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New cups, new nations, general new stuff really.


I'll be using this thread as a catch all for all of my database updates. Most of them are done because of me seeing something on the forum and wanting to do it. However some of them are just things which I've knocked up due to boredom.


Why are the downloads on a different forum?

Because I don't like filesharing websites, this was an easy way to get around having to use them. No registration is required. Sorry about the shoddy page layouts, not my choice of forum skin.

Why are they .zip files?

Because for security reasons my free hosting site won't allow xml and dbc file uploads. So just extract these files into your editor data folder instead.

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World Nations Cup:

The WNC is a cup competition based in Brazil which involves all nations in the game which aren't extinct. There is no seeding, so various teams can get lucky or unlucky. The tournament itself involves a few knockout rounds before a group stage, then another knockout round before a final league.

It has been tested for two seasons with no problems. In order to make the database workable relegation had to be removed from the state championships. I didn't feel that it would be missed that much anyway.


Latin Cup

The Latin Cup was a tournament which involved the top teams from all of the major mainland European leagues. It ceased to have any real importance after the European Cup was introduced and the competition ended soon after. Well, I've brought it back.

It has been tested for 4 seasons with no problems.


East German League:

Do you fancy the challenge of going behind the iron curtain? Well here is perhaps the ultimate test of tactical nous. You are unable to sign foreign players for your side and will have to rely on the regens that come through your academies. A 15 team league has been created with the most successful East German teams in it. It runs in tandem with the West German league structures, and there is a cross border Super Cup so that you can test yourself against the best teams in the other part of Germany.

Tested for 5/6 seasons with no problems. You may want to avoid West Germany for a few seasons as the 2nd Division will be filled out with a couple of random teams to prevent the game from crashing. However they will all leave the league system after a few years and will leave you free to explore both sides of the curtain.

Click here to download

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I've got a slightly odd/ quite difficult to research request: could you attempt the Soviet Union's league system? Would love to have teams like Dynamo Kyiv, Lokomotiv Tbilisi, FC Zimbru Chişinău et al as playable! Obviously, don't get too bothered by it- but if you can, please do!

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