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Possible new feature for 2013

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Obviously there wouldn't be time to introduce this new feature for 2012 but it may well be worth considering for the 2013 version. With the ever increasing influx of foreign players into the English game - great for the skill, interest & revenue they provide, but not so good for the growth of the Englash national game. Regular meetings with the board of the English FA at Lancaster Gate, the issue of coaching modules could be discussed / introduced to see if a format or way forward could be built to not only assist in creating more of a British infrastructure within our clubs, but to follow on in aiding a firmer foundation for the English national team.

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Sorry, I'm really lost by this. Please can you explain again but in greater detail?

Also, would this be just England? It wouldn't really appeal to other nations? Thanks.

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They already introduced this in the format of having so many players registered as trained in England between certain years.

They can't force clubs to not buy players internationally.

For example. Man City have started building a training ground for 400 players, 12 pitches, 7,000 seater stadium etc.

There will be quality youth players coming through. Youth leauges have been improved.

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