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add a club and player to your managers favourate personell/club......... i have just managed to get Droylesdon from the BSQ N i think it was, up to the premiership in a good few years, 10+ not sure how many exactly. however on my fourth day as manager, i signed free agent defender Harry Hogarth, who from then on, was my captain although he wasnt good enough past league two, he was my most loyal player....so i ensured i played him in EVERY cup game i was in, and atleast 10 times in each division......he then announced he would retire at the end of the season, with it being my first in the prem league, and gladly agreed to a contract of "player/assisstant manager" until the end of the season where he will come my assisatant, so of course i played him against Man-u as my way of a testimonial game (even though it was a league game)

know im his favourate personelle, and i think it would be great if i could add him to fav personell

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That's a good idea, but it would be a purely cosmetic thing. You know who you're favourite player/club is already don't you!

Why would you need to add it?

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