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Multiplayer for FMHi 2012?

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I've been hearing rumours about the new FMHi is going to have multiplayer features like...

Player versus Player

this feature is said to let other fmhi users play with the single player teams against other fmhi users.

Co-op career

This feature is said to let fmhi users play with friends in the same campaign for example

on football manager version for the pc there can be other players added like i could be arsenal and my friend could be

manchester united and we could see who will win the premiership.

thats all i have been hearing from some people if true then this would make FMHi 2012 so much of a better game if not please Marc Vaughan add these multiplayer features in.

Thanks for reading

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I'd definitely consider putting multi-player in one day - but to be honest its a huge task and not something which will be done in the short term.

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