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Football from 2000 in FM11

Nottingham Forest

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I've decided that I'm going to try and recreate teams from the 2000-2001 season in FM11. The way I plan on doing it is changing the Date of Births of players and managers which would make them the age that they were in that year. I will also be changing the players histories where I need to as well. I may also have to recreate players too. I will also have to change the leagues and what teams are in them and the rules.

So far I've removed all youth team players and players that aren't old enough in 2000 from Arsenal. I've also added seven players to the Arsenal Squad from that time and moved players who were old enough in 2000 to the clubs they were at. I've also changed Arsene Wenger's age.

The aim is to try and get the Premier League sorted and if time allows me, all of England as well. I want to try and get it done for before FM12 and then I could just transfer the information over for FM12 should the editor allow me and if there is enough interest.

I realise that attributes of players may not be accurate. I've also had to guess wages as well from internet articles. So they may not be that accurate either.

I've also found that appearance fees seem to be too high despite me setting them for what I believe are reasonable for the 2000.

Eventually I would like to add player faces and kits from that time as well for added realism when I find out how to do it.

Most of the information has come from this website and wikipedia.

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The Arsenal Squad is now complete. There's only one issue and that's Kanu being unavailable. I'll change that soon. I've aldo added youth team players from what I could find from that time too. It's close enough to resembling the 2000-2001 Squad. It has the transfers that were made in January 2001 already in from July. I've edited Highbury back in as well. Photos for players may be a bit out. Players like Spicer, Halls have their FM11 photos.

Most of the information has come from this website and wikipedia.

If there are any player mistakes I've made then please point them out.

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Anyone who wants to help download the editor for CM99/00 from the link below. And start doing the premiership clubs. Just make a note of all of the stats in a spreadsheet or something and then send it to myself or NF via PM.

Here is the status so far with regards to Prem clubs.

Arsenal is done.

Aston Villa is in progress as are Chelsea and Man Utd.

All other clubs need work, and lots of it. :)


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Indeed. The more people we have helping the better. I'll have the main copy so I'll put everything into the database directly. If you have a copy of CM99/00 please do not use player attributes from that. Use your own knowledge and rate players fairly.

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Club list


Manchester United


Leeds United



Aston Villa


Leicester City

West Ham United

Tottenham Hotspur

Newcastle United



Coventry City


Derby County

Bradford City


Sheffield Wednesday


Division 1

Charlton Athletic

Manchester City

Ipswich Town


Birmingham City

Bolton Wanderers

Wolverhampton Wanderers

Huddersfield Town


Queens Park Rangers

Blackburn Rovers

Norwich City

Tranmere Rovers

Nottingham Forest

Crystal Palace

Sheffield United

Stockport County


Crewe Alexandra

Grimsby Town

West Bromwich Albion


Port Vale

Swindon Town

Division 2

Preston North End



Wigan Athletic


Stoke City

Bristol Rovers

Notts County

Bristol City



Wycombe Wanderers

Luton Town

Oldham Athletic


Bournemouth AFC


Colchester United

Cambridge United

Oxford United

Cardiff City


Scunthorpe United


Division 3

Swansea City

Rotherham United

Northampton Town


Peterboro United




Torquay United


Brighton & Hove Albion

Plymouth Argyle

Macclesfield Town

Hull City

Lincoln City

Southend United

Mansfield Town

Halifax Town

Leyton Orient

York City

Exeter City

Shrewsbury Town

Carlisle United

Chester City

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Another thing when and if you help with squads. Players have to be 16 if they are to be included. Also if you could, could you try and find players that were in the youth team, reserves and the first team for your squad. All players have to be playing at the club for the 2000-2001 season. So it would translate into 2010-2011 :).


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I honestly don't know. You've probably edited something which has caused the game to not like it very much. I can't view your changes to the file so I can't see what's gone wrong, or if anything has gone wrong at all.

The only thing that I could suggest is possibly starting again...

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It's on hold at the moment due to a problem. UH may have found the problem and whilst he's on holiday I'll try and fix it so that we can continue. The Arsenal squad is done and UH is doing kits. metal_guitarist has said he'll help with the Manchester United and Chelsea squads. I'm currently working on the Aston Villa squad. Would you like to help with any of the Premier League Squads at all. If so just get started on one and just say which one. There was a website that MG gave me for all the squads at the time but I've deleted the PM. I'll try and find that website as it was very helpful.

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I'm always interested in new updates, especially the extra challenges that 'retro updates' like this bring. I hope you can sort out the issue, crash dumps are the bane of editors. :) What I've seen so far of it looks very promising indeed though, look forward to seeing it fully one day.

As for the squad site, Football Squads has a great archive of many teams throughout the past 20 years or so, usually includes D.O.B, weight, height and squad number for each player as well. You can check out the old leagues archive here: http://www.footballsquads.co.uk/archive.htm

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I've stopped because it was a lot of work and time consuming. I want to start it up again, so if you want to help you would have to create the squads and give them the attributes that you think they should have on a word document and then send it to me or UH. There's a squad website further up this page. I'm want to start again and if I do it'll just be for the Premiership for the time being.

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This sounds good fella, av you done the stadiums too?

are Leicester playing at Filbert street and set to move into the walkers stadium in 2002? thanks

I've stopped unfortunately. Should I start again they will be playing at Filbert Street. However, they won't be scheduled to move into any new stadum.

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If anyone wants to help with the file then go and find out some Premiership squads from that time period and assign some attributes based on either your own knowledge or what is written about them. Then send that file to myself or NF via the PM system and we'll put it into the game.

This sounds good fella, av you done the stadiums too?

are Leicester playing at Filbert street and set to move into the walkers stadium in 2002? thanks

That should be doable.

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i like the sound of this database, if we all chipped in we could make it great. If we start editing for you mate, what do we do with players no longer in the game? Also lets say i edit Ryan Giggs to as he was in CM99/00 how do i edit his achievements as surely that will be hard also how do i edit his International dubut date as if we dont edit that and were taking thwm back about 10 years it will look like he made his International Debut at 8 lol also what about pfa player of the year etc how do we edit that

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If you were to help, all I would need off you is to find squads and give players attributes that aren't in game. So Giggs will have a few changes made to him. I do all the editing on my copy and then I'll upload and everyone has credit etc etc. There isn't any other way of doing it except for me editing the main one AFAIK. Players who don't play anymore would be created by me if that's understandable. You just have to write down everything on excel or word.

All achievements will be deleted and players ages will be hit forward 10 years. It will create a few unwanted problems but it's the best way of doing it imo.

All players who aren't 16 or aren't at a youth academy for the start of the 2000/2001 season, so 2000 in the editor will be deleted which will mean no Fabregas.

I take it you would like to do Man United? If so, start as soon as.

I shall be starting tonight once I get in from work and hope to have Aston Villa, Chelsea and Liverpool completed by tomorrow. Should anyone else not want to do them.

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