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Well with Bife, Paulinho, Willian, Ogweno & Ferrari called up for the Under 20s World Cup from July 30th - August 21st I am going to have to test the out in the starting line-up sooner rather than later, so they will all feature in our opening game as Swansea head to town for the opening game at Parla Stadium on July 13th.

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Well halfway through the Preseason, Arregi looks set as the Attacking Midfielder of choice, Montiquin & Radebe are fighting for the starting strikers role, Bumbera is the Left wing, Right wing is a dilemma, Ferrari played 1 poor half before going to the U20s world cup, as did Bife, Paulinho & Ogweno so they haven't had a chance to fight for their positions. Current decided positions: GK: Re, DR: Garner, DL: Moravec, DC: Paulinho/Ruiz/Sedlacek, MC: Nothing decided, AMC: Arregi, AMR: No decision, AML: Bumbera, ST: Montiquin/Radebe

We have also now sold 6000 season tickets, that would've sold out our old stadium...

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A storming return to the big time [B]LLR[/B], should be a great catalyst to make progress in La Liga too. Loving your players, I can see why they were so dominant, and I'd be pretty confident they can cut it a level up too. Krasic had a ludicrous season, left backs across the Liga adelante must have found themselves waking up in a cold sweat weeks later after the nightmares he gave them!

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[quote name='PRDH']Wonder goal alert!

what a goal.

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[B]rlipscombe[/B] - Massive potential for some players there, but I think they also can already start making a mark on the team.
[B]Mooping[/B] - Good luck with Cannes.
[B]LLR[/B] - You're a much bigger club now than two seasons ago, I hope this can see you stay up.

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The European Super Cup is mine. Seems to come with a tidy amount of prize money this time round. Or maybe it just feels that way because Portugal has so little money generally!

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good luck [B]mooping[/B], cannes rose through the leagues with me on my way to Ligue 1 so I think you'll do well!

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[B]Romanista1994 [/B]- cheers. i am delighted with the potential of the squad - just need them to start gelling and i am sure the performances will come.
[B]LLR [/B]- stunning season - i am sure you can carry that sort of form into La Liga and survive quite comfortably. great potential in the squad there too. Sure the Parla Stadium will be having some rocking European nights soon...

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Sitting comfortably with 46 points with 6 games to go, top half finish well within our capabilities. And just reached the French Cup final!

Gutted, got Lorient in the final, which of course is winnable. But they knocked out Marseille on pens, had it been Marseille in final, I'd have been in Europe even if I'd lost as Marseille look likely to win the league. But still, 1 victory away from Europe in my first season in Ligue 1 is quite exciting! Too inconsistent to challenge for Europe in league yet, but the prospect of winning a national cup final is exciting.I'll let you know how I go.

Edited to add, just checked league table, Lorient are 5th, so if they finish there they will qualify for Europa league anyways, so potentially European Football at Stade Henri Longuet next season! Potentially, I'm not sure if that's how it will work. But would be great! One way to make sure of it for certain...win the trophy!

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Good luck [B]aldojags[/B]! Getting into Europe after your first top-flight season would be fantastic.

Barakaldo season update to come.

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Well, if I told you the score was 2-0 to us after 9 minutes, you'd think I'm on my way to first major national trophy. But oh no, we conspire to lose 5 goals in the remaining 81 minutes, nightmare...:mad:

Been an overall successful season thus far, wouldn't have believed you if you'd told me I'd get to cup final and easily survive, but there's much work to be done, a lot of these players are not up to it and my system needs tweaking. I've signed a couple of loanees who've not lived up to their stats. Nervy last few games hoping Lorient consolidate 5th place and I could be in Europe.

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Just read rules properly and I think Lorient would need to finish in Champions League places for me to get Europe this year, just means 6th in league will get extra cup place. Rubbish!

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[SIZE=4][B]B[COLOR="#FFD700"]a[/COLOR]r[COLOR="#FFD700"]a[/COLOR]k[COLOR="#FFD700"]a[/COLOR]l[COLOR="#FFD700"]d[/COLOR]o End of Season Report 2014/15[/B][/SIZE][/CENTER]

[B]Brief Roundup[/B]

Media Prediction: 7th
Actual Position: 1st
Topscorer: Iosu Saiz (25)
Most Assists: Daniel Suarez (16)
Best Rating: Inaki Astiz (7.41)
Club Value: £1.6M
Finances: £155,244
Wage Budget: £16,094 (£15,334 in use)
Transfer Budget: £78.75k


No changes since the summer.

[B]Segunda B3[/B]


We didn't have the best of starts after the 6-0 win on the opening day, but we managed to recover well to start a title chase. Leganes and the other teams in the running for the title were just as inconsistent as we were and in the end we managed to become champions with a game to go.



We were drawn against Alaves for the Playoff Semifinal. I set out to contain them in the first leg and it worked as we conceded only once, but the media criticised the tactical switch and took it as a blunder. In the home leg Astiz, Bilbao and Saiz all scored to give us a 3-2 aggregate win.

The Playoff Final was against Tenerife whom we held to a 1-1 draw at home with Gorka scoring. In the second leg Saiz and Beitia got us 2-0 up by half time and their goal wasn't enough to stop us from winning.

PROMOTED! Barakaldo will be playing at the second level of the Spanish league season for the first time since 1981!

[B]Copa del Rey[/B]


We easily beat Roquetas and Llagostera, before being given a bye from the 3rd round. Real Madrid awaited in the fourth round and ended our cup run.



[URL="http://i453.photobucket.com/albums/qq258/RomanistaPerSempre_2008/Barakaldo/JonAnderSerantesOverview_Profile-4.png"]Jon Ander Serantes[/URL] - Did very well and kept 19 clean sheets.


[URL="http://i453.photobucket.com/albums/qq258/RomanistaPerSempre_2008/Barakaldo/ImanolPlazaOverview_Profile-1.png"]Imanol Plaza[/URL] - Backup rightback, I'll probably get rid next season.

[URL="http://i453.photobucket.com/albums/qq258/RomanistaPerSempre_2008/Barakaldo/JosebaZalduaOverview_Profile-2.png"]Joseba Zaldua[/URL] - Not as good as last season, but still very decent.

[URL="http://i453.photobucket.com/albums/qq258/RomanistaPerSempre_2008/Barakaldo/DavidUsandizagaOverview_Profile-1.png"]David Usandizaga[/URL] - The youngster came into the team when the players ahead of him were injured and showed great maturity.

[URL="http://i453.photobucket.com/albums/qq258/RomanistaPerSempre_2008/Barakaldo/JonManuelOverview_Profile-1.png"]Jon Manuel[/URL] - Was slightly better last season.

[URL="http://i453.photobucket.com/albums/qq258/RomanistaPerSempre_2008/Barakaldo/InakiAstizOverview_Profile-3.png"]Inaki Astiz[/URL] - Scored ten and continues to improve at 31. An absolutely dominant figure in our backline.

[URL="http://i453.photobucket.com/albums/qq258/RomanistaPerSempre_2008/Barakaldo/MikelSantamaraOverview_Profile-1.png"]Mikel Santamaria[/URL] - Wasn't great, but did well enough towards the end of the season to be rewarded with a new contract.

[URL="http://i453.photobucket.com/albums/qq258/RomanistaPerSempre_2008/Barakaldo/JonGaztaagaOverview_Profile.png"]Jon Gaztanaga[/URL] - A good partner for Astiz, can still become even better.

[URL="http://i453.photobucket.com/albums/qq258/RomanistaPerSempre_2008/Barakaldo/JulenEtxabegurenOverview_Profile-1.png"]Julen Etxabeguren[/URL] - Didn't do well as a backup and has requested a transfer.


[URL="http://i453.photobucket.com/albums/qq258/RomanistaPerSempre_2008/Barakaldo/EnekoOverview_Profile-2.png"]Eneko[/URL] - Will be let go at the end of the season unless he vastly reduces his wage demands.

[URL="http://i453.photobucket.com/albums/qq258/RomanistaPerSempre_2008/Barakaldo/JavierErasoOverview_Profile-1.png"]Javier Eraso[/URL] - A solid, unspectacular season.

[URL="http://i453.photobucket.com/albums/qq258/RomanistaPerSempre_2008/Barakaldo/IigoEgarasOverview_Profile-1.png"]Inigo Eguaras[/URL] - Good but not great. When he was injured for two months our form didn't drop massively.

[URL="http://i453.photobucket.com/albums/qq258/RomanistaPerSempre_2008/Barakaldo/lexQuintanillaOverview_Profile.png"]Alex Quintanilla[/URL] - He had been signed before Eguaras came in and was relegated to being a backup from that moment onwards.

[URL="http://i453.photobucket.com/albums/qq258/RomanistaPerSempre_2008/Barakaldo/JosebaBeitiaOverview_Profile-1.png"]Joseba Beitia[/URL] - Didn't start the season well, but stepped up in the final few months.

[URL="http://i453.photobucket.com/albums/qq258/RomanistaPerSempre_2008/Barakaldo/CristianOverview_Profile-1.png"]Cristian[/URL] - Too old to really perform for us, in spite of this he still managed a couple of assists.

[URL="http://i453.photobucket.com/albums/qq258/RomanistaPerSempre_2008/Barakaldo/IosuOzcoidiOverview_Profile-3.png"]Iosu Ozcoidi[/URL] - Last season's injuries broke him and he became second choice on the left wing.

[URL="http://i453.photobucket.com/albums/qq258/RomanistaPerSempre_2008/Barakaldo/GorkaOverview_Profile-1.png"]Gorka[/URL] - A good season, finishing just shy of double figures for goals and reaching them for assists.

[URL="http://i453.photobucket.com/albums/qq258/RomanistaPerSempre_2008/Barakaldo/DanielSurezOverview_Profile-1.png"]Daniel Suarez[/URL] - How he does it I'm not sure, but he continues to create consistently.

[URL="http://i453.photobucket.com/albums/qq258/RomanistaPerSempre_2008/Barakaldo/DavidBilbaoOverview_Profile.png"]David Bilbao[/URL] - Was part of this year's intake and came into the team when we were short of options. With three goals and an assist his Barakaldo career has started off on a high note.


[URL="http://i453.photobucket.com/albums/qq258/RomanistaPerSempre_2008/Barakaldo/AsierIribarrenOverview_Profile-3.png"]Asier Iribarren[/URL] - Found his playing time much reduced because he started the season injured. Managed to form a good partnership with Saiz when he played.

[URL="http://i453.photobucket.com/albums/qq258/RomanistaPerSempre_2008/Barakaldo/IosuSaizOverview_Profile-1.png"]Iosu Saiz[/URL] - Scored a record number of goals in a season for the club which meant he finished third top goalscorer for the league. He did well in any partnership and his growth has been incredible in these past three seasons.

[URL="http://i453.photobucket.com/albums/qq258/RomanistaPerSempre_2008/Barakaldo/JuanDomnguezOverview_Profile-1.png"]Juan Dominguez[/URL] - Didn't live up to expectations as he frequently found himself fourth in the pecking order.

[URL="http://i453.photobucket.com/albums/qq258/RomanistaPerSempre_2008/Barakaldo/MikelOrbegozoOverview_Profile-3.png"]Mikel Orbegozo[/URL] - Had a great season as strategy of turning outside his marker and either blasting at goal or passing to Saiz worked a treat.

An honourable mention goes to [URL="http://i453.photobucket.com/albums/qq258/RomanistaPerSempre_2008/Barakaldo/BorjaSoriaOverview_Profile-1.png"]Borja Soria[/URL] who scored twice in three sub appearances before he tore his calf muscle.

[B]Youth Intake[/B]

Very good again. Four others were signed along with David Bilbao and there are a couple of very hot prospects among them.

[B]Aims for This Season[/B]

Promotion - [COLOR="#008000"]Success.[/COLOR] We were better at chasing in a close-fought race than when we held a massive lead. Go figure.
Continue to give youth players a chance - [COLOR="#008000"]Success.[/COLOR] Five of them played a role in the season with Saiz being the outstanding player this year. An increase in Junior Coaching was also agreed so that's now up to 'Good'.

Season League Cup Europe Club Value Attendances Achievements

2012/13 5th N/A N/A £1.1M 3825 None
2013/14 2nd R2 N/A £1.2M 4508 None
2014/15 1st R4 N/A £1.3M 4708 Promotion

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Well done [B]Romanista[/B], tense stuff for the play-offs, but you held your nerve and got the job done, good on you. 19 clean sheets is outstanding. Having someone from the youth team aswell in Saiz must be so satisfying!

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Cheers [B]aldojags[/B], there were some tense moments for sure, during the playoffs as well as before. I'm delighted with how Saiz has been doing. He wasn't that highly rated when I started off and his attributes were horrible, the increase in some of them has been spectacular. He is also three goals from becoming the leading league goalscorer in Barakaldo's history as the record stands at 32.

Your cup loss is probably due to the pressure getting to your players and their inexperience showing. You were expecting relegation so anything more than that is a bonus and the cup final is a very big one which will do wonders for your club's reputation.

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[B]aldojags [/B]- unlucky in the cup final but as you say to have got there in your first top flight season is a great result. and to be comfortable in the league is a bonus.
[B]Romanista1994 [/B]- well done on getting promotion at last - fully deserved. good luck next season in Liga Adelante. good to hear you're getting some decent youth too - will be key for you and your challenge.

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[B]rlipscombe[/B] - I reckon you did an excellent job rebuilding the squad there, a lot of young signings with bags of potential, and most importantly most can do the job straight away. I really like the look of Everton, would love a CB like that in my team.

[B]Mooping[/B] - welcome to the challenge!

[B]LLR[/B] - great job bouncing straight back up to La Liga, great to do it with the new stadium as well. I also reckon your squad is good enough to stay up there, best of luck :thup:

[B]aldojags[/B] - shame about the cup, but you have done really well to get to the final and establish yourself in the top league with ease. That cup win will come along sooner rather than later the way you have been progressing :)

[B]Romanista1994[/B] - well done on promotion, how do you think you will fare in Liga Adelante? I bet financially it will be really beneficial. And Saiz, absolutely brilliant season by him! Do you think he will be able to make such an impact in a higher tier?

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[quote name='rlipscombe'][B]Romanista1994 [/B]- well done on getting promotion at last - fully deserved. good luck next season in Liga Adelante. good to hear you're getting some decent youth too - will be key for you and your challenge.[/QUOTE]

Thanks, it was about time we went up. Hoping next year's youth will be even better with the increased junior coaching. I think the difference between this and my previous attempt is that I'm now trying to build the club up instead of just assembling a great team. This might make it tougher for now, but will hopefully be worth it in the long run.

[quote name='corinthiano'][B]Romanista1994[/B] - well done on promotion, how do you think you will fare in Liga Adelante? I bet financially it will be really beneficial. And Saiz, absolutely brilliant season by him! Do you think he will be able to make such an impact in a higher tier?[/QUOTE]

I think we'll have a tough season ahead of us and I'll be doing all I can to stay up. Saiz had all the attributes in the right places to be extremely effective at Segunda B level, but I don't know whether he can up his game for the Liga Adelante. I sincerely hope he can though. Staying up will be an absolute must for this season as we'll have to build up our facilities to progress and in the future be able to sustain two fully Basque clubs in the Liga BBVA.

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[SIZE=5][SIZE=3][B][U]Season Review 2017/18 (6th Season)[/U][/B][/SIZE][/SIZE]

[B]Ligue 1[/B]

Predicted 20th
Finished 10th
[URL="http://i1160.photobucket.com/albums/q487/aldojags/Ligue1Overview_Stages.png"]Table [/URL]
[URL="http://i1160.photobucket.com/albums/q487/aldojags/EntenteSportiveViry-ChtillonFixtures_Fixtures-3-5.png"]Fixtures 1[/URL]
[URL="http://i1160.photobucket.com/albums/q487/aldojags/EntenteSportiveViry-ChtillonFixtures_Fixtures-4-4.png"]Fixtures 2[/URL]

Fantastic debut season in the top flight, can't believe how well we settled into it, particularly given how we were unable to properly add to squad until January due to stubborness of my new board, who were at times making me want to smash my laptop into a thousand pieces, denying every request for more funds!

Seemed to be a season of runs, good and bad. We would go on a run of a few wins on a row, then lose 5 in a row. But I can accept inconsistency in a first season, especially with a 10th placed finish, given I had [URL="http://i1160.photobucket.com/albums/q487/aldojags/Ligue1Stats_TeamStats.png"]lowest wage budget[/URL] and [URL="http://i1160.photobucket.com/albums/q487/aldojags/Ligue1Stats_TeamStats-2.png"]lowest average attendance[/URL].

Notable games include a comeback from 2-0 down to beat Bordeux 3-2. Came back from 3-1 to draw 3-3 with PSG. And also got a draw away to Marseille, so we mixed up with the big boys on occasion. Took a good few beatings, conceded a lot of goals, but we played open 433 attacking mentality every game, so there were always goals at both ends during most my matches.

I'm pretty amazed to see Lille go down, aswell as Bordeux, who missed on winning the title last season by a point, and finished bottom this year! Very unusual, I checked their transfers etc, they didn't lose anyone of note, just seems to have been a woeful season!

If you look at my graph, I did not drop below 12th all year, I am delighted with that, not in my wildest dreams did I think I'd compete so well. But these players, a good few of which I've had since the 3rd tier of French football, keep improving and rising to the challenge.

In a way was a victim of my own success. Journalists were questioning me about the fans not being happy after losing at home to Lyon, I couldn't believe my eyes, we've a bit to go yet until we can hope to regularly beat teams like that!

[B]French Cup - Runners Up[/B]


Done well to reach the final, lucky enough to avoid giants to get through, but had to win away in the semi to CS Sedan Ardennes, where I'd already won twice this season, in League Cup and League, but we made it 3 out of 3, to book a place in the final. The other semi was Marseille vs FC Lorient. I was hoping for a Marseille win, as if I was still to lose final, I'd get the UEFA cup space due to Marseille qualifying for Champions League. But Lorient won on pens, [URL="http://i1160.photobucket.com/albums/q487/aldojags/ESViryFootvFCLorientInformation_Overview.png"]and beat me 5-2 in the final after me leading 2-0 after 9 minutes. [/URL]Gutted, as I was getting greedy and wanting European football, but hey guess I'll need to wait some more. Still good to get to a national final.

[B]League Cup -4th round[/B]


Humiliated by St Ettiene at home when trying out an experimental formation and team, not too worried.


[URL="http://i1160.photobucket.com/albums/q487/aldojags/QuentinBeunardeauOverview_Attributes-4.png"]Quentin Beunardeau[/URL] had a decent season, will be looking for more clean sheets as my 2nd choice keeper has real potential and he'll get his shot if Beunardeau drops his standards. But he's been with us for years hopefully for years to come.
[URL="http://i1160.photobucket.com/albums/q487/aldojags/PetrBlazekOverview_Attributes.png"]Petr Blazek[/URL] has the makings of a top class keeper. Gave him a few games, didn't do too much to impress, but I think one day he could be my number 1. Worried he'll stagnate from lack of games though. Will give him the cups next year.
[URL="http://i1160.photobucket.com/albums/q487/aldojags/ThorganLinardOverview_Attributes-4.png"]Thorgan Lienard[/URL] had a good season and continues to develop. Got some talented centre backs coming in on a bosman, so he'll need to play well next year to keep a place. I didn't have a lot of options this year so I persisted when we were losing goals. But he's still young and done well for us for a few years now.
[URL="http://i1160.photobucket.com/albums/q487/aldojags/StephanJunglasOverview_Attributes-1.png"]Stephen Junglas[/URL] was 1st choice rb until Jan when he lost his place to a loanee. Still young and could have a future, but he'll need to be more consistent.
[URL="http://i1160.photobucket.com/albums/q487/aldojags/MarcoMariaTocciOverview_Attributes.png"]Marco Maria Tocci[/URL] was brought in on loan from Parma to give Junglas competition at right back as he was struggling and we had no real back up. Did well, probably the best of the loanees this season.
[URL="http://i1160.photobucket.com/albums/q487/aldojags/ChristopheLowinskyOverview_Attributes-4.png"]Christophe Lowinsky[/URL] had a decent season, but we conceded too many goals, I've got 2-3 cb's coming in, and I think he'll be the one to drop out the team. Good squad player to have though.
[URL="http://i1160.photobucket.com/albums/q487/aldojags/AndyMcMahonOverview_Attributes.png"]Andy McMahon[/URL] was brought in on loan from Man U, just to give us more depth in CB area as we were losing a lot of goals. Done ok when called upon.
[URL="http://i1160.photobucket.com/albums/q487/aldojags/DaliborLadicOverview_Attributes-1.png"]Dalibor Ladic[/URL] - first choice left back, done well, happy to go ahead with him in that position.
[URL="http://i1160.photobucket.com/albums/q487/aldojags/ChristerWestrumOverview_Attributes.png"]Christer Westrum[/URL] is a young defensive mid, done ok when called upon, hope he develops into a good player.
[URL="http://i1160.photobucket.com/albums/q487/aldojags/ValentinEyssericOverview_Attributes-3.png"]Valentin Eysseric[/URL] had good form early season and earned himself a bumper new contract. Hasn't quite maintained that form, but I'll be looking to get more from him this season coming with the cash he's on.
[URL="http://i1160.photobucket.com/albums/q487/aldojags/RhysMcCabeOverview_Attributes-1.png"]Rhys McCabe[/URL] was the early season star, but faded away following an injury and didn't hold down a place. Out of contract in a year, considering seeing if I could get some cash for him and let him go, he won't feature much as I build for greater things. His versatility is good help though.
[URL="http://i1160.photobucket.com/albums/q487/aldojags/DominiqueAbiolaOverview_Attributes-4.png"]Dominique Abiola[/URL] is sheer class. Broke his leg and we missed his influence last bit of the season. He's good on the ball and a creative player, big part of my plans.
[URL="http://i1160.photobucket.com/albums/q487/aldojags/DominiqueAbiodounOverview_Profile-1.png"]Dominique Abidoun[/URL] didn't have the best season, his stats say he should be a great player, but the only way I've been able to fit him in my team is as the defensive part of my midfield, which maybe isn't his preferred position. But still a favourite of mine, been here a while.
[URL="http://i1160.photobucket.com/albums/q487/aldojags/DarkoBorozanOverview_Attributes.png"]Darko Borozan[/URL] was brought in for £650,000, still young, looks to have a big future. I included him when I can. He got a last minute winner in a 4-3 win at Nantes.

[URL="http://i1160.photobucket.com/albums/q487/aldojags/AlvarAgbessiOverview_Attributes.png"]Alvear Agbessi[/URL] had a disapointing first season. Couldn't manage a goal, given how many minutes he spent on the pitch that is disapointing. May try and loan him out as I think there is a player there somewhere! But trying to get clubs to take your players on loan is a nightmare, and the feeder clubs my board offer me are rotten. I want him to go to Ligue 2 at the lowest.
[URL="http://i1160.photobucket.com/albums/q487/aldojags/KennethAlvaradoOverview_Attributes-1.png"]Kenneth Alvardo[/URL] did ok, mainly from bench. Will probably try and sell him, he won't feature much, nowhere near as good as players coming in.
[URL="http://i1160.photobucket.com/albums/q487/aldojags/SjorsBoeveOverview_Attributes.png"]Sjors Boeve[/URL] came in on loan from Holland, and done ok, played a lot of games, but I won't be desperate to sign him following this season, thanks for your help but goodbye.
[URL="http://i1160.photobucket.com/albums/q487/aldojags/DramaneKoffiOverview_Attributes-4.png"]Dramane Koffi[/URL] blew hot and cold. Got 2 hat tricks this season, then would disappear for a few games. Is my all time record appearance, with 138 appearances. Again, like all my strikers, will be up against it with the guys coming in.
[URL="http://i1160.photobucket.com/albums/q487/aldojags/MondorKessouOverview_Attributes-3.png"]Mondor Kessou[/URL] hit a bit of form late season which makes me hope he'll fulfil his promise. His stats say he should be a good Ligue 1 striker, but he didn't show it until late on this season. And I've got plenty of strikers coming on in the summer, so he may [URL="http://i1160.photobucket.com/albums/q487/aldojags/MohamedDiagneOverview_Attributes-1.png"]find himself out the equation if he doesn't do the biz.
Mohamed Diagne[/URL] is the main man in my team. Signed him last season, now has 62 league appearances, 37 goals. 18 league goals this season, cracking player. Be interesting to see he does with the quality forwards I'm bringing in in the summer.

[B]Youth Intake[/B]
[URL="http://i1160.photobucket.com/albums/q487/aldojags/JimmyDonaldsonOverview_Attributes.png"]Jimmy Donaldson[/URL] - Scottish defender coming through at a French club, most unusual, but as I mentioned further up thread, I think it's because of me! But he's[URL="http://i1160.photobucket.com/albums/q487/aldojags/JimmyDonaldsonReports_CoachReport.png"] got 3.5 star potential,[/URL] so I'm going to do my best to get him to his potential for both club and country!
[B]Club Info[/B]
[URL="http://i1160.photobucket.com/albums/q487/aldojags/ESViryFootInformation_Facilities-4.png"]Facilities [/URL]
Got board to agree to do up training and youth facilities, will cost £3.8m, but I've got the money. Will take 7 months. Can't get them to increase junior coaching or youth recruitment.
Made a steady profit all year. May struggle next year with a profit, as crowds remain low, and I've got a few high earning players coming in, so may lose some cash this season unless crowds pick. I've got 762 season ticket holders, ranked 52nd in France!!


Already got a lot of players lined up, anyone who seen these players earlier in the thread- u only need to look at bottom 2 as I've signed them since I posted that update.

[URL="http://i1160.photobucket.com/albums/q487/aldojags/SamuelPrestonOverview_Profile-2.png"]Sam Preston from Man U[/URL], looks a star already, can't believe I'm getting him for free! Can't believe we're attracting players of this quality.

[URL="http://i1160.photobucket.com/albums/q487/aldojags/RuiSilvaOverview_Profile.png"]Rui Silva[/URL] from Real Madrid, also looks the part I'm sure you'll agree.

[URL="http://i1160.photobucket.com/albums/q487/aldojags/LewisMoreOverview_Profile.png"]Lewis More[/URL] from Hearts, fantastic stats, will only get better, and he's Scottish! :applause:

Bringing [URL="http://i1160.photobucket.com/albums/q487/aldojags/JuanOverview_Profile.png"]Juan[/URL] in to shore up defence, add some experience to the back line. He's got 1 Italy cap too so obviously has decent pedigree

[URL="http://i1160.photobucket.com/albums/q487/aldojags/EmilioNoceraOverview_Profile.png"]Emilio Nocera[/URL] from Juve, another striker, (I play 433 so like to be top heavy with strikers), pacy, will score goals in my team I know it.

[URL="http://i1160.photobucket.com/albums/q487/aldojags/PepLpezMorilloOverview_Profile.png"]Pep Lopez Morillo[/URL] is a cb, from Barca, think he could do well for me.

[URL="http://i1160.photobucket.com/albums/q487/aldojags/NathanielChalobahOverview_Profile.png"]Nathaniel Chalobah[/URL] is a classy defender from Chelsea, going to play him as a ball playing CB. Thinking of trying a back 3 this season, so I've got him, Morrilo, and Juan to add to Lienard to compete for those places. He's a beast physically.

Season Objectives

Survive - Success. Achieved with ease. Even reached a domestic cup final, couldn't have dreamt of a better 1st season.

Next season

Consolidate with mid table finish.

Concede less goals.

Hoping to continue good work I started this season, another stable season. Would love to get to another cup final, but won't put myself under any pressure for that. My league form suffered toward end of season, as soon as I got to quarters, and it was obvious I could stay up, I prioritised cup, and rested players in league, and lost a lot of matches I shouldn't have.

Joining us in Ligue 1 are Angers SCO, SC Bastia, and Stade Malherbe Caen.

Season Division Pos French Cup League Cup Europe Notes
[URL="http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/279094-FM12-Big-Euro-Nation-Small-Club-to-Big-Club-Challenge?p=7705369&viewfull=1#post7705369"]2012/13[/URL] National 4th 8th round N/A Survived Relegation
[URL="http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/279094-FM12-Big-Euro-Nation-Small-Club-to-Big-Club-Challenge?p=7713320&viewfull=1#post7713320"]2013/14[/URL] National 8th 7th round N/A N/A
[URL="http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/279094-FM12-Big-Euro-Nation-Small-Club-to-Big-Club-Challenge?p=7722456&viewfull=1#post7722456"]2014/15[/URL] National 1st 8th round N/A Champions
[URL="http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/279094-FM12-Big-Euro-Nation-Small-Club-to-Big-Club-Challenge?p=7734045&viewfull=1#post7734045"]2015/16[/URL] Ligue 2 6th 7th round 2nd round Consolidated
[URL="http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/279094-FM12-Big-Euro-Nation-Small-Club-to-Big-Club-Challenge?p=7741822&viewfull=1#post7741822"]2016/17[/URL] Ligue 2 2nd 11th round 4th round Promotion
[URL="http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/279094-FM12-Big-Euro-Nation-Small-Club-to-Big-Club-Challenge?p=7757976&viewfull=1#post7757976"]2017/18[/URL] Ligue 1 10th Runners Up 4th round Survived

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Great season [B]aldojags[/B], but don't be too harsh on your young players (Agbessi in particular since he's only 18, a loan spell at a team where he is the star player would suit him perfectly because afterwards you'd be set to go with a top prospect in great form). They've done a magnificent job for their age and what you're paying in wages. With time they will become better and more consistent.

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Yeah I agree about Agbessi, he's got the potential, going to try and find him somewhere next season and hopefully get a few goals.

Does anyone know much about the French leagues. Most of the other teams have a reserve team in the regional leagues, does anyone know when I get the chance for this? It would be handy to get competitive football for my players who aren't playing.

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First off, congrats to [b]PRDH[/b] and [b]iacovone[/b] for completing the challenge. I can't even imagine getting to that level at this point.

After getting those nasty papers mostly out of the way, I'm finally almost done with my frustrating first season (should be able to play a lot faster hopefully when school lets up). We're down to the final week of play in the National, and a 2-1 win in the previous week after a stoppage time goal at the death gave us a vital three points. As you can see though, we're not out of danger yet...


Our final match is away against US Créteil-Lusitanos, who are already relegated. A draw is all we need to mathematically remove ourselves from the possibility of being relegated, so everything is definitely in our hands. I'm just hoping that things go our way so that I can have a chance to fix the mistakes I've made (I've made a loooot of mistakes this season:lol: ) and put us on a trajectory back towards the top. If the board want to keep me on, that is.

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[B]Romanista[/B] - Congratulations! You're definitely approaching it right. It's a marathon not a sprint (well, if you're like me anyway!), and it's more fun to build a legacy anyway.
[B]aldojags[/B] - That's a great first season in Ligue 1. Mid-table obscurity is brilliant for a newly promoted side (I should know, I'm a Norwich fan!) and with the quality of the players joining you're only going to push on from here. Chalobah became one of the best defenders in my universe, he's a cracking signing. I seem to remember when I played as Romorantin a couple of years ago I never got a reserve team, the feeder clubs became incredibly important.
[B]efrumttr[/B] - That's going to be a tense final day, but survival of any kind is a great job in the first season. Fingers crossed you get the points needed for mathematical safety, although it looks like you'd have to be unlucky to get dragged back in again at this stage even if you lose.

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[B]PRDH[/B]-glad to hear it about Chalobah! He's got all the makings of a top player. I've just been given a reserve team, so that will come in handy for the fringe players.

[B]corinthiano[/B] those 2 are my favourite players. Always deliver.

[B]efrumttr[/B] your goal difference will keep you up there even if you do lose. first season is just to get used to game, it all starts for real in 2nd season, don't let it get you down.

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Well we got outshot 19-4 and it wasn't a pretty match, but we pulled a Chelsea and snatched a 1-0 win somehow to keep us clear of relegation. Phew. Full end-of-season report to follow, hopefully later tonight.

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[B]efrumttr[/B] - well done on surviving the first season, its always the hardest as you still have lots of players who you didnt sign and the team is nowhere near your yet. Should be a lot better from now on :thup:

Real reached the Europa League quarters again, this time I am feeling more positive about our chances to maybe even reach the final. We got the easiest draw as we were paired with AZ. If we get through them it will be Holland in our way again as we play PSV or Feyenoord. The other side of the draw has Sevilla, Man City, At. Madrid and one more, so have deinately gotten lucky!

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For those who have been following my Parla game from the early days: Look who has rejoined us...the one and only Club Legend...[URL="http://i1158.photobucket.com/albums/p604/jononewton/MiguelHerleinOverview_Attributes.png"]Miguel Herlein[/URL], he is not good enough for this level, but mainly I have him here to support my young strikers and provide some tutoring.

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[B]LLR[/B] you're like me, a sucker for nostalgia!

Well done [B]efrumttr[/B] you done the business when it mattered most. It will get better from here on.

Sounds promising [B]corinthiano[/B], if you play to your capabilities could be a final to look forward to. I can't wait to bring European football to Viry-Chatillon, hopefully in next few seasons.

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[quote name='aldojags'][B]LLR[/B] you're like me, a sucker for nostalgia! [/QUOTE]

He is the current record holder for Goals in a season, League Apps & League goals for the club with 139 in 175, I am hoping he can pass on some skills, and I couldn't bear to see him out there without a contract. But yes Nostalgia plays a huge part, if I could get Rafa Benitez (Club Icon) to come as my Asst I would. Also bring him back boosted season tickets, now up to 9953 sold, a target of 12000 or so, I would be delighted to have 10,000 season ticket holders considering last year our capacity was 6k.

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Damn me thinking about a final already, had to play 30 minutes of the first leg at home with 8 men...Tete sent off and two injured after I had done all my subs...We managed to hold out until AZ scored one in added time, will be tough to turn it around in Holland...

EDIT: What a frustrating tie, after going another goal down in Holland we managed to score two goals which would have put us through on away goals. 10 mins before the end AZ had to score though...

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[b]SO Romorantin[/b]
[b]Season Review 2012-2013 (1st Season)[/b]

[b][url=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v311/roddick1/Romorantin/StadeOlympiqueRomorantinaisMatches_Matches-1.png]Fixtures 1[/url][/b]
[b][url=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v311/roddick1/Romorantin/StadeOlympiqueRomorantinaisMatches_Matches-2.png]Fixtures 2[/url][/b]

So yeah, we obviously struggled for most of the year and apart from the brief climb to tenth, we flirted with the relegation zone for most of it as well. We had two brutal stretches, one at the start of the league campaign and then one right after the new year started.

The biggest issue, by far, was scoring--the defense wasn't as good as I had hoped and fell apart at a few points but [url=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v311/roddick1/Romorantin/FrenchNationalStats_TeamStats.png]we absolutely could not find the back of the net.[/url] I was worried about scoring going into the season but didn't expect it to be that bad.

The biggest mistake I made--as will be shown in the transfers section--was signing way too many young players with high potential but low current ability. I guess I figured that they'd be able to come in and be competitive, but for the most part it was a recipe for disaster.

[b]French Cup[/b]
Knocked out in the Eighth Round (we entered in the sixth) by a non-league side, which was disappointing and sparked our worst run of the season where we didn't score for something like 7 games. Was won by Ligue 2 side RC Lens over fellow Ligue 2 side AS Saint-Etienne.


[b][url=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v311/roddick1/Romorantin/PaulCattierOverview_Attributes.png]Paul Cattier[/url][/b]--My first choice keeper for pretty much the entire season, came with the team to start and proved reliable for the most part. I don't think he's really cut out for any kind of higher level competition, but unless I find a keeper I absolutely can't live without he'll probably be back between the pipes next season.
[b][url=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v311/roddick1/Romorantin/YanMarillatOverview_Attributes.png]Yan Marillat[/url][/b]--Signed this guy early on in the year, spent most of the season on the reserve squad but did get 3 callups, including 2 league matches. Did okay. He's still super young, has solid potential, hopefully he'll develop.

[b][url=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v311/roddick1/Romorantin/WouterGuddeOverview_Attributes.png]Wouter Gudde[/url][/b]--Biggest mistake I made all season was signing this guy. Was supposed to be a patch-the-dam guy for when our defense was getting absolutely picked apart. Thought that his attributes could make up for the fact that he's a mental midget. I also didn't consider the language barrier, him being Dutch and all. I don't know whether it was his solid 1 Determination, or not being able to fit in due to not speaking French, but lesson learned on both counts. Guy was terrible. Luckily I only signed him for a year so I can get his wages off the books shortly.
[b][url=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v311/roddick1/Romorantin/ThomasHolbeinOverview_Attributes.png]Thomas Holbein[/url][/b]--Signed this guy in October, he was much more solid than Gudde. Not flashy, but works hard and gets the job done. Trainer says he's declining as a player (due to age I'm assuming) but I had to resign him, hopefully he's got another year or two in him until I can get some replacements in.
[b][url=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v311/roddick1/Romorantin/SoumahoroJohnsonOverview_Attributes.png]Soumahoro Johnson[/url][/b]--Solid but inconsistent centreback. Scored a few important goals, including the header to give us the 1-0 win in the final week of the season. Going to keep him around for sure.
[b][url=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v311/roddick1/Romorantin/NicolasMeletOverview_Attributes.png]Nicolas Melet[/url][/b]--Oh, boy. Left back was a thorn in my side all year long. Melet is only 23, so I'm hoping he can get better, but he just wasn't up to snuff. I also had a nasty midseason incident with him where I fined him a week's wages after he picked up his second straight red, he freaked out and sent the team's morale tumbling. Left-back is high on my list of areas to address, we're far too thin there.

[b][url=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v311/roddick1/Romorantin/YannickAguemonOverview_Attributes.png]Yannick Aguemon[/url][/b]--At least I got one pickup right. This guy has a very, very bright future with us--not the flashiest of attributes, but he consistently made himself a threat. If he can work on his crossing he'll be deadly on the right side.
[b][url=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v311/roddick1/Romorantin/PlaisirBahamboulaOverview_Attributes.png]Plaisir Bahamboula[/url][/b]--I don't know what we would have done without this guy. Second-leading scorer on the team. His pace is only 12 but he absolutely blew by everybody on the left side--he made defenders look silly. He earned a nice contract extension and a spot in the lineup next season.
[b][url=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v311/roddick1/Romorantin/MouradBadraOverview_Attributes.png]Mourad Badra[/url][/b]--I had such high hopes for this guy when I signed him preseason, and he just never panned out. He was decent in central midfield, and I even tried him in attacking midfield, but he just never showed any sign of being more than good. Only contributed 1 goal and always seemed miserable, morale was often in the red. Disappointing, we'll see what he does next year I guess.
[b][url=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v311/roddick1/Romorantin/MissadaSaytafaOverview_Attributes.png]Missada Saytaifa[/url][/b]--This guy seemed to have a ton of potential preseason, but then once league play started he quickly faded into the background. Scored a few times, but overall a disappointment.

[b][url=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v311/roddick1/Romorantin/MickaelBernardoOverview_Attributes.png]Mickael Bernardo[/url][/b]--Preseason signing that I had high hopes for. I still think he will be a good player, but he definitely struggled this year, only got 3 goals. Part of that struggle was in staying healthy--he had multiple injuries and he never really managed to hold match fitness at any point. Hoping he keeps developing.
[b][url=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v311/roddick1/Romorantin/JorisDiGregorioOverview_Attributes.png]Joris Di Gregorio[/url][/b]--Our leading scorer with 11 goals. Could have had a lot more, lots of poor finishes. He'll be back next year.

[b]Youth Intake[/b]
Completely useless except for one prospect: [b][url=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v311/roddick1/Romorantin/DamirStojanovicOverview_Attributes-1.png]Damir Stojanovic[/url][/b], who my assistants seem to be high on and who looks decent for a 15 year old. Too bad we have horrendous youth facilities and the board won't allocate money for a youth coach:mad:

[b]Club Info[/b]

Only thing I'm slightly worried about are finances, we went 300k in the red. I'm not sure that can be helped until we can get promoted and get some TV revenue and higher prize money, though. In the meantime I'm just trying to be as frugal as I can.

Apart from the transfers that got listed above in the key players section, here's the others:
[b][url=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v311/roddick1/Romorantin/JordanCuvierOverview_Attributes.png]Jordan Cuvier[/url][/b]--Another young striker with solid potential. Didn't see the field much this year for the senior squad, but I'm hoping to get him involved more next season.
[b][url=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v311/roddick1/Romorantin/MustaphaAllaouiOverview_Attributes.png]Mustapha Allaoui[/url][/b]--Signed near the end of the year so I couldn't play him. I have plenty of young striker talent, but I brought this guy in to score goals NOW. Hopefully he can provide a spark up front and spell Di Gregorio, who was gassed by the end of the season because I literally had to play him every single week.
[b][url=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v311/roddick1/Romorantin/AbdouAbialaOverview_Attributes.png]Abdou Abiala[/url][/b]--Much needed depth and talent at right back, which similar to left back was a liability for most of the year.

[b]Goals from Preseason[/b]
[b]Avoid the drop[/b]--YES. By the skin of our teeth, but that's all that matters.
[b]Use the transfer budget to bring in new talent[/b]--Um...well...sort of. This was pretty hit and miss, I signed too many young players and not enough guys that can compete now. I didn't use any of the transfer budget though, all of them were free, so I can still sign guys. This is going to be a huge offseason too since I'm letting a ton of contracts expire, so I'm going to go shopping and hopefully be more successful this time.
[b]Be financially responsible and stay in the black[/b]--In retrospect I think the second half of that goal was impossible. I feel like even though we did lose 300k on the year that I was pretty frugal.

Lots of turnover with this league structure, will make things exciting next year with 7 new teams coming into the league. We're losing Amiens SC, Chamois Niortais, and Clement Foot 63 who got promoted, while AS Beauvais Oise, Aviron Bayonnais, US Créteil-Lusitanos and Senart-Moissy will be heading down to the CFA. Joining us from Ligue 2 are SC Bastia, Paris FC, and FC Martigues, and coming up from the CFA are CS Louhans-Cuiseaux, RC Strasbourg, AS Cannes, and Orleans-Loiret Football.

[b]Various Miscellaneous Happenings Around My World[/b]
This is, to me, almost as much fun as actually managing my team. It's actually killing me that I can only have France open so that I can't follow the others leagues like the Prem, MLS, etc.
[b]Euro 2012 Winner:[/b] England, in a penalty shootout over Spain. I had a good chuckle over that one, I guess someone should tell the FM devs that the game still isn't realistic enough. We all know this could never actually happen;)
[b]Champions League:[/b] Fellow French side Lyon actually made it all the way to the finals, but got slaughtered 4-0 by Barcelona at Wembley.
[b]Europa League:[/b] Tottenham over Dortmund in penalties.
[b]Premier League:[/b] United over City, with Chelsea in third. Pretty standard. Poor City fans.

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[B]efrumttr[/B] I sympathise with your point about signing too many youngsters, I was in a similar position. I just saw the 4 star potential and signed them, and ended up with whole team of 1-2 star players. It's difficult at that level to get any real quality in.

I wouldn't worry about the finances, same happened with me, it'll get to a point where hopefully your board will bail you out with a few quid. Until you hit Ligue 2 you probably will lose money every month.

I like all the other stuff that goes on too, I keep an eye on International football, where my native Scotland qualify for every tournament, and are currently in the quarter finals of World Cup 2018! So how is that for unrealistic! If only...

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[quote name='PRDH'][B]Romanista[/B] - Congratulations! You're definitely approaching it right. It's a marathon not a sprint (well, if you're like me anyway!), and it's more fun to build a legacy anyway.[/QUOTE]

Absolutely, though last season it looked like it was going to be a marathon filled with lots of cramps.

[B]efrumttr[/B] - Survival in the first season is key, after that you can really start to rebuild the team in your image.

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Belgium have just beaten hosts Russia in the 2018 World Cup Final! Hmmmm, a bit far fetched there maybe!

Who are the current world and european champions in your games? Mines is world-belgium. Europe-germany.

Any of you guys who've been playing for 10 years+, have any african/asian teams won the world cup?

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[COLOR=DARKBLUE][CENTER][SIZE="3"][B]Real Sport Clube – 2024/25 Liga Zon Sagres[/B][/SIZE][/CENTER][/COLOR]

[U][B] [COLOR=DARKBLUE]Liga Zon Sagres[/COLOR][/B][/U]

[B]Media Prediction[/B]: 5th
[B]Board Expectation[/B]: Europa League Qualification through League
[B]My Target[/B]: European Qualification

[B][URL=http://i817.photobucket.com/albums/zz97/corinthiano_1910/LigaZONSAGRESOverview_Stages-5.png]League Table: 2nd[/URL][/B] ǁ [B][URL=http://i817.photobucket.com/albums/zz97/corinthiano_1910/LigaZONSAGRESOverview_PastPositions-5.png]Position Graph[/URL][/B]

Absolutely delighted by our league campaign, we picked up after a poor start and were always within a reasonable distance from top spot throughout. We even had a chance to make s real go of the title when we went to Porto with 4 games to go and four points behind, but ended up losing by a single goal. Not sure if we really deserved 2nd place as we were only there in the final round, but who cares, Champions League football it is next year!

[U][B][COLOR=DARKBLUE]Europa League[/COLOR][/B][/U]

[B][URL=http://i817.photobucket.com/albums/zz97/corinthiano_1910/UEFAEuropaLeagueOverview_Stages-2.png] Group B: 2nd[/URL][/B] ǁ [B][URL=http://i817.photobucket.com/albums/zz97/corinthiano_1910/RealFixtures_Fixtures-2-5.png]Fixtures[/URL][/B]

Another solid campaign, we were not as convincing as last season but ultimately got to the quarters again, which does our co-efficient no harm. In the group stage I knew it would be all about our games against Dynamo Kyiv, but they ended up having a disappointing campaign, so my wins agains M. Tel-Aviv and the draws against Dynamo were more than enough. Man City trashed us at the Etihad, but we almost stole a point at home, only conceding late in the game.

The last 32 threw us up against Fiorentina and I was pleasantly surprised we managed to take 2-0 lead to Florence. Our life was made easier there when Fiorentina had a man sent off half way through the first 45 minutes, but I am proud we came back from Italy with a clean sheet.

The last 16 were a bit more complicated as Zenit took the lead in the first leg and we only managed to turn the game around in the last 10 games. I was worried about the goal conceded at home, but we managed to equal that out pretty soon in St. Petersburg. Zenit equalized to ensure a tense final minutes before we took the lead in stoppage time.

The Quarters were extremely frustrating. After knocking out what I judged was superior opposition I thought I would have no problem knocking out AZ. A pretty dull first half at home was not a good start and then the freakiest events took place. Teté managed to get himself sent off and then a further two players got injured with me having made all my subs, and with a whole 30 minutes to go I was down to 8 men. We managed to hold on until stoppage time, when AZ grabbed that crucial lead. In the return leg we played extremely well and were knocking them out with a 2-1 win until the 80th minute when the Dutch decided to break our hearts again.

[U][B][COLOR=DARKBLUE]Supertaça Cândido de Oliveira[/COLOR][/B][/U]


It is always good to start the season with a title win over Porto 

[U][B][COLOR=DARKBLUE]Taça de Portugal Millennium[/COLOR][/B][/U]


Disappointing title defense. We did get unlucky drawing a top division side away but going out in the first game is not good.


[B][URL=http://i817.photobucket.com/albums/zz97/corinthiano_1910/BwinCupOverview_Stages-8.png]Third Phase Group A: 1st[/URL][/B] ǁ [B][URL=http://i817.photobucket.com/albums/zz97/corinthiano_1910/RealFixtures_Fixtures-3-3.png]Fixtures[/URL][/B]

Easy group stage before a narrow loss to Benfica in the semis.

[U][B][COLOR=DARKBLUE]The Royals – Best XI[/COLOR][/B][/U]

[B][URL=http://i817.photobucket.com/albums/zz97/corinthiano_1910/RealTransfers_History-9.png]Transfers[/URL][/B] ǁ [B][URL=http://i817.photobucket.com/albums/zz97/corinthiano_1910/RealSquad_Players-10.png]Squad 1[/URL][/B] ǁ [B][URL=http://i817.photobucket.com/albums/zz97/corinthiano_1910/RealSquad_Players-2-9.png]Squad 2[/URL][/B]

A lot more movement this year as I strengthened the squad and replaced the two key players who left. I couldn’t find a decent permanent signing for the striking position so I brought in Elias on loan to the job this season. At the back we brought in Ignazio De Nicola out of desperation to replace Vince Jordan before a not much better player came in January. Milan became our parent club and we got in a couple of very decent players from them.

[B]GK: [/B] [URL=http://i817.photobucket.com/albums/zz97/corinthiano_1910/BuickOverview_Profile-9.png]Buick[/URL] – Another decent season as he was shortlisted for best domestic based Portuguese player. Think he still can do the job, but if a very good replacement is found I will look into it.
[B]DR: [/B] [URL=http://i817.photobucket.com/albums/zz97/corinthiano_1910/YoonSang-WookOverview_Profile.png]Yoon Sang-Wook [/URL] – The South Korean was available for a while and with my wage budget increase I managed to finally sign him. Was voted Fan’s Player of the Year.
[B]DC: [/B] [URL=http://i817.photobucket.com/albums/zz97/corinthiano_1910/IgorPlatonovOverview_Profile-1.png]Igor Platonov[/URL] – Had a good season, but kicked up a fuss about wanting to leave and wouldn’t back down so he might be off in the summer.
[B]DC: [/B] [URL=http://i817.photobucket.com/albums/zz97/corinthiano_1910/OleChristianMarhaugOverview_Profile.png]Ole Christian Marhaug[/URL] – Decent season and he is still young, had a replacement lined up but could still feature in the first 11 if Platonov leaves.
[B]DL: [/B] [URL=http://i817.photobucket.com/albums/zz97/corinthiano_1910/TetOverview_Profile-3.png]Teté[/URL] – Another one to get Portuguese citizenship and get his first cap in the summer.
[B]DMC: [/B] [URL=http://i817.photobucket.com/albums/zz97/corinthiano_1910/ArturoDomnguezOverview_Profile-3.png]Arturo Domínguez[/URL] – Only really realized how important he is when he got injured in the final months of the season. Really missed him, the protection he provide the back four is vital.
[B]MC: [/B] [URL=http://i817.photobucket.com/albums/zz97/corinthiano_1910/EstebanCardonaOverview_Profile-6.png]Esteban Cardona[/URL] – Solid as usual, although he got a couple of stupid re cards for reckless challenges.
[B]MC: [/B] [URL=http://i817.photobucket.com/albums/zz97/corinthiano_1910/JensAnderssonOverview_Profile-1.png]Jens Andersson[/URL] – Kept his place as I couldn’t find anyone to replace him. Have lined up a Nigerian MC though which could limit his appearances next season.
[B]AMC: [/B] [URL=http://i817.photobucket.com/albums/zz97/corinthiano_1910/PiterOverview_Profile.png]Piter[/URL] – Piter made a hell of a difference to our side when he came in January.
[B]ST: [/B] [URL=http://i817.photobucket.com/albums/zz97/corinthiano_1910/EliasOverview_Profile.png]Elias[/URL] – Of course it was going to be impossible to replace Sugimoto and my expectations were unfairly too high. Elias actually had an OK season although some of his misses were absolutely infuriating. I won’t be renewing his loan.
[B]ST: [/B] [URL=http://i817.photobucket.com/albums/zz97/corinthiano_1910/GiulianoVillaOverview_Profile.png]Giuliano Villa[/URL] – Didn’t plan on bringing him in but Milan offered him and I couldn’t say no to a player of this quality for free. He gave us more mobility up front so replaced the club captain Milton. I still have to mention him though as he often came from the bench to score crucial winners, the most special being the two against Sporting to give us a 2-1 comeback win.

[U][B][COLOR=DARKBLUE]Other News [/COLOR][/B][/U]

[URL=http://i817.photobucket.com/albums/zz97/corinthiano_1910/RealBoardroom_Finances-9.png]Finances [/URL] – More sales and more Europe means we make a profit despite the loans for the stadium and the facilties improvements. We moved to Real Stadium at the end of the season, very excited to start playing there next season, will do our revenues a world of good.

Personally, I reached my [URL=http://i817.photobucket.com/albums/zz97/corinthiano_1910/MathiasBrunckhorstNews_Inbox-13.png]500th game[/URL] for Real and was even offered the [URL=http://i817.photobucket.com/albums/zz97/corinthiano_1910/MathiasBrunckhorstNews_Inbox-2-5.png]Benfica job[/URL] at the end of the season, which I obviously turned down. They went on to appoint Ronald Koeman who comes back to the club after about 20 years.

[U][B][COLOR=DARKBLUE]This Season Targets[/COLOR][/B][/U]

1. Top 5 finish, but narrow the gap to top spot to less than 10 points. [B][COLOR=GREEN]Yes – Only 6 points away from Porto.[/COLOR][/B]
2. Get past Europa League group stages again. [B][COLOR=GREEN]Yes – managed to get to the Quarters again.[/COLOR][/B]
3. Find a replacement striker [B][COLOR=RED]No – only found short term solutions this season with a couple of loan signings. Have pre-arranged transfers for two decent looking strikers, hope they turn out to be deadly for us![/COLOR][/B]

[U][B][COLOR=DARKBLUE]Next Season Targets[/COLOR][/B][/U]

1. Top 3 finish, which now guarantees CL football.
2. Get to the Group Stages of the CL.

Another very good season which gives us a great platform for our debut season in our new stadium. Getting to the Champions League group is vital financially as the board are now giving me a € 130k p/w wage budget and even a € 500 k transfer budget. I need to be getting CL football to be able to maintain this. There are a lot of transfers coming in, hopefully it wont disrupt squad harmony, but there will surely be a big increase of quality in the squad.

[U][B][COLOR=DARKBLUE]Career Overview [/COLOR][/B][/U]
Season League Pos Taça de Portugal Bwin Cup Europe Other Achievements
2012/13 2. Divisão - Zona Sul 7th First Round N/A N/A None
2013/14 2. Divisão - Zona Centro 3rd Second Round N/A N/A None
2014/15 2. Divisão - Zona Centro 1st Third Round N/A N/A Promotion
2015/16 Liga Orangina 10th Second Round First Phase N/A None
2016/17 Liga Orangina 10th Fourth Round Second Phase N/A None
2017/18 Liga Orangina 8th Runners-Up First Phase N/A EL Qualification
2018/19 Liga Orangina 2nd Third Round Second Phase EL Group Stage Promotion
2019/20 Liga Zon Sagres 9th Fourth Round Third Phase N/A None
2020/21 Liga Zon Sagres 7th Fifth Round Third Phase N/A None
2021/22 Liga Zon Sagres 3rd Sixth Round Third Phase N/A EL Qualification
2022/23 Liga Zon Sagres 4th Sixth Round Third Phase EL 4th Qual Rnd EL Qualification
2023/24 Liga Zon Sagres 4th Winners Semi-Final EL Quarter-Final EL Qualification
2024/25 Liga Zon Sagres 2nd Third Round Semi-Final EL Quarter-Final CL Qualification

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[quote name='aldojags']Who are the current world and european champions in your games?[/QUOTE]

France are holders for both in my game.

Edit - Real progress this season [B]corinthiano[/B], good luck in getting into the CL groups for next season. With your performances in the Europa League I'm sure you can do it.

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[B]conrinthiano[/B] great season there. Unlucky not to beat AZ in Europa aswell. Hope you find a solution to the forwards, and do well in CL.

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[B]efrumttr[/B] - Great job. It's all about that first survival. The real fun begins now!

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[SIZE=4][B]B[COLOR="#FFD700"]a[/COLOR]r[COLOR="#FFD700"]a[/COLOR]k[COLOR="#FFD700"]a[/COLOR]l[COLOR="#FFD700"]d[/COLOR]o 2015 Preseason Report[/B][/SIZE][/CENTER]

[B]Club Situation[/B]

[B]Media Prediction:[/B] 22nd
[B]Captain:[/B] Inaki Astiz
[B]Vice Captain:[/B] Jon Gaztanaga
[B]Season Ticket Holders:[/B] 6075 All of the available tickets were sold, almost double last season's figures. We'll probably have the staudium expanded at the end of the season.
[B]Finances:[/B] £723k
[B]Transfer Budget:[/B] £3.2k
[B]Wage Budget:[/B] £36,879 (£26,054 in use)


A few players joined who immediately became starters and I started spending money for the first time. A couple of youngsters went on loan to our new feeder club Amurrio. The squad now looks like [URL="http://i453.photobucket.com/albums/qq258/RomanistaPerSempre_2008/Barakaldo/BarakaldoCFSquad_Players-6.png"]this[/URL].

[B]Key Players[/B]

[URL="http://i453.photobucket.com/albums/qq258/RomanistaPerSempre_2008/Barakaldo/JonsRamalhoOverview_Profile.png"]Jonas Ramalho[/URL] - One of the hottest Basque prospects in real life, he came in on a Bosman after his career at Athletic had stalled.

[URL="http://i453.photobucket.com/albums/qq258/RomanistaPerSempre_2008/Barakaldo/InakiAstizOverview_Profile-4.png"]Inaki Astiz[/URL] - The captain will once more be key to our performances.

[URL="http://i453.photobucket.com/albums/qq258/RomanistaPerSempre_2008/Barakaldo/IkerRuizOverview_Profile.png"]Iker Ruiz[/URL] - I spent most of the transfer budget on this kid. I could have had him last season for £160k, but we didn't have the funds to complete the signing. He was rated as a potential leading Liga BBVA star by my scouts when he was at Athletic.

[URL="http://i453.photobucket.com/albums/qq258/RomanistaPerSempre_2008/Barakaldo/JonEriceOverview_Profile.png"]Jon Erice[/URL] - An improvement on our defensive midfield options, he'll be a key player when we play two defensive midfielders in the containing tactic.

[URL="http://i453.photobucket.com/albums/qq258/RomanistaPerSempre_2008/Barakaldo/IosuSaizOverview_Profile-2.png"]Iosu Saiz[/URL] - Last year's topscorer, we'll see if he can up his game to become a proven goalscorer at Liga Adelante level.

[B]First Choice Lineup[/B]

GK Jon Ander Serantes
DR Jonas Ramalho
DC Jon Gaztanaga
DC Inaki Astiz
DL Iker Ruiz
MC Jon Erice
MC Joseba Beitia
RW David de Paula
LW Juan Imaz
ST Mikel Orbegozo
ST Iosu Saiz

[B]Aims For the Season[/B]


Our first match was against Zaragoza and a great performance saw us grab the winner when Asier Iribarren forced one of their defenders to score in his own net in the 90th minute (and then missed a penalty just afterwards). Zaragoza 0 Barakaldo 1. Bodes well for the rest of the season as they are one of the bigger clubs in the division.

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Good start [B]romanista[/B]. Ramalho looks solid as a rock. Be sure to get Ruiz trained in bullet long throw! Will be as good as a corner when you get a throw in with a throw in rating of 20! Just about to kick off my 2nd season in Ligue 1...away to PSG! May aswell get the hardest fixture out the way first!!

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I just got Ruiz to start learning the long flat bullet throw, hopefully it'll add a new threat to our game. The start wasn't that good btw, we won the first two games before going on a six game run of losses. Our form has stabilised somewhat after that and we're now in 15th place.

Good luck against PSG and for the season.

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[B]aldojags [/B]- good first season in the top flight there. some solid foundations to build on for next season with the new recruits.
[B]corinthiano [/B]- great season there - well done. looking forward to seeing how you get on in the CL.
[B]efrumttr [/B][B]- [/B]well done on survival - the only thing that matters really in the first season as has been mentioned previously. good luck for the new season
[B]Romanista1994 [/B]- some decent looking signings there. good luck this season.

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[B]corinthiano[/B] - Great season. Good luck in your first CL campaign.

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Well, I have [B]finally[/B] finished my 1[SUP]st[/SUP] season in Lyon. So here goes...

[B]Lyon Duch[/B][B]ère Association Sportive – Championnat National – 2012-2013[/B]

After the usual first Summer mad sign-anyone-of-any-ability scramble, we got going with an away loss at Amiens and followed that with a home win. And that was sort of the theme until Christmas although unfortunately not that many away defeats were followed by a home win. So without an away point and only 4 home wins we were bottom come December 21[SUP]st[/SUP]. That was the date our season changed; we flukily beat 2[SUP]nd[/SUP] place Nimes 2-1 at home with our 2 goals coming from a combined 55 yards with one in the 93[SUP]rd[/SUP] minute. There followed our 1[SUP]st[/SUP] away point and then 1[SUP]st[/SUP] away win as we strung together a 7 match unbeaten run to go 4 points clear of relegation. Which was soon reduced to 1 point as we promptly went on a run of 4 games, 1 point, 0 goals and 3 home defeats. A lucky win at our relegation rivals (and real-life French Cup finalists) Quevily gave us a bit of breathing space. Breathing space that we never lost as a run of away wins took us safe and then somehow up to the totally undeserved giddy heights of [URL="http://i251.photobucket.com/albums/gg289/ghostwriter3/lyond/1213finaltable.png"][B]10[SUP]th[/SUP] place[/B][/URL]! This was a 10[SUP]th[/SUP] place that we had been nowhere near to reaching [URL="http://i251.photobucket.com/albums/gg289/ghostwriter3/lyond/1213positionevolution.png"]at any stage of the season[/URL]. Somewhere around 14[SUP]th[/SUP]-15[SUP]th[/SUP] was probably where we should have ended up.

If we had not scored 4 goals in our last game, where we denied Amiens promotion, we would have had the worst goalscoring record in the division – this was also the only game we scored more than 2 goals. Defensively we were actually very good, 5[SUP]th[/SUP] best in the league. Which all in all made us by the far the most boring club in the league.

Our home / away records were bizarre mirror images of each other, after failing to even gain a point away from home before January we prompted stayed unbeaten until May whilst we failed to win a home match from the end of January until May. If we could combine (the positive part of) those records we’d be in a great position.

As for the French Cup, we actually reached the 10[SUP]th[/SUP] round but that was by dint of some ridiculously lucky draws - 2*CFA and 2*CFA2 clubs - taking us that far before my dreams of success were shattered by a bit of giant-killing by another CFA2 club.

[URL="http://i251.photobucket.com/albums/gg289/ghostwriter3/lyond/1213finalsquad.png"][B]Final Squad[/B][/URL]
[URL="http://i251.photobucket.com/albums/gg289/ghostwriter3/lyond/1213finances.png"][B]Finances[/B][/URL] – not horrific but could be better, we were a bit over the wage limit but not by that much, I was however bit shocked to discover that we actually had the 9[SUP]th[/SUP] biggest wage bill in the division, not great
[B]Transfers [URL="http://i251.photobucket.com/albums/gg289/ghostwriter3/lyond/1213transfers1.png"]1[/URL] [URL="http://i251.photobucket.com/albums/gg289/ghostwriter3/lyond/1213transfers2.png"]2[/URL][/B] – hundreds in and apart from the odd youngster I signed, they all played at least one game, over half will leave this Summer though

Our better players

[B]Best GK – [URL="http://i251.photobucket.com/albums/gg289/ghostwriter3/lyond/1213aureille.png"]Beno[/URL][/B][URL="http://i251.photobucket.com/albums/gg289/ghostwriter3/lyond/1213aureille.png"][B]ît Aureille[/B][/URL] – seems perfectly OK for this level, not too many clangers and several great saves, cleansheets in 1 in 3 matches is good, if I get a better GK then good but I have no problems if this guy stays as 1st choice for a while longer
[B]Best Defenders – [URL="http://i251.photobucket.com/albums/gg289/ghostwriter3/lyond/1213traore.png"]Ibrahima Traoré[/URL][/B] + [URL="http://i251.photobucket.com/albums/gg289/ghostwriter3/lyond/1213benhamida1.png"][B]Mourad Benhamida[/B][/URL] – my 1st choice back 4 all pretty much played equally well so I have picked these 2 because 1) we were bottom when Traoré arrived from Africa and well, look where we finished so his impact was clearly positive and 2) Benhamida is our best defensive player on paper and also on the most wages, I was thinking about renewing but when I wanted to the board would not let me offer enough but I managed to sign him up for another year after this screenshot was taken
[B]Best Winger – [URL="http://i251.photobucket.com/albums/gg289/ghostwriter3/lyond/1213tribeau.png"]Yoann Tribeau[/URL][/B] – not bad and he came up with some great performances from time to time plus he has getting better all the time, however, a return of 0 assists for a winger is beyond poor, I may only play with one ST but I would hope for something a bit more that, he will remain as 1st choice though unless something fantastic comes in
[B]Best Midfielder – [URL="http://i251.photobucket.com/albums/gg289/ghostwriter3/lyond/1213bouderbal.png"]Rafik Bouderbal[/URL][/B] – our best player, to begin with he played in every midfield position possible before I settled on AMC with him, which was a good decision as he was great there andhe got better and better as the season went on until he went on that fantastic run you can see for the last 5 games, his contract situation is identical to that of Benhamida insomuch that he is now signed up for a bit longer
[B]Best Strikers – [URL="http://i251.photobucket.com/albums/gg289/ghostwriter3/lyond/1213garcia.png"]Alexandre Garcia[/URL][/B] + [URL="http://i251.photobucket.com/albums/gg289/ghostwriter3/lyond/1213chapdaniel.png"][B]Christophe Chapdaniel[/B][/URL] – neither exactly prolific and neither exactly kept their form for much time, Garcia started as more or less 1st choice until I discovered that a player I had chucked into my reserves when I arrived (Chapdaniel) was actually quite good, he got a couple of months as 1st choice until he lost his form, this carried on for a while, although as you can see Chapdaniel finished the season in style, both are here next season but I would hope to find someone a bit more friendly with goals during the summer.

[*]Lyon evidently had a very wet winter or my stadium is in a very bad drainage area as 3 of my home matches were postponed this season for waterlogged pitches
[*]We had the usual takeover but it was so uneventful that I can’t even remember what happened! All I do remember is that it happened, nothing else.
[*][B]Thin out the squad and cut down the wage bill[/B] – far too many players were signed last Summer but thankfully they were all on 1y contracts so I can pick and choose who I want to stay
[*][B]Score a few more goals[/B] – I would be pretty distraught if we actually scored less to be honest
[*][B]Avoid a relegation battle[/B] – if we could spend the season around where we finished last time, it would be great
[/LIST][U][B]The Story So Far
[/B][/U][I]12/13 – National – 10[SUP]th[/SUP][/I]

[B]Team I Would Like To Play Every Week[/B] – Le Poiré-sur-Vie (18[SUP]th[/SUP], relegated) (H2-0, A2-0)
[B]Team I Would Not Like To Play Every Week[/B] – SR Colmar (16[SUP]th[/SUP] :o) (A0-2, H0-3)

[B][URL="http://i251.photobucket.com/albums/gg289/ghostwriter3/lyond/1213best11.png"]Best 11[/URL]

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[SIZE=5][B]Salerno Calcio[/B][/SIZE]
[SIZE=4][B]Italian Serie C2/A[/B][/SIZE]
Salernitana Soccer 1919, Salerno, Campania, Italy
[B]End of 2013/2014 Season Report, Salerno, Italy, June 30th, 2014[/B]
Well, we got promoted to Serie B. Here's where we wound up on the table [URL="http://img94.imageshack.us/img94/6903/20132014leaguetable.jpg"]LINK[/URL]. It was possibly the ugliest promotion bout I've even seen and frankly, I'm glad that it's over. We did amazingly well for the first part of the season and wound up in the top three teams for most of the season. After winning well for the first half of the year, our form started to fade and we wound up with more and more draws when we should have won. In the end we topped the league in draws with a record of 17-14-3. Then we had a terrible contest in the promotion playoffs.


The final was horribly sloppy and we only lucked out and got one additional home goal to put us on top. The last 5 minutes of that game they had probably 6 chances to score. It was horrible. The final was also our record highest scoring game, it was nerve wracking to watch. I needed two bottles of wine to calm my nerves after that game.

Other than that, we won an equally sloppy Serie C Cup winning on away goals.

And, for the second year in a row, we didn't even make it to the Italian Cup.

We fought hard and came out on top almost, but we got the promotion and that was really what counts. Highlight of the season I think for me was finally selling over half of our tickets to Arechi stadium. We set an attendance record of 21,623 for the playoff semi-final against our rival Avellino which made us about $220k for the game. Most of our competitors don't even have a stadium that big. It was nice seeing so many fans in the stadium. Hopefully we'll see more of them this year.

[B]Yearly Transfers[/B]
Here are the transfers we made this year: [URL="http://img703.imageshack.us/img703/5110/20132014transfers.jpg"]Transfers[/URL]
I'm not very good at selling people, probably because I either sign really good youngsters or old farts that I only sign to one year contracts. I picked up a couple of new names that show promise Said Abdellaoui has been a pretty good signing for our DR position, at 20 he's still young and can grow. Really his only failing is that he gets demoralized pretty easily. I had Tom Soetaers for the season and he did pretty good for an old guy but he's just too old to keep on so I let him go at the end of the season. Marco Martina Rini is a decent midfielder I picked up but seems to be a little injury prone. And I picked up Mattia Evangelisti who is a cracking passing midfielder. He's done well for us. In January I picked up Oliver Markoutz, an AML/ST, because I could see that Soetaers wouldn't be around for next season. He has great ability but just never really seems to pay off on his talent. I'm going to have to look at him more closely this season and see what I can do to tune him.

[B][URL="http://img94.imageshack.us/img94/6903/20132014leaguetable.jpg"]2013/2014 End of Year League Table[/URL]:[/B]

Promoted Serie C1/A: Triestina (C), Verona (P)
Relegated Serie C1/A: Pro Vercelli, Monza, Feralpi Salo
Promoted Serie C1/B: Barletta (C), Salerno (P)
Relegated Serie C1/B: Andria, Pergocrema, Grosseto
Promoted Serie B: Reggina (C), Brescia (P), AlbinoLeffe (PL)
Relegated Serie B: Sassuolo, Cittadella, Varese, Frosinone
Relegated Serie A: Lecce, Cagliari, Novara
Serie A top 3 teams: Juventus (77pts), Inter (77pts), A.C. Milan (75pts)

Here's my current squad after the free releases at the end of the season: [URL="http://img14.imageshack.us/img14/4162/20132014squad.jpg"]SQUAD[/URL]

Here's my [URL="http://img849.imageshack.us/img849/4184/20132014managerprofile.jpg"]Profile [/URL]and my [URL="http://img99.imageshack.us/img99/6802/20132014personal.jpg"]Personal [/URL]info. Yeah, I'm not a fan of the press.

And here's the [URL="http://img832.imageshack.us/img832/3127/20132014squadinfo.jpg"]Salerno information[/URL]. Our rep went up again and we're now 41st in Italy financially @2M value. Our expected ticket prices should double and our attendance should more than double I hope.

[B]Plans for next year[/B]
For 2014 our plan is to hold on to our butts and not lose what we've accomplished so far I'm shooting for a solid 14th position in the league table. I'll be happy if we can manage that. That should give us enough gate revenue to really let us open up in the transfer market (maybe by the mid-season break) to get some real talent in.
For personnel, we have to find a replacement keeper. Our current one will do ok as a backup (and that's what we've renegotiated his contract for) but he's too damn old to be a primary. He's 38 and most of his physical stats are below 5 now. Ugh. I also need to hire a new ass. man. Hopefully one that doesn't feel the need to email me about match preparation 3 times a week.

Previous updates:
[URL="http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/279094-FM12-Big-Euro-Nation-Small-Club-to-Big-Club-Challenge?p=7319240#post7319240"]June 28th, 2012[/URL]
[URL="http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/279094-FM12-Big-Euro-Nation-Small-Club-to-Big-Club-Challenge?p=7727303#post7727303"]December 31st, 2012[/URL]
[URL="http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/279094-FM12-Big-Euro-Nation-Small-Club-to-Big-Club-Challenge?p=7742624"]June 18th, 2013[/URL]

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[B]Ghostwriter[/B] thats a pretty decent first season, everyone is inconsistent on their first year, but you learn from it and I'm sure you'll build on it. To get to 10th round of French Cup is great, I always got beat by non-league teams (whilst usually playing my 1st team!) so 10 round is pretty good. Keep at it.

Well done on promotion [B]18rabbit[/B], I'm confident you'll do well in Serie B!

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Not a bad first season, [B]ghostwriter[/B]. If you manage to get someone to bang them in next year you would have a good chance of reaching the promotion spots.

Great job on the consecutive promotions [B]18Rabbit[/B]! Juve Stabia will be gutted that they didn't go up.

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thanks. yes, can't be unhappy with the final position, not matter how undeserved it was.

[B]aldojags - [/B]my assistant recommended your gk Beunardeau during the Summer after his release from Le Mans but, unfortunately, Creteil signed him up before my scout could check him out. When he did get back to me, apparently his current ability is the same the GK I currently have but can get better. I might have tried to sign him given the chance although his wages do seem quite high.

Made probably too many signings again but they are all on less wages and better than the players I released so should not complain. Not entirely sure whether the one ST I signed is going to be the goal-machine I need but we shall see.
Just played the 1st league match at Besancon and it was an eventful affair. 15 mins in and one of my new DCs headed in from a corner, 10 mins later and my other new DC gave away a penalty and got sent off for a professional foul, they missed it, we surprisingly held on without too much of a problem and got a 2nd with 20 mins to go before they got one back with 10 to go. Can't complain with that start and an away point let alone away win before the 9th game is definitely an improvement on last season!

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TOo bad you missed out on him, he's been really good for me and doesn't look out of place in Ligue 1.

Thats an improvement already then for your away form. I've had a horrible start, sitting 13th, which you'd think isn't too bad, but drawn all 5 of my home games so far, my new signings haven't really clicked, and I'm struggling through lack of belief in my system. Not helped by my assistant (Mikael Silvestre) changing his mind every week about what roles i should give my players. Going to just ignore his advice from now on, one week he thinks I should play someone as a trequarista, next week it's poacher. I'll just do what I want from now on as his advice isn't working.

But I'm already a good 8-10 points behind where I was last season at this point, was flying this time last year. Mohamed Diagne still banging them in though, love that man!

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