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FM12 Big Euro Nation: Small Club to Big Club Challenge

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Goog luck in Scotland Macshimmy and in Germany TacticalGenius.

tacticalgenius - welcome and good luck.

Thanks for the welcomes!

I've finally moved on from the first day! The first load - the rules were broken, the second - forgot to re-apply the 'German fix' after the 12.0.4 update, third load - forgot to load all Germans...

So I've now got a backroom team sorted, a couple of transfers lined up, and won my first two friendlies. Three to go, all easy warm up's, then the league assault can commence!

**I know RBL are an easy team to do this with, but I was playing as them anyway, so thought I may as well do this as part of my save. I've kind of adopted them as my joint-second supported team alongside FC United (after an epic FM11 save and using them in FM10 for Dafuges challenge.)

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Thanks for the welcomes!

I've finally moved on from the first day! The first load - the rules were broken, the second - forgot to re-apply the 'German fix' after the 12.0.4 update, third load - forgot to load all Germans...

So I've now got a backroom team sorted, a couple of transfers lined up, and won my first two friendlies. Three to go, all easy warm up's, then the league assault can commence!

**I know RBL are an easy team to do this with, but I was playing as them anyway, so thought I may as well do this as part of my save. I've kind of adopted them as my joint-second supported team alongside FC United (after an epic FM11 save and using them in FM10 for Dafuges challenge.)

how do you do the german fix thing i tried it before and it sort of screwed my game over :D

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how do you do the german fix thing i tried it before and it sort of screwed my game over :D

I'll send you a PM.

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Right - sorted it out this time, and reloaded until Trier came up again:



SV Eintracht Trier





Founded in 1905, SV Eintracht Trier 05 are a professional German club currently playing in the 3. Fußball-Liga. The club play their home games at Moselstadion and possess average training facilities and basic youth facilities. The club also has average junior coaching and a fairly basic youth recruitment network.

The club enjoyed probably their best spell of success during the 1980s. Although now enduring an eighteen year barren spell, having not won a competition since 1994, Trier still have a history of which they can be justly proud. Trier finished runners-up in the German 4th tier in 2002 and 2011, won the German 5th tier on five occasions and finished runners-up on four occasions, and finished runners-up in the Regionalliga West in 1999.

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US Pontedera 1912.gif

Season 2014/2015 - Serie C1/B

We used the same formation as last year and it worked like a charm. With our slow and patient build-up we controlled most of our matches, but had to tweak our tactics against the best teams in the division. Anyway, after 18 games being in the play-off zone we found ourself top of the league after 19 games and didn't look back. The main reason the other teams didn't catch up with us was the fact that we kept drawing the games we deserved to lose. Got to the semi-finals of the Serie C-cup, but lost to promotion-rivals Perugia. Financually we went around 500,000£ in the red, and will need to perhaps sell one of our stars this summer.

Table - Graph


Starting XI:

GK: Sergio - Only 18 years old, but didn't embarass himself at all this season. 11 clean sheets is impressive.

RB: Simone Mariani - The Pontedera youth-product broke into the starting XI this season, and did it with a nice overall rating aswell. Solid!

DC: Mattia Pagano - Young, talented stopper who is also a part of the italian u19-team. Was out 3 months or so with an injury, but played well when fit.

DC: Matteo Gandelli - Our besta defender, finishing the season with a nice rating and 7 goals from corners.

DL: Francesco Zarini - Very nice rating, solid defending and a nice man to have as cornertaker. Had to let him go due to wage demands being stupidly high.

DMC: Mattia Calamai - Our anchorman. Did a good job in protecting our defence and taking the opponents AMC out of the game.

DMC: Jacopo Fortunato - Our DLP and Captain. Didn't impress like he did last season but solid nontheless. Hopefully he will cope with stepping up a level.

AMR: Hugo Lopes - Tricky right winger, but often spoiled attacks with his horrible decisionmaking.

AMC: Daniele Bessa - Did an allright job as trequarista, but only 1 assist.

AML: Giulio Grifoni - Nothing spectacular, but didn't really have a bad game either. Don't know how well he will be able to cope with Serie B.

ST: Robin Leger - Our young poacher, playing well despite a horrible midseason goaldrought.

Notable backups:

MC: Matteo Piccinini - Handy player. Played in both DMC-roles aswell as withdrawn AMC when Bessa was injuried.

RB: Angelo Antonazzo - Experienced backup. Lost his starting spot to Mariani early in the season and never managed to win it back.

AMR: Giacomo Lepri - Played nothing like he did last year, and will need to prove himself or he will be sold in january.

ST: Luigi Scotto - Injuried for most of the season, but still grabbed a goal in the last few league games. Had to let him go due to insane wage demands.

ST: Paulo Menso - Young stiker brought in on loan to cover for Robin Leger. Did allright and grabbed a goal. Also played on the wings.


DC: Jorge Soares - Developed really nice and played well in Pagano's absence. Will be a tight duel between them for the starting spot next season.

DC/DL: Pierluigi Fuser - The Pontedera youth-product played OK when needed, but should really be tutored to get his mentals up and speed up his development.

All in all a wonderful season, and I am really looking forward to the struggle it will be playing in Serie B. Loving this challenge so far!

Club history:

[TD][b]Final Position[/b][/TD]
[TD]Città di Pontedera[/TD]
[TD]Serie C2/A[/TD]
[TD]Lost in Play-off finals[/TD]
[TD]Città di Pontedera[/TD]
[TD]Serie C2/A[/TD]
[TD]Città di Pontedera[/TD]
[TD]Serie C1/B[/TD]

Will add screenshots of players later tonight.

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Città di Pontedera

Pre-season report 2015/2016 - Serie B

Club Info - Finances - Facilities

Board expectations: Avoid Relegation

My expectations: Midtable, around 12th to 15th.

Wage budget: £30,000 - Spending £29,500

Transfer budget: £0

Had to strengthen the squad and, most importantly, stay within the wage budget in front of this season.

Had to turn down a few really good players willing to play for us because of their demanding wages, but I am still satisfied with our transferwindow.

New signings:

GK: Francesco Sollo - New backup goalkeeper. Won't be playing much if Sergio picks up where he left off last season.

RB: Andrea Benetti - Backup at RB. If Simoni Mariani fails to meet the level in Serie B, this will be my RB this season.

DC: Sorin Zaha - Young and talented DC. Primarily backup, but hopefully he will still develop some.

LB: Lucien Tchany - New LB, straight in to the starting XI. Really satisfied with this capture.

DMC: Patrice Noukeu - Experienced and strong midfielder. Pushing Matteo Calamai out of the anchorman role, but things might change.

AMC: David Guerin - New AMC! Lacking some mental skills, but I still think he will do the job as playmaker.

AMR/ST: Emmanuele Ferrari - Big talent, really excited to see how he develops. Should get alot of first team action this season due to Hugo Lopes being both injury-prone and varying in performances.

ST: Alessandro Pieroni - HUGE talent, and will play alot in the lone striker role this season. Has started the season immense and hopefully he will continue to develop in the Pontedera jersey.

All transfers arrived for free, but I am most satisfied with the capture of the young italians Ferrari and Pieroni. Hopefully they will go on to be Pontedera legends!

Squad - Not a big squad and average age is only 20!

Very excited to play in Serie B, and to compete against teams like Cagliari and Udinese(!).

Forza Città di Pontedera!

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Thanks 5ergio, I have a very young team and it takes time to settle, and good luck in the rest of your season.

Well done on promotion siLKEAPE and good luck in Serie B.

Unlucky losing the game tommy1872, you've made a good start with Clyde, WD.

Tough season but well done on surviving in the top division TanO.

Congrats n getting to the bundesliga toonbalmy87

As for me, sorry I haven't done an update yet for last season, I'm well into the next season already.

A little taster of the current season (gives a lot away but meh). Gutted to go out in the League Cup like this, only to get revenge in the league.

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Tano - congrats on surviving in the top flight. Always the only objective in the first season. Should help build the foundations for your rise up the league.

Tommy1872 - congratulations on your first time promotion. Sure you will go on and achieve it again next season.

Crispy Paul - welcome to Germany. Good luck with Trier – nice to see another non-Red Bull team in action!! :D

silKEAPE - congrats on the double promotion! I have always found there not to be too much of a step up to C1. There is a step into Serie B though – good luck achieving a good league position next season. The rise in leagues should hopefully help in the finance stakes.

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Thank you everyone! Had a fun but brief game with Holstein Kiel in FM11, hope this one lasts a bit longer.

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Can see me having extremely slow progress for a while. Skyrim seems to be taking up a lot of time for some reason:D

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Stuart Brawls, Seregno 2016-17, Season 5, Serie B

Squad | Finances | Transfers

Italian Cup


I was hoping to get to the first round of the competition again for the big prize money and hopefully some good gate receipts.

Undortunately i relaised all to late that i had agreed to friendly against Inter reserves only 2 days before the 2nd Qualifying Round of the Cup.

As a result our players were all very tired and we did well to take fellow Serie B side Varese to extra time after a 1-1 draw.

The tiredness showed more during extra time and we fell to a 2-1 defeat and crashed out of the cup at the first hurdle.


After keeping all the key players from last seasons 6th place in Serie B plus several key additions to strengthen the team and the squad we looked in good shape going into the new Serie B season.

We started off in fantastic form as we raced to the top of the table only suffering defeat against recently relegated Torino which was the only game we even looked liked losing as we were playing excellent.

We reached the halfway stage of the season top of the table and 10 points clear of Torino.

The start of the second half of the season saw us again lose to Torino but we still continued to pick up valuable wins and draws to keep the points ticking over.

The further into the season we got the more we seemed to struggle as at first we started drawing more games than we had previously but we still maintained a healthy points gap over 2nd which was constantly changing now between Torino and Ascoli.

Our form however declined further as we picked up a few defeats including 2 in a row against fellow promotion challengers (we never even looked like getting anything out of these games as we played that bad).

Our points lead had now dropped to 7 points with 5 games remaining after the 2 consectutive defeats to Cesena and Ascoli.

It was at this point i got all the players together for a team meeting to address the drop in form and this seemed to rally the troops into action.

Dekker refound his form, Kyeremateng found form when he had shown none up until this point and the team refound its form.

All this result in us winning the all of the final 5 league games convincingly and without conceeding a goal.

This meant that we were promoted with 4 games to go and were crowned champions with 3 games remaining.

We ended the season as Serie B Champions with a final points gap of 14 over second placed Ascoli, conceeding the least number of goals in the league and scoring the second most as well.

League Table | Graph | Fixtures 1 | Fixtures 2


Filippo Perucchini - Our main keeper who was excellent again throughout the season and finished with 24 clean sheets.

Salim Mansouri - Another unhappy backup keeper who doesnt was to warm the bench, has potential though to improve.

Valentino Ostieri - Our first choice right back who continues to improve. Has played the most games for the club since i picked him up in the 1st season in Serie C2/A. Excellent Season.

Riccardo Gentili - Backup right back who made a couple of substitute appearances.

Gijs Damen - A regular last season in our defence but with the form of Ostieri and the new additions at centre back he didn't figure much this season.

Loic Fournier - Signed in the summer and performed as i had hoped. Excellent season.

Ionel Neagu - Also signed in the summer and he also had an excellent season

Deian Boldor - Hardly figured due to the new signings and will leave in the summer when his contract runs out.

Carlo Scalera - Played alot leass than he had done in previous seasons and was mostly used as cover at left back.

Graziano Sinato - Squad player he didn't really feature and will also be on his way out in the summer.

Roger - Signed in the summer, Roger went straight in as our main left back and did well picking up a few assists and MOM performances.

Guerino Stella - Another player who figured significantly less than in previous season. Still has a lot of potential in which to improve.

Armando Di Matteo - Played mainly as a DMC which is probably why he didn't get as many assists as he could have done. Has bags of potential.

Gabriele Piromalli - Signed in the summer and was used as cover in the centre of midfield. Didn't provided too much though when he was used.

Noel Henauer - Signed midway through the season as he was too good not to get. Did ok this season and at 19 he has the potential to be a good Serie A DMC.

Dennis Humbel - Another Swiss midfielder i picked up midway through the season. Dennis also did ok and has the potential to be a good Serie A midfielder.

Alberto Gerbo - Paid 30k for him at the start of the season and did well getting 4 goals and assists.

Girolamo Gentile - At 60k he was our record signing though i have to say he was probably our biggest disappointment with his contribution of 2 goals and assists.

Diogo Ferreira - Another great season creatively from Diogo as he picked up 11 assists, the most of anybody this season.

Agostino Caricola - Wasn't in my plans for first team football so accepted a 20k co-ownership offer from Cosenza. He has since done well there with 8 goals in 16 appearances.

Giovanni Kyeremateng - Injuries and very poor form at the start of the season meant Giovanni didn't play much this season. Then all of a sudden he got 4 goals in the last 3 games.

Cedric Lazaar - Signed in the summer with the aim of him being my second striker alongside Dekker. However he didn't perform as well as i expected. Still he picked up 7 goals.

Florian Oswald - Requested first team football at the beginning of the season and i actually agreed to his request and he promised to deliver on the pitch. He did deliver picking up several goals and assists in the following games before his form dropped off and he got dropped again.

Rene Dekker - Another great season for Dekker as he bagged 18 league goals which saw him finish equal 3rd in the Serie B scoring chart.

The Future

I'm delighted to have been promoted and to get to play in Serie A.

I just need to continue to develop the team and the facilities and ensure that we survive in Serie A.

It also means that our brand new 9425 capacity stadium, that we move into in 1 months time, will see top flight football.

Club History

 Season  |   League    | Position | Italian Cup  |     Other Comps     |             Achievements              |
2012/13 | Serie C2/A  |   10th   | Not Entered  | Serie C Cup 1st Rnd |               Survival                |
2013/14 | Serie C2/B  |   1st    | Not Entered  | Serie C Cup 1st Rnd | Winners, PROMOTION + Won C2 Super Cup |
2014/15 | Serie C1/A  |   3rd    | 2nd Qual Rnd | Serie C Cup 1st Rnd |        Playoff Winners, PROMOTION     |
2015/16 |   Serie B   |   6th    |  1st Round   |        None         |           Playoff Semi-Final          |
2016/17 |   Serie B   |   1st    | 2nd Qual Rnd |        None         |            Serie B Winners            |

The 100 Club (All competitions)

    Player Name       | Pos | Apps | Start | Subs | Goals | Assists | MOM | Years Active |
  Valentino Ostieri  | DR  | 192  |  190  |  2   |    0  |    14   |  10 |   2012-2017  | 
   Carlo Scalera     | DLC | 177  |  165  |  12  |   12  |     6   |  14 |   2012-2017  |
   Guerino Stella    | DMC | 153  |  126  |  27  |    1  |     6   |   1 |   2012-2017  |
 Filippo Perucchini  | GK  | 130  |  130  |  0   |    0  |     0   |   1 |   2014-2017  |
Giovanni Kyeremateng | ST  | 112  |  108  |  13  |   41  |    16   |  11 |   2013-2017  |
   Diogo Ferreira    | MC  | 106  |  102  |  4   |    6  |    22   |   3 |   2014-2017  |
     Rene Dekker     | ST  | 103  |  102  |  1   |   46  |    22   |  15 |   2014-2017  |

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(and congratulations) ;-)

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Season One - Scottish Third Division. Preseason.


Key Signings:

Bobby Mann - Obligitory big baldy bruiser and local legend.

Declan Caddell - Mercenary Ulster hitman with a "wee man complex".

Willie Robertson - Classy kid on 24 month loan from parent club United.

Steven Lennon - After Glasgow Rangers and then Fram, Elgin seems the logical choice. Pace, pace, and ... well thats it :-)

Preseason Friendly Results (with most of my key players still on holiday, the lazy barstewards.)

First competitive fixture (challenge cup.)

Not too shabby, first goal this season took one minute and twenty-one seconds.

Got SPL club St Johnstone in the league cup next, nice wee trip down the A9... might be a long trip home though.

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Well Castilla ended up having to break the points record to win the league with 90pts (We had 88), previous record was 84pts...We also destroyed our own goalscoring record as we smashed 118 goals in this season. So off to the playoffs once more...

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Well done to recent promotions and survivals.

Unfortunately Skyrim has totally taken over for now, not played FM since Saturday :p

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It's great to see so many people getting involved, and so many doing pretty well as well. Congrats to all that have been doing well, don't let your heads drop to those doing not so well, and good luck to those just starting out :D

[plug class=shameless]I have started a thread intended to be a compliment to the Records thread for chronicling the CSE Dream XI. Might I suggest you guys go have a gander and see if you want to be included?[/plug]

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SV Wuppertaler Go marching on

German Bundesliga

League Table http://i1138.photobucket.com/albums/n524/toonbalmy87/Wuppertaler/2014/GermanFirstDivisionOverview_Stages.png

Finances - 16million

Transfers - http://i1138.photobucket.com/albums/n524/toonbalmy87/Wuppertaler/2014/WuppertalTransfers_History-4.png




Tactics-The Formation i play


League Summary

Well after a slow start managed to actually go on a winning streak which by December i was into Europa league place 5th. After Christmas my form was still there and in Jnauary i decided to ship my best striker out because i couldnt really turn £5million down for him plus i noticed Big AC would come to me which was a shocker but he was transfer listed and Loan listed so i got him on loan for 800k and i pay 40% of his wages which i thought was the perfect deal tbh it took him 4 games to get use to the league but after that he was firing them in the back of the net but as expected my teams form started to dwindle and a loss to Mainz pushed us down to 7th which is where we finished and tbh i am really happy with that because we finished above bigger teams and i was expected to finish 18th but my boys out done themselves so hopefully next season we will get into Europe

Fixture List



Aims for next season is to get into the Europa League

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End of Season Update - 2013/2014 - Alicante Club de Fútbol

Media Prediction - 20th

Actual Position - 4th - Graph

Finances - Overall

League:- Fixtures 1 - Fixtures 2 - Fixtures 3

Another great progression made by Alicante, Predicited 20th we really showed the media how far weve come in such little time, I had to release some players to free up wages to sign some key players which were vital in our season.

The 1st half of this season we were struggerling to hold a mid table spot, but after Christmas we managed to string afew wins together and found our self flirting with the play-offs, although we never did manage to push for automatic promotion. We were lucky to finish where we did due to afew poor performances towards the end of the season.

The play-offs were fun but also cruel, we won the Semi's 5-1 on agg, then the 1st leg of the final and we were 4-0 at half time but managed to score 2 goals in the 2nd half. The 2nd leg we won 2-0 and i thought we would go into extra time, but i was wrong..we had lost the game due to us being the lower seeded team.

The club again injected some funds.

In other world news...check out Man City's latest signing..


The clubs all-seated upgrade was now completed.

And we also planned another upgrade.

Players: Players 1 - Players 2


Nothing major to report, i dont really have any youth prospects to mention either. Although i would like to share with you the 1 player that stood out from the rest, the player my board sold to Rangers F.C for £2.7m Matija Smrekar.

My scouts came back to me with a report of a Barcelona player who wanted away, but i couldn't afford his transfer fee nor loan fee then got offered me to for free. Rodri, was a blessing in disguise as he is now my replacement for departing Smrekar and i do not need to search for 1.

Next Season Aims:

  • Achieve Promtion.
  • Improve club finances again.
  • Try and build a future for the club

  Season   |    Division    |  Position  |   Comments

[left] 2012/2013  |   Segunda B3   |    3rd     |
2013/2014  |  Liga Adelante |    4th     |  Lost in Play-Off Final[/left]

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Torpedo Armavir - End Of Season Update 2014/15

League Table (Finished 6th from 20, Media Prediction 15th)

League Graph

The season started slowly and I thought that I would be in for another difficult season after no win in the first 5 games, however, from then until the winter break the team managed to pick up a lot of wins and only had sporadic defeats. After the winter break we had a difficult start again without a win for the first 3 games, but after that we took up the same pattern as before. The major problem during the season has been concedeing goals, granted this is the least that we have conceded in my time at the club, however, the team only managed 6 clean sheets and 3 of them came in the last 4 games. This didn't affect our goal scoring though and meant that for the first time I finished a season with a positive goal difference. I'm really happy that we finished so high because I thought this season was to be a struggle due to the wage budget cut that was imposed but I made the most of the resources and theadbare squad.


This season the wage budget was down from £17.5k p/w to £13.5k p/w and i was spending £15.5k compared to £20k p/w last year. This was helped by the offset of Welkinho who scored 23 goals and got 17 assists for £450k and his £2k wages. Also my Estonian winger Tarassenkov left who was on £950 p/w as was Parfait Beka who left in January for £100k. I don't really have any more players that I want to get shut of because I won't have enough players. My balance is woeful at -£1.3M but I have no idea what is going to be done to affect that but I hope that the board don't cut my budget again as I'm sure that I will have no players able to play for me.

Players - (Transfers)


Vitaly Astakhov - Starting GK but replaced at the end of the season, lost his ability to save anything and only manged 3 clean sheets.

Reuben Ncube - Took over for the last 6 games and got himself 3 clean sheets in those appearances, will probably be number one next season.


Roman Darchiev - Number one right back for the season, not the best but will hopefully improve next year.

Anton Tretjakov - Became left back after he joined in january, could have done better but will be good next year hopefully.

Sergey Perunov - Was starting left back until Tretjakov joined and will be a good back-up.

Evgeny Sevastjanov - The best defender at the club and played really well yet again, if I can keep him he will be the clubs record appearance holder.

Pavel Mogilevskiy - Played sporadically at centre back, but now a bit old and don't think he will be playing that much again.


Vyacheslav Filimonov - Played left midfield for the majority of the season and he plays ok but its the area I would most like to improve.

Andrey Pavlov - Right midfielder who topped the assists charts for the team and did a really good job dispite his stats.

Stanislav Khan - Played solidly for the most part of the season, good at defending but his attacking play leaves something to be desired.

Tchocomar Sidibe - Played well and got quite a few assists, however, due to the foreign player limit he didn't get the games I would like him to play.

Armen Abartsumyan - Again played well this season but still needs to get more assists, and he misses so many shots.


Arthur Trifonov 'YP2' - Scored 10 goals and got 9 assists in 22 starts for a player that was 15 for most of the season. Could become a legend at the club if I manage to keep him for a while.

Marcelino Armando Comboio - Started the season up front with Jabá but got injured for a few months and never got his place back from Trifonov.

Jabá - Was outstanding this season with 28 goals, he broke the most goals scored in a season and became the clubs top goalscorer. He also won the First Division POTY and top goalscorer by scoring 9 more than his closest rival. Also won Fan's POTY.


Lost in the first round we entered yet again meaning I have only played 4 cup games in 3 seasons.


The best of the dross that came through the youth route was Dmitry Golubev 'YP3'. Season tickets and attendance stayed around the same.

 Season | League | Position | Russian Cup | Fan's POTY | Achievements |
2012/13 | Russian First Division | 14th | 5th Round | Welkinho | Survival |
2013/14 | Russian First Division | 12th | 6th Round | Welkinho | Improvement |
2014/15 | Russian First Division | 6th | 5th Round | Jabá | Just missed out on Playoffs |

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How do I edit the code thing to make it all line up? :confused:

Set it up in notepad beforehand and then just copy/paste into the code tags

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siLKPEAPE - Congrats on back to back promotions ! Your formation looks very similar to the one I had a lot of success with, only difference in mine was I moved one of the DMCs up to MC-Box to Box midfielder but he played so deep most of the time he was level with my DM anyway.

StellaF1 - Best of Luck playing Serie A football in your new stadium

Macshimmy - Good Luck in Scotland

LLR - good luck in the playoffs

Toonbalmy87 - Good job finishing 7th, nice to see a formation with 3 at the back actually working, I've never managed to do it.

Danger_Mouse - Good solid season, I reckon you'll be promoted next year

Flashman - Great season considering you had to do more with less after getting the budget cut. Finances only really seemed to get sorted in my game when you have either a cup run or high league finishes once you hit the premier division.

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Congrats on the promotion siLkeape and good luck in Serie B, a bet of a gap between C and B i always thought.

Good going in Serie B StellaF1, i always found B tough to get out of so congrats.

Awesome going in the Bundersliga toonbalmy.

Nice going getting stadium upgrades danger mouse, unlucky on in the playoffs but still good progress.

So close Flashman, is next season the one? Hows the budget looking for this season?

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StellaF1 - congratulations on making Serie A - and so quickly too. hopefully you can achieve survival and build on rom there next season.

LLR - good luck in the play-offs mate. fingers crossed for you.

toonbalmy87 - great first season in the Bundesliga! good luck for the european push next season. interesting formation you have got there. got yourself a couple of good strikers too.

danger_mouse - unlucky in the play-offs mate. you still have to be really happy with the start you have made though. good luck next season.

Flashman - great step forward in Russia this season and unlucky on the play-offs. Trifonov looks a decent prospect - hopefully with nurturing and game time he can develop into a good player for you.

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CrispyPaul Good luck in Germany!

siLKEAPE Looks like good progress in Italy, seems like you have quite a few talented youngsters to build around

StellaF1 Good luck in Serie A!

toonbalmy87 Great first season in the Bundesliga!

danger_mouse Unlucky in the playoffs, definately look like you're on the way to competing with the big boys in Spain

Flashman Good season in Russia, it's definately difficult to break out of the 1st division

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Salerno Calcio

Italian Serie C2/A

Salernitana Soccer 1919, Salerno, Campania, Italy

Midnight of June 28th, 2012, Salerno, Italy

They must be pretty desperate to hire me if I'm being honest. I mean, look at this curriculum vitae. I certainly am not well known but really, to hire an American for this is pretty obnoxious. Sure, they're not doing so well, look at this:


Granata eh? My translation dictionary tells me that this translates to "grenade", how appropriate since that is what I'm about to open up on this poor club. Oh wait, my nonexistent assistant tells me that it's actually the color Garnet after their uniform color. Boring.

The previous management was something of a disaster as you can see by their recent past. Check out this graph:


In the season 2009-10 the club was relegated to Serie C with 6 point deduction for match fixing.

Notice how they did in the 2011/2012 season? No? Yeah, that's because they melted down with the financial crisis. On July 21, 2011 the mayor of Salerno chose the proposal of the company Morgenstern S.r.l. administered by Gianni Mezzaroma making so born the new team Salerno Calcio to represent the city in Serie D. Before this, they were one of the few Italian companies, in 92 years, never to have fought under the third level of the Italian league. So last year kind of sucked for them. Now they have managed to crawl back up from the mire of Serie D and the only person in the world they can find to manage them is some backwoods footballer from Oklahoma. Now it's my job to try and turn them around from their disgraces and get them back to higher than they've ever been before.

It's going to be a lot of work. Hell, I don't even have a staff right now. Other than the chairman I have one scout on staff. At least he seems to know the locals pretty well. I wonder if he can help me find some good wine, I'm going to need it...

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Peña Sport FC season review 2017/18

League, Past Positions, Finances, transfers


The league went a lot better than I expected. Honestly I'd have been happy with a 17th place finish so to finish in 11th is something great.


Looking good here in the finance department.


4th Round 1st leg, 4th Round 2nd leg, 5th Round 1st leg, 5th Round 2nd leg, Quarter Final 1st leg, Quarter Final leg 2

A run in the cup which saw us go to the quarter final this time around.



Legros - Another good year from the young 'keeper although he did conceed a lot of goals.

Ribero - The backup keeper. he decided to leave the club at the end of the season to go back to his native Portugal. This is due to his unhappiness at not playing.


Nyanda - My record transfer, came in and immediately replaced Felipe as the starting right back

Nenê - Another good year for the Brazillian, he has worked well with Duque. However he's decided he wants to leave and has signed with Zenit so I need to spend some money on a replacement.

Duque - Came in after I managed to sign him on a free and he automatically became 1st choice over Bidari. Made a good combo with Nenê.

Drachmann - A great and mature season for the young Dane.

Bidari - Primarily used as a back up.

Felipe - Has now become the back up right back, has played well when brought in.

Herrera - Got some games but was a back up first and foremost.


Dumont - Had another good year and is showing maturity beyond his age on the field.

Allen - The vice captain had another great year in the centre of the park, although he had a few injuries.

Diego Puente - Allen's partner in the middle of the park, he played well and showed why I have faith in him

Roland - Another Decent year down the left.

Kortina - Used primarily as the back up right winger and played okay wen called upon.

Etxebarria - Once again the 3rd Central midfielder, played well when on the field.

Juanma - Played mainly when there were injuries to the 3 guys in front of him, has decided to retire.

Del Rio - The left side back up, he has played quite well when called upon to replace Roland.


Eduardo - Came in for £875k and immediately became the top striker, he proved he was as well by being the clubs top scorer.

Weuts - Not his best season this year, hopefuly he can buck up and show what he's made of next season.

Pérez Postigo - The third Striker this year, not had the best year and needs to step up next season.

Keatings - Relegated to fourth Striker this season, won't be at the club next season as he's been sold to Hibernian.

Season     |  Division           | League Position  |   Copa Del Rey  |       Europe       |    Achievements
2012/13    | 2nd Division B2     |      12th        |      N/A        |        N/A         |      Stayed up
2013/14    | 2nd Division B2     |      1st         |      N/A        |        N/A         |Champions and Promotion
2014/15    | Liga Adelante       |      12th        |     2nd RD      |        N/A         |      Stayed up
2015/16    | Liga Adelante       |      4th         |     4th RD      |        N/A         |      Playoffs
2016/17    | Liga Adelante       |      1st         |     5th RD      |        N/A         |Champions and Promotion
2017/18    |   Liga BBVA         |      11th        |  Quarter Final  |        N/A         |      Stayed up

The 100 Club

This section will be for those player who gain over 100 appearances and/or goals for the club while under my management. this is League and cup competitions.

Player            |   Apps   |     Goals     | Seasons between |     Note
Javi Jimenez      |   101    |       3       |   2012-2015     |    Retired
Dolly Menga       |   135    |      60       |   2012-2016     |  sold by board
Igotz Garde       |   143    |      13       |  2012-Present   |    Retired
Kurt Weuts        |   209    |      96       |  2013-Present   |
Txitxo            |   108    |       2       |   2012-2016     |    Retired
Bidari            |   194    |      24       |  2013-Present   |
Yeray Soto        |   108    |       0       |   2012-2016     |    Retired
Juanma            |   165    |       7       |   2012-2018     | Retired but signed as a scout
Carlos Garde      |   152    |      10       |   2012-2017     |Wouldn't sign new contract
Jorgito           |   119    |      12       |   2014-2017     |Wouldn't sign new contract
Felipe            |   150    |       1       |  2014-Present   |
Nacho Gómez       |   119    |      13       |   2013-2017     |Wouldn't sign new contract      
Alejo Diego Puente|   149    |      15       |  2013-Present   |
Nenê              |   137    |      17       |  2014-Present   |  
Carl Allen        |   127    |      23       |  2015-Present   |
Sten Drachmann    |   115    |       0       |  2015-Present   |
Óscar Kortina     |   107    |      12       |  2012-Present   | 
Jérémy Roland     |   115    |       9       |  2015-Present   |

Previous Years






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Well into the last game of the playoffs:

1st Round: 5:4 agg over Badajoz Away - 2:1, Home 3:3

2nd Round 2:2 away over Albacete Away - 1:2, Home 1:0

3rd Round 1st Leg Away vs At Madrid B - 4:3 (So a lead as we head home...)

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Thanks for the comments Amethyst21 and Brettney1980.

TanO - I experimented with this formation in the demo and found it to work well even with lower league teams. I sometimes pull my AMC down to MC and move the DMC's up to MC to create a wider attacking formation. Very satisfied with the flexibility of this system.

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18Rabbit, that is one of the most engaging introductory posts I've read in a long time. Not to say other people's have been bad, but I actually thoroughly enjoyed reading it. Are your end-of-season reports going to be in a similar style? Because that could well be awesome.

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Aventure française de Berty Bassett

La Vitréenne FC - 2019/20 (French Ligue 2)




League - Graph

We got through the first two rounds of the Coupe de la ligue at home to Ligue 2 opposition but when faced with Havre in the third round we lost 1-0. We made a poor start to the season yet again as we lost 7 of our first 15 games after a 3 match losing run, I was thinking another mid table finish. After our struggle in the Cup 7th round we won 4-2 at Nantes (who were a bogey team before then), and never looked back. Bearing in mind we lost 7 of the first 15 we then lost only 2 and drew 3 of the next 23, winning 18 in that time. If it wasn't for our poor start we would have walked the league and actually the top 3 finished way above everyone else as it was. It certainly would have been nice to beat our parent club to the title, the link was terminated during the close season.

French Cup - 11th round

We struggled at National side Tours in the 7th round only getting through on penalties. We laboured past two more lower league sides in the 8th and 9th rounds before being drawn away at PSG inthe 10th round. Somehow we went into half time 1-0 up, then in the 57th minute they were down to 10 men, but equalised in the 70th minute. I was expecting all out attack from them but that didn't happen and we snatched it injury time. We were drawn away again at Ligue 1 LEMANS FC, no such luck as we went out 1-0.

Transfers - We made over £14m net on transfers over the season. Obviously I was disappointed to see the three big outs go, I struggled to find a good keeper to replace Asheim, I had players already to replace the other two. Rouault leaves as a club icon but soon disappears off that list.

Rouault's history.

Squad - Best XI - Best XI overall

The players


Lasse Fischer


Taulant Alikaj

Takamasa Ueakasaka

Soren Kjaersgaard

Pablo Herrera

Michael Nielsen

Mattia Paesani

Marius Ion

Francis Aman


Thomas Nielsen

Robert Barth

Riccardo Iacopino

Rafael - Rafael's injuries

Narcisse Lepaye

Martin Schulz

Kouadio Kouadio

Issa Amon


Yuriy Lutsenko

Jean-Jacques Angan

Dalibor Mladenovic

Boubacar Tapsoba

Christoph Hien


In other news:

I was awarded the Ligue 2 Manager of the Season.

Due to the healthy finances the board have decided to upgrade training and youth facilities and also enlarge the stadium, our new stadium will hold 17,000 when ready, but have to ground share with Laval until ready, so the first few months in Ligue 1 we will not be playing at home which is a shame.

Season  |  League   | Position |    Cup     |Coupe de la Ligue| Achievements  |
2012/13 | National  |   10th   | 7th Round  |                 | Overachievers |
2013/14 | National  |   6th    | 6th Round  |                 |               |
2014/15 | National  |   6th    | 7th Round  |                 |               |
2015/16 | National  |   3rd    | 8th Round  |                 | Promotion     |
2016/17 | Ligue 2   |   14th   | 10th round |   1st round     | Survived      |
2017/18 | Ligue 2   |   7th    | 11th round |   3rd round     | Overachievers |
2018/19 | Ligue 2   |   9th    | 7th round  |   1st round     |               |
2019/20 | Ligue 2   |   2nd    | 11th round |   3rd round     | Promotion     |

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Just survived my first ever board takeover. Last year my Dafuge's Challenge club had a promotion from within, but not someone external buying the club.

The new chairman took his sweet time deciding whether to let me continue, and given my success so far, I'd have been a bit miffed if I'd been replaced. However, everything's ok, and he's agreed that we should go professional from the start of next season, which if nothing else should allow me to sign the players to full time contracts and see them improve. He also pumped a bit of extra money into the club; not that we particularly needed it. I just need for decent enough players to spend it on.

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After a few games in which our defence appeared shaky, I focused on defensive positioning for the next match. I would never have dreamed for it to end like this!

The 17 year old Emmanuele Ferrari is really making a name for himself and it will be hard to keep him in January.

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18Rabbit, that is one of the most engaging introductory posts I've read in a long time. Not to say other people's have been bad, but I actually thoroughly enjoyed reading it. Are your end-of-season reports going to be in a similar style? Because that could well be awesome.

Thanks, yes I will endeavor to make them more like diary entries. I also realized after I posted it that in game I accidentally kept the settings from a throwaway manager I was goofing off with and that I am a female manager that doesn't speak Italian. Whoops.

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Great first season in La Liga Almondo.

Congrats on the promotion berty, looks like the top 3 dominated. Shame you don't get to kick of Ligue 1 in your own stadium but good luck up there.

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tommy1782, Promotion in the first season! Keep it up.

TacticalGenius, Good luck with RB Leipzig.

G-Wiz, If you manage to secure a better defensive record, you might push up with ease.

ArranoBeltza, Lovely finish up top! Good luck vs the big boys.

toonbalmy87, Lovely performance. Solid mid table, should be enough to see you grap a Euro spot next season.

TanO, Good survival mate. Hold tight for one more season and you'll be good.

Crispypaul, Good luck with Trier in Germany mate.

silkeape, Lovely performance in Serie C1, nearly identical to my season :) Good in luck in Serie B.

StellaF1, Let's hope Dekker keeps his form for Serie A. It'll be a tough fight up there. Good luck.

danger_mouse, That seeding rule is bad! Solid season and you should get promoted this time around.

Flashman's School Days, Close one mate. That Jaba should get you promoted this year though!

18Rabbit, Good luck in Italy with Salerno. Let's hope that scout has a good knowledge or you'll have to taste some bad wines before finding the right one :)

Almondo, Nice mid table stability there. You have the squad to move forward it seems. A few touches here and there and voila!

berty1978, Good promotion and an award to boot up with it! Excellent run of form mid way through the season. Now, if only you can get it rolling all the year.

My season report for 13-14 shall come in an hour or two. We have good news from Istanbul, Turkey! You might've guessed a little bit about that if you have checked the CSE Dream XI thread ;)

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After posting about my big away win I think I set off the famous forum-jinx. 3 straight losses and morale is shattered!

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Season Finale 2013 - 2014 for Anadolu Üsküdar


Transfers || League || Positional Graph || Fixtures: Part 1 & Part 2 || Finance

Manager of the year!

The League:

So... For those who have seen my short mid season ramblings, we managed to pick up a good form after a shaky start. 4-3-3 wasn't meant to be played at this level it seemed and an attacking flat 4-4-2 worked wonders. We have managed a 6 match win streak, lost one and went on without losing till we clinch the title with 2 weeks to go. Switched the players a bit to give the subs a run out in that second to last game, got a red in the first 10 minutes and lost the streak at 19th game.

The Cup:

After last years 1st Round quit, I didn't rotate too many players for 1st Round this time. Also the team was in the middle of our 6 win streak so we beat a non-league side with ease and proceeded to January for the rest of the matches. I regarded those matches as a mini-pre-season before second half but I guess the players reacted differently, getting us to 5th Round beating Kızılcahamam of 1st Div & Gaziantepspor of Premier just before getting knocked out by Orduspor of Premier again.

The Finance:

By bringing in some quality players, I had a bigger wage budget than last year. The cup run granted us some extra income but the graph doesn't look good to be honest even though I haven't still picked up the award money for this season.

The Starting XI:

Murat Kalkan: Primary choice at goal, tried to deliver his best when he was not injured. I got a GK joining in July so I am asssuming he won't feature much in our 1st Div campaign unfortunately.

Fatih Sandalli: Decent enough for 2nd Div, Fatih did a solid job defensively even though he is barely existant in attacks.

Tuncay Sertel: He was labeled as a one for the future last season but I couldn't have gone blind to his progress. Totally deserved to play as a starter and he was the mind in defense, playing the ball to forward mostly.

Kadir Demir: Last years FPotY, my near post man in attacking corners, scored as much as he missed and played solid defensively. Currently holding a place in CSE Dream XI :)

Tufan Karadag: Signed as an alternative to Mertgül, the starting DL last season, but he grabbed the spot with ease. Signed another DL in January because of Mertgül's constant injuries. I may strengthen the squad in both full backs position for 1st Div.

Baris Memis: The star of the last season, the creative force in the right wing. Played at MR as opposed to his prefered position of AML, he has performed admirably with 7 goals and 17 assists. Top assister of the league with 16.

Muhammet Çaglar: The captain, my maestro at midfield, not creatively but his linking of the lines is immense at this level. Solid 6 goals and 8 assists from midfield even though he is not played as free as he likes to. Gets unhappy with his training every now and then claiming he should work more on his shooting when I have him on a box to box schedule.

Satilmis Çölbekler: The ball winning partner of Muhammet in midfield. 3 long range beauties are extra for his consistent performance.

Anil Koç: Excellent prospect for future. Tried my best to sign him last season and he provided what was expected of him in his spare time apart from the national team. He missed pre season, playing in U20 World Cup, taking Turkey to semis, missed a couple of games in the season as well playing in U19 Euro Qualifications. Still has a lot of room to improve and 12 goals, 11 assists is an excellent starting point. 7th in assists in league. Young Player of the Year. Player of the Year.

Aykut Güler: Signed from Gaziosmanpaşa last year, labeled as having Premier potential, the guy is suitable for a target man but his finishing efforts are better used as a poacher in this division. Excellent season, 25 goals and 8 assists when he was not expected to play others for goals. 2nd in top scorers for league, 1 goal short to tie.

Murat Akgül: Literally the second striker of the team, playing more as a support as much as looking for his own opportunities. 11 goals and 15 assists is his awesome contribution as I was not expecting him to assist that much. Tied 3rd in assists.

The Notables:

Ekrem Kahya: The experienced versatile midfielder was my ultimate sub. Played in 4 different positions throughout the year and never disappointed. Also coaching the team.

Kayhan Arduç: The sub midfielder, equally skillful as Satilmis, but more on the building front instead of winning the ball. With his precious "Likes to Switch the Ball to Other Flank" PPM, he displayed some crucial performances in the season. The red card in the second to last game was his and that ended his season badly.

Selim Yavas: Started with him partnering Tuncay at back but he eventually lost his place to Kadir after a few games. With a long term injury halting his progress, I regret he won't get to the heights I expected him last season.

Tural Narimanov: Back up left winger, Azeri national, was under the shadow of Anil for most of the season but his performances were nothing sort of him. His age hinders his chances of a starting XI though so I may have him for one more season, maybe.

Zafer Sensoy: Another versatile midfielder, mainly played on right wing but his skills allow for other positions as well. Steady sub to have in the squad.

The Youth:

I have signed a few young players in the season. With the ones joining last year and this year's April intake, I have hopes for 4 players to perform in 1st Div when required.

Burak Yildiz: The highlight of the champion U18 side. 36 goals and 16 assists is immense even in U18 matches. Not sure if I should induct him to the 1st Div team or let him destroy the U18 one more year for a good development.

Fatih Kaya: This guy was expected to become my first choice AMC when I switched to a 4-2-3-1. Sadly though, he broke his leg and out for 6-7 months now. Here's hoping it won't hinder his progress too much.

Nevzat Yasa: Last year's one to watch manage to nearly halt his progress with his injuries. He was out for a total of 4 months in the season, never had a long enough spell to get his training and match form to full.

Tuncay Genis: This years best player from the intake. Only 15 as of now with bags of flair and working attitude. If I manage to get him build his physical and technical attributes, he'll be a good competition to Anil Koç.

Here's the big picture of the senior squad: Squad1 & Squad2

In general, we have 5 players in the top 10 average ratings of the 2nd Division and that enabled us to win the league for sure.

I also have a few transfers lined up that were concluded before I get promoted: Future Transfers Most are young offensive players with only a goalkeeper and a right back in that list. The foreign allowance will alter my stance on transfers this season though.

The Season to Come:

- Get a feel for the division ahead at first and try to get a decent run before mid season to prevent a relegation battle in the last weeks.

- Try to have a decent cup run again. The financial rewards could prove crucial.

- Let's hope the fans show up more. 100+ ticket holders and only around 500 average fans are bad given we have a 5k stadium and we are paying a rent for it.


Season         League         Pos.           Cup            Europe         Achievements

12-13          2nd Div        10th           1st Round      ---            Survived!
13-14          2nd Div        1st            5th Round      ---            CHAMPIONS!

P.S: Good news are coming as I progress through. Wage budget has been upped to €24K from €16K. The promotion wage rise clauses didn't activate yet though so it might be tricky. Also granted a €90K for finishing first, meaning that reward money from cup is crucial again.

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I accidentally kept the settings from a throwaway manager I was goofing off with and that I am a female manager that doesn't speak Italian. Whoops.

hahahaha nice one Rabbit, I think you've managed to give the challenge a new twist there. Buon Fortuna!

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18rabbit - welcome and good luck with Salerno. like the style of your introduction... and our first(??) female manager!! ;)

berty1978 - congrats on promotion to Ligue 1. good luck next season.

Almondo - well done on a more than respectable finish in La Liga. hopefully you can push on a little towards the European places next season.

5ergio - well done for the championship. good luck next season.

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Keçiorengücü 2015/16 Season Review


Quick Overview

Premier Division: 10th

Turkish Cup: 4th Round

Premier Division

Overall, I’m very happy with 10th. We were never in danger of relegation, spending most of the season in mid-table security. We even led the table briefly after a storming start in which we won our first 3 games. 5 defeats on the trot brought us down to earth but our form then stabilised, so much so that I was confident enough to change the board expectations mid-season from ‘avoid relegation’ to ‘mid-table finish’. Among the highlights of our first season in the big time were comprehensive home and away wins over fellow Ankara side Gençlerbirliği, a thrashing of Bursaspor and a lucky win over Beşiktaş. Towards the end of the season, it looked like we might sneak into the 5th-8th place play-offs but our form dipped in the last few weeks and we dropped out of contention. Still, very happy with our final placing.

Final Table

Turkish Cup

As a Premier League side, we got a bye to the 4th Round. However, we ended up with tough draw as we went away to fellow top flight side Sivasspor. We gave them a good game, twice coming from behind with the second goal coming in the dying moments of normal time. No goals in extra time meant penalties and we missed our very last kick meaning we are still yet to have a decent cup run.

The Squad: Transfers

I didn’t spend a penny but still brought in a lot of new faces to bolster the squad for the Premier League. Many of the new faces were young and can only get better as they get older. Most of the departures were older players or those not quite cut out for this level. Our striking options could have done with some improvement as none of my forwards here able to find the net consistently. Our goalscoring hero from the lower division, Hacimustafaoğlu, may have to leave in the summer as he struggled to adapt to the higher level a lot.

The Squad: Key Players

José Carlos Ada (DC) – our most consistent performer in a young backline. Settled in well and I will look for more of the same next year.

Ralf Heller (DC/DM) – my scouts spotted this youngster at the Euro U21 chaöpionship and he immediately became a key player. His ability to play in central defence or the holding position in midfield was vital when we struggled with injuries or players losing form.

Joe Marshall (AMR/C) – without doubt, the star of the season! The young American had no trouble adapting to life at his new club and contributed goals and assists on a consistent basis. A fan favourite already!

The Squad: Ones to Watch

Mahir Hasanov came in on a free in January from his native Azerbijan (great as he doesn’t count as foreign under league rules!) and did well in the games he played in. Another January signing was ex-Manchester City youth player and World U20 Cup winner Nicky Woodford. He made a great start with a hat-trick on his debut and, even though the goals were harder to come by after that, I believe he can be a key player for the club in the near future. Hakan Konak also had a decent first season at the club and finished with a strong run in the side.

The Squad: Awards

José Carlos Ada was named in the Turkish Premier Division Team of the Season and was named as one of the best signings of the season behind team mate Joe Marshall. Marshall was deservedly named Supporters’ Player of the Year.

As a team we were named as the league overachievers and we also topped the Turkish Premier Division Fair Play League.

The Season Ahead…

I’ll be happy with another season of mid-table safety as we try to develop our young players a bit more. Despite sepnding most of the season well over the wage budget, the TV money and prize money meant the club made a good profit and I have persuaded the board to training and youth upgrade facilities as a result. I have also been promised a transfer budget in excess of 6 million TL. A new striker will be a priority as will full backs.

Let the pre-season fun commence!

The Story So Far...

Season  | Division    | Position | Play-Offs | Turkish Cup | Europe | Achievements
2012-13 | 2nd (Grp B) | 5th      | QF        | 1st Round   | N/A    | N/A
2013-14 | 2nd (Grp B) | 1st      | N/A       | 3rd Round   | N/A    | Promoted!
2014-15 | First       | 1st      | N/A       | 3rd Round   | N/A    | Promoted!
2015-15 | Premier     | 10th     | N/A       | 4th Round   | N/A    | Stayed up

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Thanks for the words of ecouragement from everyone but i've just been given my budgets for the new season and it has been cut from £13.5k to £11.5k. I will have to push hard this season because I don't think I could afford a team with any less money next year. :(

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end of season update 2013 -2014

well thats the end of an other good season as we managed to slip in to 4th place in the play offs semi final we got dundee i thought we had no chance but i got prove wrong we beat them 6-2 on agg so we got to the final and got livingston we beat them 4-3 on agg as for the cups we got put out the first round of the leauge cup by ayr we managed to make it to the 2nd round of the challenge cup but got put out by partick thistle 1-0 as for the scottish cup we got to the 4th round and got put out by st mirren 5-0

The leauge table




top goal scorer


Play off semi final leg



Play off final



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Great first season in La Liga Almondo.
Almondo, Nice mid table stability there. You have the squad to move forward it seems. A few touches here and there and voila!
Almondo - well done on a more than respectable finish in La Liga. hopefully you can push on a little towards the European places next season.

Cheers guys, going through a board takeover at the minute and been told I' m being replaced so I've go my fingers crossed that it doesn't happen.

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Nice progress 5ergio, congrats on taking the Championship! Good to see Dardanelspor up at the top with you.

Well done staying up DodgeeD, great first season in the Premier.

Nice one tommy congrats on the promotion.

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DodgeeD, Solid first season. You shall drop no futher then 8 next season!

tommy1872, Good to go up with style, beating every one in playoffs! Good luck in first division.

Nice progress 5ergio, congrats on taking the Championship! Good to see Dardanelspor up at the top with you.

Have you seen the matches between me & Dardanelspor? I didn't take an ss for the second 5-0 trashing but the first is absolutely astonishing!

Anadolu Üsküdar vs Dardanelspor

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F.C. Pampilhosa 2018/19 End of Season Update


Improving Pampilhosa climb the table

League Table


Transfer Summary


New Faces

Stephan Platzek - Signed as cover for both right and left back positions, played more often than I thought he would. He's good and developing well thanks to first team football

Francesco Marchetti - The replacement for Ruben, has the potential to be amazing and is touted as the next Daniele Bonera. I've made him vice captain already with the hope that he'll take to it and be able to lead the side very soon.

Season Summary

I decided to take a big risk and let 7 squad players leave for just 2 replacements, which left us with a good but small squad. It was the only way I could afford the quality of Marchetti and offer new contracts to the best players I already had. Fortunately we didn't have any major injuries in the season and the gamble paid off. Marchetti seems a born leader and the perfect replacement for Ruben.

I changed our pitch to the minimum allowed to try and make things easier for our defense and it seemed to work. We had a good start to the season but our form slid a bit near the end pushing us down the table. The finances are starting to look a bit better now though and with our new stadium next year and hopefully a higher finish we might have money in the bank for the first time.

First Team

GK - Tiago Martins - Continues to grow in stature and match the progression of the club

LB - Edilson - Still not really living up to his potential but will do for now

CB - Mohamed Akfir - He has his moments where I wonder whats going through his head but is generally solid

CB - Francesco Marchetti - A rock in defense

RB - Mario Rui - One of the first names on the team sheet, sometimes plays right mid in games where I need the ball won high up the pitch

DM - Luizao - Very solid anchor man

CM - Chinedu Okoro - Gradually getting better and learning his role in the team, could be the midfielder I've been searching for

RM - Felipe - Good right winger but doesn't get enough assists, could be my tactics tho

AML - Valdinho - Is a useful player to get the ball out to but often is selfish when he should cross

AMC - Cristian Ponde - A talisman for the team, had a fantastic season

STR - Jaguare - Was captain this season and I think the pressure got to him a bit

Aims for next season :

Solid mid table finish, turn the new stadium into a fortress !

[b][u][color=Blue]CLUB HISTORY[/color][/u][/b]

Season       Team            League                   Finished  Notes

2012-2013    FC Pampilhosa   2nd Division Central     4th
2013-2014    FC Pampilhosa   2nd Division Central     5th
2014-2015    FC Pampilhosa   2nd Division Central     1st       Promotion
2015-2016    FC Pampilhosa   Liga de Honra            12th   
2016-2017    FC Pampilhosa   Liga de Honra            2nd       Promotion
2017-2018    FC Pampilhosa   Primeira Liga            14th      Survived 
2018-2019    FC Pampilhosa   Primeira Liga            11th      

[b][u][color=Blue]TROPHY CABINET[/color][/u][/b]

[b][u][color=Blue]PAMPILHOSA HALL OF FAME[/color][/u][/b]

Player               |  Pos  |  Apps  |  Goals  |  Seasons Played  |               Notes
Ruben                |  DC   |  164   |   30    |    2011-2018     | Captained the club through 2 promotions

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