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...actually, probably not completely fair, but anyhow. I'm currently playing a save in Hungary in charge of Budapest Honvéd FC. My aim was to get firstly Honvéd to the top of Europe, and then help out Hungary, bringing them up as well. This has been largely successful in recent times with Hungary now in the 2022-23 season being rated as the 5th best league in Europe and 3rd in terms of UEFA coefficients.

This was achieved firstly by my side's success in Europe, which opened up extra places for other sides which I then armed with some of my best young players that I searched the world for and they in turn used them to great effect to make a name for themselves. The team that profited most from this policy was Debrecen. Videoton and a few others took some players, but Debrecen may as well just be an extension of my club. Sadly, this has meant that their terrible manager has taken the credit for their success and is as such still around. They won a Europa League purely on the quality of their two young forwards and have since been becoming a power in Europe...

...until now! They signed some good players this season. A centremid for £7 mil, from Gyor... Who signed him a year earlier from me for the knock down price of £1.7 mil. They signed 2 defenders for £16 mil together. One, Spain's best young defender who made it into the World team of the year this year. The other a brilliant attacking fullback. They then released their only left midfielder and sold some other players leaving themselves with a full 14 first team players. This becomes worse when one considers that on average a team battling in Europe in Hungary averages a game every 4-5 days.

They did extremely well for a side without a left midfielder in the squad and a mere 3 players outside the first team. Then, the moment the January window opened in Europe they immediately sold one of those forwards that made the side what it was, their leftback and the midfielder they had been playing out of position at left mid. They now have a mere 11 first team players (with a winter break to rebuild hopefully), two of which are goal keepers.

I'm actually stunned that they would let that happen and not even motion to try and fix the problem!

A mention at this point must go to Ujpest who have point blank refused to buy a single player from me at those cut down prices. Why? Because they are nearly as good as Debrecen anyhow.

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Nah, that's cool... It's now 10 first team players and 3 of them are injured and less than a month out from the next match they haven't even bothered putting a bid in for any players.

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Attila Supka, the guy I replaced at Honvéd. He's been fine until recently and now he's seemingly unconcerned about not having a full XI. He has now sold another two, but loaned a striker from France with a view to a permanent move. Including the reserves they promoted they now have 13 players with their first match after the winter break tomorrow.

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