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Job Application bug

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So I applied for PSV job opening after I resigned from my team (I'm doing the well traveled/continental king achievements) but I had to wait more than 2 weeks after my application so I did an indefinite holiday session to find out that they gave me the job and I accepted of course (since I'm on holiday)

Since I missed some time, I decided to load back the game but this time they don't offer me the job (nor anyone else, not even a caretaker)

I mean even the job page has PSV listed twice and "applied" twice as well, is this a bug?

Edit: on the 5th try, I got their offer 6 days after the application

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Sounds a bit strange to me have you checked the bugs forum to see if there is any similar reports?

Also if you are trying to do the steam continental king achievement it doesn't work. I have won continental trophies in 4 continents and steam was on during each and yet it is not unlocked, if you look at the global achievement stats this one has not been done by any player at all.

If you are doing it for fun then fair enough it makes little difference at all.

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