coming up, however domestically Bayern look to be a hard team to topple as they are loaded with talent.

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Every single year...

Well, its tradition. I gave in. I bought the new FM. "Even if I dont play it as much, SI deserve my £30". And as usual, I'll be looking to rock up here way after everyone else is done. Woo!

Well, about me... its an interesting story. Since the switch from CM to FM, every year I've given far, FAR too many of my hours to each iteration, and not entirely for the best of reasons. For most of my teenage and adult life my health has left me housebound with hundreds of empty blank hours to fill, an ideal scenario for devoting time to getting Badajoz, San Marino, SVM Mannheim, Merthyr Tydfil or Torpedo Moscow up the leagues. This time though, after a massive year of recovery and progress, I'm playing along from my own flat, in between part time jobs working with disabled youngsters and heading to the pub. I don't expect anyone will particularly remember me sporadically being around from that long to appreciate how big a change it is, but it still felt worth mentioning as I start things off - for 8 years, FM was occasionally quite literally the sole thing worth getting out of bed for. I look forward to it actually functioning as an addition to instead of the sole pillar of my life!

Onto the pitch then... and I have unfinished business in France. I've run the gauntlet in England, Spain, Italy and Germany, but I've never quite cracked the very top of the French leagues - my personal favourite for their loose restrictions. And AS Cannes are available? I think I know where I'll be heading in a couple of hours once Steam has finished the download!

Until then, I'll be combing through this thread and some of the tactics forum to see whats changed - hopefully I'm not too out of touch with all these newfangled controls and concepts! A rigid 4-5-1 and youth development/foreign market profile expansion awaits...

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Welcome Oktober, good luck in France, looking forward to it. AS Cannes are most definitely usable for this challenge in 2012. Youth Develop + 4-1-3-2 for me, but I get the plan, not too many new concepts, just a bit of a better layout and somethings now seem to work better. Save game below includes Cannes if you like ;)

France - 18th June - Save (Veendee, Raon-I'Etape, Cannes & Romorantin)

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iacovone - WOOHOO!!!!!!! About time mate... ;) let's hope you don't get relegated next season.

jimbowmanuk - great job with the US there - good luck with Turkey and a first full season with Bilbao. not surprised Elgin are beginning to sink now.

Oktober - welcome to FM12!! good luck in France mate...

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Well Parla are battling for Promotion this season, but its been a weird one, unbeaten through 10, then 4 straight losses and now 4 straight draws...who knows.

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iacovone - Congratulations! Finally! Hopefully now you're in Serie B your progress will speed up. I'm not sure we can take the tension otherwise!

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iacovone - Congrats on finally getting that promotion, I know I couldn't take any more tension of you just missing out again.

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I managed to get Athletic Bilbao to finish 5th in La Liga and qualify for the Euro Cup, but then the big teams came calling. I was offered the Chelsea job but turned it down as they hadn't qualified for Europe, instead taking charge at Aston Villa who finished 4th in the Prem. Elgin City improved this season to finish 2nd and qualify for the Champions Cup, but again they lost the Scottish Cup final, this time to Aberdeen. by my reckoning thats 5 finals lost in a row. I have Turkey on course for qualifying for the 2024 Euro Champs

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i dont know if there is already one of these threads but i was thinking and after seeing barca wipe the floor with santos if we all would do a FM12 Big SAM Nation Small Club to Big Club Challenge and only time you say you have a completion is if you beat the Reigning Champions league winners what do you all think

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i was just wondering thats all becaue i really hate barca shock shock gasp haha so would just love to batter them in the World Club Championship with some little Chile team :D

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as LLR says there is a thread for it - check the CSE front page...

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Peña Sport FC season review 2023/24

League, Past Positions, Finances, transfers


We took the League at a canter really as once we hit the top we stayed there and not even losses to teams we should have beat let the other teams in. The biggest shock is the fact that Real finished eighth.

Champions League

Group Stage

@ Zenit, vs F.C. Bayern, @ PSV

vs Zenit, @ F.C. Bayern, vs PSV

Got a favourable draw in the group due to us being seeded second meaning that the hardest team in the group was Bayern.

1st KO Round vs Basel - 3-1 aggregate win Scorers: (H) Own Goal, Lopez, Renato

Quarter Final vs AS Saint Etienne - 3-2 aggregate win Scorers: (A) Lopez (H) Millán, Jones

Semi Final vs Man Utd - 4-2 aggregate win Scorers: (A) Uran, Alvarez (H) Uran, Lopez

Final vs Inter - 3-2 win after extra time Dumont, Uran, Curbelo

We did it, after the disappointment of last season losing in the final to win it this season is the opposite end of the spectrum. The fact that the game was also my 600th in management made the game even more special.


4th Round vs Orihuela - 3-0 aggregate win Scorers: (A) Curbelo(2), Cruz

5th Round vs Cartagena - 7-3 aggregate win Scorers: (A) Fusaro, Del Rio, Cruz (H) Uran, Aizpura (youth player), Cruz(2)

Quarter Final vs Almeria - 5-3 aggregate win Scorers: (A) Uran(2) (H) Morán, Millán, Jones

Semi Final vs Sevilla - 4-3 aggregate win Scorers: Fusaro, Alvarez(2), Olsen

Final vs Málaga - 5-2 Win Scorers: Uran, Lopez(3), Dumont

Spanish super cup

vs Barcelona

5-2 aggregate win Scorers: (A) Morán (H) Amara, Curbelo, Renato, Alvarez

Well after last seasons loss in the super cup against the same opposition we managed to get the win and by the same scoreline as last season.



Legros - A return to form for the Frenchman after last season.

Salz - Showed some glimpses of being a good keeper but won't dislodge Legros.


Manangu - Another decent year from the right back although he did spend some time injured.

Renato - Another good year for the young Brazillian especially when paired with Jones

Jones - A good year from the England captain.

Drachmann - Played well but Mustafaraj is catching him.

Del Sol - Was okay when he played but unfortunately he spent a fair amount of time injured.

Fusaro - Played well when he got into games.

Miguel - Played okay but wasn't the best.

Mustafaraj - Is getting to be as good as Drachmann and played better in a few games.


Dumont - Has split time with Alvarez but showed he was better than him towards the end.

Amara - Played extremely well in the centre of the park.

Del Rio - Was okay ddown the left vut to be honest he won't be able to dislodge Millán.

Millán - Was great down the left hand side. Caused so many problems for the opposition.

Olsen - Wanted him last season and he showed why I bought him with some great performances in the middle.

Lasa - The third Central midfielder has played fairly well when he got into games through injuries or suspensions.

Alvarez - Played as well as Dumont but wasn't as good towards the end of the season.

Bird - Not lot of playing time but was still good when he played.


Cruz - Not too many games but he was okay when he played.

López - Once again the team's top scorer, played really well.

Moran - Not as good as last season but he still managed to play well and get some assists.

Uran - Has been called a wonderkid and his performances have shown why. Has partnered well with both Lopez and Morán.

Curbelo - Played fairly well when he was on the pitch.

Season     |  Division           | League Position  |   Copa Del Rey  |       Europe       |    Achievements
2012/13    | 2nd Division B2     |      12th        |      N/A        |        N/A         |      Stayed up
2013/14    | 2nd Division B2     |      1st         |      N/A        |        N/A         |Champions and Promotion
2014/15    | Liga Adelante       |      12th        |     2nd RD      |        N/A         |      Stayed up
2015/16    | Liga Adelante       |      4th         |     4th RD      |        N/A         |      Playoffs
2016/17    | Liga Adelante       |      1st         |     5th RD      |        N/A         |Champions and Promotion
2017/18    |   Liga BBVA         |      11th        |  Quarter Final  |        N/A         |      Stayed up
2018/19    |   Liga BBVA         |      5th         |    Winners      |        N/A         |Cup winners and European qualification
2019/20    |   Liga BBVA         |      3rd         |     5th RD      |Europa league 1st KO|Champions League Qualification
2020/21    |   Liga BBVA         |      1st         |  Quarter Final  |     CL 1st KO      |      [b]Champions[/b] 
2021/22    |   Liga BBVA         |      2nd         |    Winners      |     EL Winners     |Cup and Europa League winners
2022/23    |   Liga BBVA         |      1st         |     5th RD      |   CL Runners Up    |      Champions
2023/24    |   Liga BBVA         |      1st         |    Winners      |     CL Winners     |  [b]*Challenge Complete*[/b], treble

The 100 Club

This section will be for those player who gain over 100 appearances and/or goals for the club while under my management. this is League and cup competitions.

Player               |   Apps   |     Goals     | Seasons between |     Note
Javi Jimenez         |   101    |       3       |   2012-2015     |    Retired
Dolly Menga          |   135    |      60       |   2012-2016     |  sold by board
Igotz Garde          |   143    |      13       |  2012-Present   |    Retired
Kurt Weuts           |   270    |     101       |   2013-2021     |    Retired
Txitxo               |   108    |       2       |   2012-2016     |    Retired
Bidari               |   206    |      24       |  2013-Present   | Released on a free
Yeray Soto           |   108    |       0       |   2012-2016     |    Retired
Juanma               |   165    |       7       |   2012-2018     | Retired now a scout
Carlos Garde         |   152    |      10       |   2012-2017     |Wouldn't sign new contract
Jorgito              |   119    |      12       |   2014-2017     |Wouldn't sign new contract
Felipe               |   212    |       1       |   2014-2022     | Released on a free
Nacho Gómez          |   119    |      13       |   2013-2017     |Wouldn't sign new contract      
Alejo Diego Puente   |   167    |      15       |   2013-2024     |Left at end of Contract
Nenê                 |   137    |      17       |   2014-2018     |Sold to Zenit for £6.25 million
Carl Allen           |   296    |      47       |  2015-2022      |Sold to Osasuna for £500k
Sten Drachmann       |   370    |       1       |  2015-Present   |
Óscar Kortina        |   115    |      12       |   2012-2019     | Released on a free
Jérémy Roland        |   236    |      22       |   2015-2024     |Left at end of contract
Mathias Legros       |   405    |       0       |  2016-Present   | 
Jean-Jacques Dumont  |   296    |      56       |  2016-Present   |
Ignacio Etxebarria   |   170    |       3       |   2012-2024     |Sold to Athletic for £675k
Antonio Pérez Postigo|   119    |      26       |   2016-2021     | Released on a free
Solomon Kverkvelia   |   161    |       9       |   2018-2022     | Went to Espanyol for £0
Francisco Manuel Cruz|   229    |      74       |  2018-Present   |
Nicolás López        |   253    |     138       |  2018-Present   |
Koke                 |   107    |       0       |  2018-Present   |Went to Recreativo for £0
Tiago Duque          |   114    |       5       |   2017-2022     |Accepted mutual termination
Pablo Alvarez        |   147    |      33       |  2018-Present   |
Miguel               |   187    |      13       |  2019-Present   |
Diego Fusaro         |   213    |      15       |  2018-Present   |
Vivaldy Manangu      |   224    |       2       |  2019-Present   |
Pablo Alvarez        |   196    |      37       |  2018-Present   |
Aitor Del Rio        |   156    |      11       |  2016-Present   |
Fernando Millán      |   167    |      50       |  2020-Present   |
Hichem Amara         |   154    |       9       |  2021-Present   |
Marco Uran           |   108    |      39       |  2021-Present   |
Renato               |   103    |       9       |  2022-Present   |
Rigels Mustafaraj    |   108    |       0       |  2020-Present   |

Previous Years












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Congratulations on the completion Almondo :applause: Just finished my season. Update coming tomorrow or the day after that.

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Well done Almondo; great news. Extra time must have been a bit nerve wracking after your guy was sent off. Usual question; what next?

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The extra time was nerve wracking with only 10 men and I really didn't want penalties so when Curbelo scored to make it 3-2 it was a sweet moment. What next? well I'll be sticking with La Peña for the next season as I want to win the CWC and then maybe go for some international management.

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Congrats Almondo, awesome to see the completions rolling through again, going to be a few more years for me yet.

Good Luck in the Club World Champs and then internationally.

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Congratulations Almondo. Glad to see you didn't have to wait too long after last season's near miss.

In Lusitania Acores news, I am still plodding along. I've not been playing much recently as I've had other commitments but I'm steadily improving (I think/hope).

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Congratulations almondo, well done on completing!

I've had a torrid start to Serie B, 4 games in and 4 losses. Scored 4, conceded 13. In my latest loss I went 2-0 down, switched to 4411 and went overload and attack mental and got it back to 2-2 with 5 mins left. Thought I was on for my first point, only for my left back to hack their striker down in the box and lose to a penalty in the 90th minute. Heartbroken doesn't describe it. :(

EDIT: Finally got my first win in Serie B. And what a win. :D

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Almondo - congratulations mate - great stuff. i can imaging how good it must feel after the previous season. good luck with the CWC next season and then landing a good international job.

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Маршевый наш путь в Европу

Finances £-5Million







Media Prediction 14th

Finished 6th



To be honest i am really surprised in what happened at the second part of the season i went 13 games unbeaten but the first part of the season was really well dreadful i just win a game so in january i went about my buisness buying player i brought in two Argentine DMs and changed my team formation to this http://i1138.photobucket.com/albums/n524/toonbalmy87/Vityaz/2013/VityazPodolskTactics_Overview.png and i brought in Argentine striker and he is awesome he couldn't stop scoring





Champions hammering Rubin & CSKA Moscow in the Final


Key players

Sidibie - Pure class this i hope noone comes in for him of dodgy chairman will sell him


Villordo -paid 1.9million for him still on youth contract and he has gone up to 8Million this guy will be the best DM Midfielder on the game i think


Lavallen - got him on the cheap he going to be out of contract so he was getting sold for 950k or sumet like that


Cocco this guy just cant stop scoring he is immense with Sidibie he was meant to be back up for Matavz but he got injured for 5 weeks and never got his spot back


i am not sure how the youth think work but here is my player



Next Season Expectations Push for champions league Qualification and win Europa League

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RasenBallsport Leipzig

Season 2013/2014 - Second Division

We started pretty solid in the league but the form fell down. Highest position we got was 2nd for one game after that we pretty much rocked from 10th and 5th, eventually finishing 7th which was our media prediction. We could have had a real change of promotion if we didn't draw SO many of our games. The German Cup was pretty much over when it started but we won Neumunster 4-0 in the 1st round and lost 0-3 to Freiburg in the 2nd round.

Table - Graph - Club Information


GK: David Yelldell - Was bad, he's the main reason I'm conceding so much goals. Too bad I don't have any money to replace him.

DR: Christian Muller - He did alright nothing magnificent but he's getting older and needs to be replaced.

DC: Soren Gönther - Played well. Avarage rating above 7.

DC: Jagos Vukovic - Brought him in on free transfer in the Pre-Season. He's been a rock in the defense this season with an avg. rating of 7.12.

DL: Nico Hamman - He replaced our maine LB Pierré Womé in the latter stages of the season and he did better so he's here.

MR: Marco Padalino - Brought him in on free transfer from Sampdoria. 18 assists this season. Our very own speed demon.

MC: Bastian Schulz - Solid season from a solid player. Nice return of 10 goals and 7 assists.

MC: Timo Rost - At 35 years old he's declining but he was alright this season. Retiring after next season.

ML: Marek Strestik - The Czech winger was solid this season. Avg. rating of 7.06

ST: Wellington - Ahh this guy blows my mind. Signed him on free transfer in the Pre-Season. He scores some beautiful goals and was the Second Division top scorer with 27 goals.

ST: Carsten Kammlot - Didn't play much due to injuries but was the second best striker.

Youth Watch

Sven Noguera - Didn't play very well in the chances I gave him but I think he might become a good First Division forward in the future so I will keep playing him.

Promotion might well be on the cards if we strengthen some positions. Planning to get some youngsters on loan from the big clubs but the wage budget isn't exactly in a good stand so that might be hard. The finances are not good, sitting at -5 million pounds.

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AS Cannes End of Season Report 2015/2016

League Table



Given how limited our budgets are in comparison to the big clubs we have massively over-achieved this season. We qualified for teh Champions League on the last day at the expense of PSG. We improved our defence in the off-season and it has paid dividends. We did well in both the cups but lost out in the quarter finals, probably due to lack of squad depth.

I have only been given a transfer budget of £2.5mil and wage budget of £300k. It is going to be tough to consolidate. We need a better keeper, two wingers and bettrer depth at many positions. I would be chuffed with consolidation in the league and Uefa Cup qualification through the Champions League. I do think that too many changes has a negative impact so I am hoping consistency of selection is the way forward. :)

Year   Div           Pos        Cups                     Achieved                  
2013  National     1st                             Promotion to Ligue 2                                
2014  Ligue 2      1st        Qtr of French Cup    Promotion to Ligue 1
2015  Ligue 1      12th       Semi of league cup   Survived
2016  Ligue 1      3rd        Qtrs both cups       Qualified for Champions League

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how do you get your links just to come up in one single word ??
I write the report, then highlight the words I want to be links, click on the hyperlink icon and paste in the image URL. I find it the quickest and most painless way.

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I write the report, then highlight the words I want to be links, click on the hyperlink icon and paste in the image URL. I find it the quickest and most painless way.

Definitely this. I did it the other way and typed everything out for a good three or four years until I realised there was an easier way :o

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Thank you very much because i have been looking at it for ages and racking my brain how to do it but never figured it out haha!!

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I've lost interest in my Dafuge's challenge game and fancy giving this a go. Just wondering if it would be ok to continue from my Dafuge's challenge save which is currently in 2027. I'd follow all the rules otherwise, just seems a shame to start over back in 2011!

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bjoggi33 - congrats on a 7th place finish. i'd definately persevere with Noguera. developing into a decent striker on my game. not quite sure how you are £5 million in the red though... your wage budget must be huge??

Randy Palmer - well done on the 3rd place finish - you are making some good progress there. what are your aims for next season? the title?

Gypsum - from my point of view, i think you would be fine starting the challenge in 2027 keeping in with the rules of the challenge. i am sure LLR will confirm one way or another but i don't have any problems. i am assuming you can cancel the english league once you start a new league? not tried myself...

And as for me, my Mannheim season is complete. will try and get the review up this weekend.

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Right, another season finished. Is it a first completion in Portugal, well, you'll just have to wait and see...

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I am having a wail of a time in Serie B. I've beaten Empoli and Reggina so far (amongst oters, obviously) and sit mid table around halfway through the season. The forum curse seemed to work in reverse for me, after my five straight defeats to start the year I've been on fire, going on multiple 4 game unbeaten runs. Sold a load of chaff and getting in a new batch of players to replace them.

I am loving my new stadium too, I've more than doubled my average attendance and I'm on course to make a profit without the boards help.

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Hey Gypsum, I think that is fine, given that you follow the rules by removing the English league and then holiday a season in your nation of choice.

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Lusitânia Açores - Season Summary - 2023/24


Key figure - £19,680,331 | Summary

A nice profit this season as a result of a few sales and Champions League money.

Transfers | 15 in (£3.9m), 9 out (£10.5m)

The majority of the transfers coming in this season were youngsters or back-up and there were no significant exits either. The majority were players who'd not quite made it with me who left for nice profits.

League | Predicted - 3rd

Table | Graph

A far calmer season this time round than we've had for a long time. No great crises. We were always challenging at the right end of the table and hit the top spot halfway through the season and didn't look back.


Supertaça | Winners

In the first cup of the season we came up against the shock winners of last year's Taça de Portugal, Uniao Madeira of the Second Division - South. We came out 3-0 winners.

Taça de Portugal | Winners

The only Portuguese cup that had eluded us so far. We came up against Porto in the final and in our third final appearance we came out on top with a very comfortable 3-0 victory.

League Cup | Beaten Finallists

The only cup to escape us domestically this season. In the final against Braga we were 2-1 up until the 93rd minute when Descazals conceded a penalty. They scored and went on to win on penalties.

Europe | 1st Knockout Round

Group Stage - Drawn in a tricky looking group alongside Real Madrid, Juventus and Zenit I wasn't hopeful of qualification. Fortunately however I played generally pretty well, only losing one game in the group stage (admittedly it was a 7-0 trouncing at the hands of Real Madrid at the Bernabeu) to qualify second behind Real Madrid and make it out of the group.

Knockout Stages - Another tricky draw saw me put up against AC Milan in the 1st Knockout Round. First they visited the Azores beating us 2-0. We went to Italy needing a surprising result, unfortunately we didn't pull it off only managing a 1-1 draw to go out 3-1 on aggregate.

Squad | Overview


Salvador Soto - Starting to get a bit edgy this season, has mentioned wanting to move on, I've placated him so far but I may have to let him go soon. It'll be a pity because he is rapidly turning into one of the best keepers in the world.

Jean-Philippe Moreau - A fairly awful player if I'm honest. Brought in because there was nothing better out there. Fortunately he wasn't required very often. He's not a good enough back up for a team of this calibre.


Matej Suchy - His career is stuttering. I will be looking to get rid this summer, he just doesn't look like developing into a good enough player.

Karel Dragoun - Brought in as back up for Favreau, performed adequately when called upon.

Julián García - A very good start to the season, stalled somewhat, then got injured and then for the final third of the season he was always with the Honduras Under-23s, even when they didn't have a fixture. A pity, if the bug (I'm assuming that's what it is) doesn't sort itself out I'll have to sell him.

John Hvilsom - Brought in on a free and performed well when García was away from the squad.

Stijn Hermans - Very excited for this young Belgian's future. He could well be the guy who replaces Descazals should he ever leave.

Meranah Descazals - I'm shocked I considered not signing this guy. He has developed into one of the world's finest centre-halves. Even by his own high standards he had a great season this year.

Mathieu Favreau - A solid performer for us. He is someone I feel could be replaced if the right player becomes available.

Ange Diaby - A very decent back up for Osses. I have a feeling I'm holding him back and if he were given a run in the first team he'd develop into a very good player.

Christian Osses - Has the position pretty well sewn up here. Unless he leaves I can't see anyone replacing him for a long time. Not until I've established myself as a continental power anyway.


John Agu - Looks like he should be first choice, but for some reason doesn't perform as he looks like he ought. For that reason he is leaving the team over the summer.

Philippe Derrien - He performs adequately but this is a position I am looking to strengthen if possible. I have pinpointed by desired replacement (a Bolivian) but it's going to be tough to convince him he wants to join.

Vadym Gai - Starting to play as well as he looks he should. Cemented his place in the first team before an injury ended his season early.

Joffrey Fontaine - Starting to fulfil his undoubted potential. This is one player I may face a struggle to keep hold of.

Andreas Jensen - The gamble of entrusting him with the first team position last season is really starting to pay off. He really seems to have taken to his training schedule and is improving quickly and significantly.

Emmanuel Dumas - Unfortunate not to play more after arriving from Clairefontaine. His stay will be brief as he is off to Kobenhavn at the end of the season.

Walter Zangger - Very decent back up for Jensen. Scored a blistering goal in the game that secured us the title.

Michael Mouritzen - A player who has stalled significantly. Someone I may look to move on this summer depending on how the team-building works over the summer.

Diego Fernández - Progress has stalled this season but he is still a decent back up to Gai.

Erik Jakus - Never reached the standards I hoped he would when I signed him as a 17-year-old. I'd have liked to have kept him around but he has decided he wants to move on at the end of the season in search of first team football.

Florent Marti - Another exciting Belgian at the club. If he can build up his pace and progress at a decent rate, then I can see him being a great winger.


Jorge Muñoz - Never going to be a world class player, but he is a very good back up for the moderately injury prone Poljak.

Ivan Poljak - A fairly poor season for the big man this time out, but still found himself as first choice until an injury took out a chunk of his mid-season.

Ararat Vardazaryan - A very handy impact sub to have around. He is strong quick and good in the air - chipped in with an uncanny number of late goals.

Labros Pavlou - A second Cypriot striker at the club. He has a very decent future at the club.

Torben Larsen - Another interesting young striker. Danish this time. Got his first goal for the club on the final day of the season.

Venizelos Chrysanthou - Broke Henrique's (a memory test for you here) record for most league goals this season as he reached 90 for the club. Continues to be the first name on the team sheet.

Allan Tranberg - Very, VERY excited about this guy. He needs to pick up his pace, but he has spectacular technical abilities for a 16-year-old.

Blaise Coubadja - Needs a breakthrough season soon, otherwise he may have to head elsewhere to fulfil his potential.

Aims for this season were...

1/ Get first win in Champions League. - Yes

2/ Strengthen midfield. - Yes

3/ Maintain place in Portugal's top two. - Yes

Aims for next season are...

1/ Progress further in the Champions League.

2/ Retain a place in the top two.

Story So Far...

Season		League			Position		Achievements
2012/13		Second Division - South	12th			Avoided Relegation (just)
2013/14		Second Division - South 1st			Promoted!
2014/15		Second League		14th			Avoided Relegation
2015/16		Second League		2nd			Promoted!
2016/17		Premier League		13th			Avoided Relegation
2017/18		Premier League		3rd			Qualified for Europa League
2018/19		Premier League		4th			Europa League again
2019/20		Premier League		5th			Europa League again
2020/21		Premier League		1st			Champions!
2021/22		Premier League		2nd			CL Qualification again
2022/23		Premier League		1st			Champions!
2023/24		Premier League		1st			CL 1st Knockout Round

Previous Updates












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