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FM12 am I the only 1 really happy with this option?

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It seems this option has been missed by some or indeed just totally ignored but I for 1 am very happy that when a player gets a minor injury there is a box that appears to give you the option to make a quick sub.

I am hoping that this option only appears when it is indeed an small injury and not something that we see were his stamina will drop to 70% but then go up after a little time but indeed a small injury were his stamina will not recover and it is best to sub him and hopefully save on recovery time...if it is so then this is a brilliant addition to the game.

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What most are still complaining about is that it doesn't tell you what the injury is, it doesn tell you that your striker has an arm injury, so you might decided to leave him on, or it doesn't tell you if your stricker has a leg injury, so you can bring him off, you still have to click onto the player profile to get an indication. Your Assistant Managers feedback screen will tell you if the player feels he can run it off, but that still doesn't let you know what type of injury it is

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