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The Dutch Way (Challenge)

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even more worrying - the chairman appears to be looking to leave, so i don't know how long i'll have there.

on the plus side - they already have 10 nationalities in their first team squad. only three games to go in the icelandic league and i am still unbeaten for the season so very exciting!

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End of Season Report



A few more ins even after I'd proposed to leave the club. I couldn't help but bring new nationalities in. All of these were U-23s:

Nathan Rooney, IRL, Free, Wolves - MC

Trausti Gunnarsson, ISL, £210, Breidablik - DR

Marcel N'dioro, CAM, £45k, Coton Sport - DMC

Dennis Scherz, GER, Free, FSV Frankfurt - DRL

Upon departure Valur have 19 different nationalities in their squad. Brazil, Cameroon, Democratic Republic of Congo, Denmark, Ecuador, England, Germany, Iceland, Iraq, Italy, Nigeria, Northern Ireland, Norway, Peru, Ireland, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Spain, The Gambia and Uruguay


A magnificent run saw us fall on the brink on the group stage. Panathinaikos were simply too strong. Maybe next year would have seen a genuinely good push here.

Genk H W 5-1 (og, Al-Gashamy, og, Cristiano, Pirez)

Genk A W 2-1 (Thorarinsson, Cristiano)

M Netanya H W 3-0 (Halldorsson, Thorarinsson 2)

M Netanya A L 0-2

Panathinaikos H L 1-2 (Al-Gashamy)

Panathinaikos A L 0-2

Icelandic Premier Division

After being top by three points at the halfway point, and unbeaten so far, we were looking to cement this and for me to go out on a high at Valur.

KR A D 2-2 (Cristiano, Pirez)

Fram A W 1-0 (Geirsson)

Grindavik H W 4-0 (Geirsson 2, Lydsson 2)

Keflavik H W 1-0 (Geirsson)

IBV H D 2-2 (Geirsson 2)

Fylkir H W 2-1 (Lydsson, Munoz)

Vikingur O A W 2-0 (Cristiano, Cortellini)

Thor A W 1-0 (Cristiano)

Throttur H W 3-0 (Lydsson, Halldorsson, Pirez)

Vikingur A W 2-1 (Thorarinsson, Geirsson)

FH H X 1-1 (og)

So a glorious unbeaten season. We ended up winning the league by 11 clear points, beating all league records. Fixture congestion led me to have to play the match against Fylkir during an international weekend meaning I had 11 players out!!

So anyway what do the Icelandic authorities do? Oh yeah, I don't get manager of the season again - despite only one Icelandic team beating me the whole season :rolleyes:

1. Valur +25 52

2. FH +20 41

3. KR +18 41

4. IBV +10 34

5. Fram +7 34

6. Grindavik -12 29

7. Keflavik 0 27

8. Vikingur O -4 27

9. Thor -8 22

10. Throttur -14 20

11. Fylkir -20 16

12. Vikingur -22 15

My personal player of the season would be Emmanuel Mendy - he surpassed all expectations and became an exceptional marauding full back. Apart from him no-one stood out - Al-Gashamy would have been but he really tailed off towards the end of the season. Olsen was another solid year and his set plays were deadly. Thorarinsson was our 4th highest goalscorer and they were all from corners and set pieces! Cristiano was again our most deadly striker but sadly leaves the club on 49 goals after a much quieter year. He departs for Dinamo on a free transfer.

And my departure? I've left some absolutely quality youngsters at Valur and it will be extremely interesting to see how they progress over their careers. The club should now have a decent shot at progression in Europe but I doubt they will make a group stage. They are currently on the back of a 26 match unbeaten run in league matches and I imagine that record should last for sometime - 52 points in a season will be extremely difficult to beat too. I will continue to follow their progress.

Year    Club          League              Pos  Europe      Other
2010    Valur         Icelandic Premier   1st  N/A         UL Cup Winners
2011    Valur         Icelandic Premier   3rd  ECC 2nd Q   UL Cup Winners, ICC Winners, IC Winners
2012    Valur         Icelandic Premier   1st  EC 4th Q    UL Cup Winners, ICC Winners, Unbeaten in whole league season
2012-13 FC Kobenhavn  Superliga

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one footnote - the Kobenhavn manager left because he became manager of Norway - less of a panic about that now!

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Stage Two - FC Kobenhavn


Initial Squad

Goalkeepers - Johan Wiland SWE 31, Kim Christensen DEN 33, Stig Olsen DEN 29

Defenders - Mikael Antonsson SWE 31, Solvi Ottesen ISL 28, Tanju Kayhan TUR 23, Jos Hooiveld NED 29, Leyti N'Diaye SEN 27, Zdenek Pospech CZE 33, Mikael Dorsin SWE 31, Bryan Oviedo CRC 33

Midfielders - Johnny Thomsen DEN 30, Thomas Delaney DEN 21, Saban Ozdogan TUR 22, Thomas Kristensen DEN 29, Mikkel Vendelbo DEN 25, Martin Bergvold DEN 28, Cristian Bolanos CRC 28

Strikers - Cesar Santin BRA 31, Johan Absalonsen DEN 27, Christian Gytkjaer DEN 22, Morten Neilsen DEN 22, Dame N'Doye SEN 27

It is a very old squad. It already makes compliance - there are at least 10 nationalities represented already, plus a Serbian in the reserves.

The season so far...

They are 10 games into the season and are currently top of the league on goal difference, a record of 5/4/1 with 21 goals scored and 13 conceded. They are in the group stages of the Europa league but have only picked up a point from their first two games after a defeat to Steaua and a draw against CSKA Moscow.

Goals for the Season

1. Bring in at least 8 top quality youngsters from around the globe to freshen up the squad and get me well within compliance.

2. Win the league.

3. Sort out the European form and get into the knockout stages of the Europa League

The board claim not to be judging me on any competitions. My goal is to complete stage 2 as quickly as possible - this season is about setting the bedrock for progression in the future, I expect to be here at least five seasons.

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i've conceded 5 penalties in 9 matches so far with kobenhavn!! my defenders are terrible!

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oh bollocks, psv job came up but i missed it - ragnick left to take over at bayern so i completely scanned it without realising. they've appointed pieter huistra.

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Mid-season Update


Cripes. The off-season in Denmark is huge. I don't feel it really justifies an update after only 9 league games but hey.


Current League Table

The team concedes penalties like nothing else. We are deadly upfront. So this has led to some very exciting matches - the derby against Brondby was particularly memorable - we went 1-0 down, then 2-1 down but still came back to win 3-2. It was a cracking match. Only one loss - away to 2nd placed AGF. We went ahead in this game but some shoddy defending brought it round - I've not exactly found a formation I am happy with yet.

The matches I've been in charge:

SonderjyskE H X 2-2 (Cesar Santin, Gytkjaer)

AC Horsens H W 2-1 (og, Kristensen)

Brondby A W 3-2 (N'Doye 2, Bergvold)

Esbjerg FB H W 4-0 (N'Doye 2, Bergvold, Bolanos)

AaB A W 3-0 (Gytkjaer, N'Doye, Hooiveld)

AGF A L 1-2 (Thomsen)

FC Midtjylland H X 2-2 (N'Doye, Kristensen)

OB A W 3-0 (Kristensen, N'Doye 2)

Silkeborg H W 2-0 (Kristensen, N'Doye)

As you can see Dame N'Doye has been absolutely deadly - 9 goals in 8 league games for me. Yes, that's 8 - he didn't play in my first game. No idea why.

Danish Cup

Less said about this the better.

Esbjerg FB H D 2-2 (Bolanos, Absalonsen) (lost on penalties)

Europa League

My first game we should have won and maybe if we had won we'd have kicked on. We drew it after giving away (quelle surprise) a last minute penalty. After that we didn't look like winning a game and this was a total damp squib. Must do better next year.

Metalist H X 1-1 (N'Doye)

Metalist A L 1-2 (Bolanos)

CSKA Moscow H L 0-2

Steaua A X 1-1 (Cesar Santin)


I have signed my 8 youngsters. I am not sure whether they will develop into top quality but I am going to post their screenies. Those who are still at their original clubs are joining me at the end of the season.

Yussuf Kamara - hmmm a winger with no pace and very few technical credentials. The scouts appear to believe there's something to him though and I'm willing to give him a shot. May not break into the first team for a couple of seasons yet. Signed for £30k, joins in July because I can't sign U-18 non-EU players until they have turned 18.

Christian Landu-Landu - A decent 21 year old Norwegian signed on a free after he was released by Viking. High determination, high decisions, good physical stats - he could be an excellent ball winning defensive midfielder.

Johannes Klein - 18 year old American goalkeeper joining for £130k in the summer. Giant with decent potential - will immediately have my current goalkeeper train him up.

Jan Lemmens - Big purchase. £850k from FC Twente. I expect him to break into the first team almost immediately. Despite his age he has excellent mental attributes and plenty of growth room in the physical stats. With a bit of work on the technical stats I can see him sticking around for a while and I've been lacking a decent right back all season.

Holger Ross - Signed for £20k from Leverkusen. Can't see him breaking in this season but looking forward to seeing the potential here.

Ergin Kahraman - Joining on a free transfer at the end of the season.

Daan Colot - With a bit of growth on the physical stats this guy could be dominant in central midfield. Cost me £350k from Standard Liege.

Deogratius Chawinga - Spotted this guy when I was manager of Valur but was outbid by a Qatari team and he didn't consider us. Was straight back in for him and paid top dollar - a fee that could rise and probably will rise to at least £2.2m. He looks worth every penny. He's only 18!! He looks absolutely extraordinary - if you look at only one of these players check this one out! Beyond excitement here.

In addition I've signed one Over-23 right winger on a loan - Ecuadorian Daniel Cruz from Germinal Beerschot, Bolanos can't run the right wing by himself.

Ok - that's one goal passed and one goal failed. It's time to try and win the league.

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not going to win the league either. defence is truly shocking once a couple of injuries hit. decided not to bring a central defender in on loan to bring chawinga in and i'm paying the price. mind i would still be pole position if my players could score penalties in the last 10 mins.

scores since the restart of the season:










5 games left and 4 points adrift. really need to win all five and we've not looked dominant at all since the winter break

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End of Season Report 2012-13



Inconsistency and a defensive crisis damaged our season. A critical match at home to AGF could have made all the difference - they took the lead twice in the first half for us to pull them back. Then we won a penalty with ten minutes to go which Kristensen skied over the bar. They then scored a winner in the last minute - any other result would have probably seen us go on to win the championship - as it was our confidence was knocked on the head. In other news - Landu-Landu looks like a great buy - a really mobile dogged midfielder and he got a couple of goals too. Chawinga started to justify his fee and I've signed him to a 5 year contract.

Lyngby A W 3-2 (N'Doye 2, Cesar Santin)

FC Nordsjaelland H W 3-0 (Antonsson, Chawinga, Ottesen)

SondersjyskE A W 1-0 (Cruz)

AC Horsens A W 3-2 (N'Doye, Chawinga, Absalonsen)

Esbjerg fB A L 0-2

Brondy H X 1-1 (Cesar Santin)

AaB H X 3-3 (N'Doye 2, Chawinga)

FC Midtylland A W 5-2 (Cruz, Cesar Santin 3, Landu-Landu)

AGF H L 2-3 (N'Doye, N'Diaye)

OB H W 2-0 (Cesar Santin, Landu-Landu)

Silkeborg A L 0-1

FC Nordsjaelland A W 4-0 (Chawinga, N'Doye, Landu-Landu, Amankwaa)

SonderjyskE H W 2-0 (N'Doye, Ottesen)

Lyngby H W 3-1 (Chawinga, Hooiveld, Bolanos)

N'Doye finished with 20 goals in 25 league matches.


1. AGF +33 73

2. FCK +36 68

3. FC Midtylland +12 60

4. Esbjerg fB -2 53

5. Silkeborg 0 45

6. SondersjyskE +4 44

7. Brondby +1 44

8. OB -3 44

9. AaB -11 34

10. FC Nordsjaelland -19 34

11. Lyngby -15 32

12. AC Horsens -36 14

Only AGF could live with us, but they were dominant - they would barely drop points. I averaged over two points per game and would expect that to be enough to win the league. I expect with the added pressures of European football they could drop away next year.

I'll do a youngster update in the midseason break.

One last challenge update - Lars Jacobsen is joining me to become my first "legend" signing. I've tried to get Christian Poulsen from Liverpool but his wage demands are extortionate!

Year    Club          League              Pos  Europe      Other
2010    Valur         Icelandic Premier   1st  N/A         UL Cup Winners
2011    Valur         Icelandic Premier   3rd  ECC 2nd Q   UL Cup Winners, ICC Winners, IC Winners
2012    Valur         Icelandic Premier   1st  EC 4th Q    UL Cup Winners, ICC Winners, Unbeaten in whole league season
2012-13 FC Kobenhavn  Superliga	 	  2nd  EC Grp Stg  None

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Very nice, got the legend :)

We'll chalk this season up to adjustment, getting used to a new squad, new league, bringing in new players. Go get 'em next year!

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I've never found a formation I've been happy with during my time there and it ends up that at the end of the last season and the start of the next season I've settled upon a nice and boring 4-4-2, but it seems surprisingly balanced... champions league qualifying round i drew genk!!

Pre-season (even though I've started it) update will be here in the next couple of days. Part of me feels I have a better chance in the league this year as AGF have continental football to deal with.

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Pre-season 2013-2014


So far I've completed Stage One with Valur (who incidentally failed miserably in the Upper League Cup and finished bottom of their group - I had a unbeaten record of more than 20 games in that cup ffs!!) and I moved to FC Kobenhavn. I then inherited an unbalanced but compliant squad, however I'm not counting the 2012-13 season as compliant since I joined late. No matter - the only decent thing I did was play in the Europa league group stage and I didn't even get there. So we attack the 2013-14 season with it being the start of a new era - the stage two era. Lets remind ourselves about how far I have to take this team:

1. Back-to-Back titles

2. A domestic double

3. Group stages of either European competition thrice

4. A final of either European cup.

1, 2 and 3 should be fine. 4 is a big challenge - as an example of the scale of my challenge only one Danish team (Brondby) have ever made the SEMI-FINALS of a European competition (UEFA Cup 91-92) so I'm not sure how long it will take me, but if I get there it'll be built up from slightly humble beginnings.

I have to remember Kobenhavn are easily the biggest club in Denmark. They have the biggest stadium and the most fans. Achieving domestic dominance should be trivial, but being able to compete in Europe is going to be difficult - especially if we fail to win the league like last season.

The Squad


Johan Wiland - 32, SWE - Club captain. Expected to start every match. Has been made the clubs goalkeeping coach as well.

Johannes Klein - 18, USA - Developmental goalkeeper. Benchwarming. May not get an opportunity this season and potentially loaned out at some point.

Full Backs

Lars Jacobssen - 33, DEN - Club legend returns. Can't see him starting many matches though.

Jan Lemmens - 17, NED - extremely exciting prospect. Had a seven figure offer from a Premiership club for him, but was rejected without consideration.

Tanju Kayhan - 24, TUR - was loaned out at the end of last season after some extremely dodgy performances. He rejected the chance to leave and decided to fight for his place at us. I've rewarded him for that and he seems to be a lot more confident this season.

Thobias Skovgaard - 21, DEN - developmental potential. Has been starting some matches and could break into the first team this year.

David Murphy - 29, ENG - bought for experience at left back, signed on a free from Birmingham City.

Centre Backs

Mikael Antonsson - 32, SWE - reliable centre back.

Ergin Kahrahman - 19, TUR - exciting breakthrough centre back

Jos Hooiveld - 30, NED - reliable centre back.

Leyti N'Diaye - 28, SEN - occasionally dodgy centre back. was found wanting during a defensive crisis last year.

Wide Midfielders

Bryan Oviedo - 23, CRC - pacy wide player, may not make it in the end, tried to sell him but clubs didnt meet my asking price so i held on

Cristian Bolanos - 29, CRC - extremely creative wide midfielder/winger. assists leader last year.

Johan Absalonsen - 27, DEN - extremely pacy left winger

Grigor Terziev - 18, BUL - new signing £70k from CSKA Sofia. looks to be an exciting prospect, but may not break through this year

Yussuf Kamara - 18, SLE - may not make the grade, doesn't appear to be kicking on.

Central Midfielders

Thomas Delaney - 21, DEN - reliable central midfielder who could become a key player for our future considering squad restrictions in the champions league

Christian Landu-Landu - 21, NOR - I thought he'd be alright but he's really come into his own. Had a great end to last season and I think he could be a regular starter this year.

Martin Bergvold - 29, DEN - not sure he's the standard I need for the future but will be a reliable squad player

Thomas Kristensen - 30, DEN - missed a crucial penalty last year in a game vs AGF. If he'd scored it we'd have won the league (potentially). Could also be used as a wide right player in a narrow midfield

Mikkel Vendelbo - 26, DEN - fringe player

Saban Ozdogan - 23, TUR - not convinced he'll ever be in my first team plans

Thomas Drage - 21, NOR - extremely good attacking midfielder on loan from Arsenal

Francisco Delgado - 18, ESP - youth prospect signed from Juventus for a tasty £700k

Holger Ross - 18, GER - youth prospect signed last year from Leverkusen, may make some first team appearances this year

Daan Colot - 18, BEL - youth prospect signed last year. Has had a leave of absence due to problems settling. Then he broke his leg. Things aren't going well so far.


Cesar Santin - 32, BRA - experienced striker. can also take a left wing role if required

Dame N'Doye - 28, SEN - star striker. scores bloody bags of goals. 68 for Kobenhavn in the last 3 seasons.

Deogratius Chawinga - 18, DRC - unbelievably hot prospect. have turned down a big offer from Dortmund over the summer. Alongside N'Doye and Wiland he's the top earner at the club and will be for a while. Signed to a 5 year contract now so I can get a huge (hopefully at least 8 figure) transfer fee for him at some point. He will be a world superstar.

Christian Gytkaer - 23, DEN - 4th choice striker

Danny Amankwaa - 19, DEN - a good prospect who may well break into the first team in the future but I've loaned him out this season so that he gets a first team run.

Number of different nationalities: 16 (Denmark, Sweden, Brazil, Democratic Republic of Congo, Senegal, Spain, Germany, England, Belgium, Holland, Turkey, Sierra Leone, Costa Rica, Bulgaria, United States, Norway)



Ergin Kahraman, Kayserispor, Free

Yussuf Kamara, Old Edwardians, £30k

Johannes Klein, Colorado, £130k

Lars Jacobsen, Wigan, Free

David Murphy, Birmingham, Free

Francisco Delgado, Juventus, £700k

Grigor Terziev, CSKA Sofia, £70k

Thomas Drage, Arsenal, Loan (fee £450k)


Johnny Thomsen, Kapfenburger, Free

Zdenek Pospech, Jablonec, Free

Mikael Vukicevic, Unattached, Free

Lasse Lindbjerg, Unattached, Free

Solvi Ottesen, Bordeaux, Free

Stig Olsen, Doncaster, £60k

Morten Neilsen, St. Pauli, £250k

Danny Amankwaa, FC Midtylland, Loan (fee £150k)

6/8 incoming transfers were under 23 - 75%


1. Win the league.

2. Get out of the group stages of whichever European competition we end up in.

3. Blood as many of the youngsters as possible.


4. Keep hold of Chawinga.

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total spoilers here but if i dont win the league this season something will have gone seriously wrong. my first 14 games i have a record 13-1-0 F37 A9... 16 points clear after 14 games

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im in demand - turned down everton, schalke and juventus in the past few months. juve offered me £50k a week for five years.

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Mid-Season 2013-14



Absolutely dominant. I decided to play 4-4-2 with the last few games of last season all of which we won. I decided to continue this. After 24 games against Danish opposition that formation has a 22-2-0 record, it doesn't go so well in Europe against stronger opposition but I'm after establishing myself in Denmark right now and I'm doing it perfectly.


1. FCK +33 50

2. OB +14 36

3. FCM +8 29

4. AaB +7 28

5. AGF +6 28

6. SonderjyskE 0 24

7. Brondby -5 24

8. Silkeborg -7 20

9. Esbjerg -8 19

10. FCN -14 16

11. Vejle -16 14

12. FC Fyn -18 11


Vejle A W 3-0 (Landu-Landu, Antonsson, N'Doye)

FCM H W 2-1 (og, Kahraman)

Silkeborg H W 4-2 (Kahraman, N'Doye 3)

SonderjyskE A W 3-1 (Chawinga, N'Doye, Landu-Landu)

AGF H W 1-0 (Cesar Santin)

Esbjerg A W 4-1 (Chawinga, N'Doye, Antonsson, Gytkjaer)

Brondby H W 4-1 (Chawinga 3, og)

AaB H W 2-1 (Antonsson, Kristensen)

OB A W 1-0 (Antonsson)

FCN A W 1-0 (N'Doye)

FC Fyn H W 5-1 (Bolanos, Hooiveld, Gytkjaer, Chawinga 2)

Vejle H X 0-0

FCM A W 2-1 (Kristensen, N'Doye)

Silkeborg A W 5-0 (N'Doye 3, Skovgaard, Cesar Santin)

SonderjyskE H W 3-2 (Cesar Santin, N'Doye, Kahraman)

AGF A W 2-0 (N'Doye, Kahraman)

Esbjerg H X 0-0

Brondby A W 2-0 (Antonsson, Hooiveld)

Danish Cup

Despite continually resting players for these matches (not that you'll be able to tell it from the scorers, Chawinga and N'Doye can feed off scraps of 10 minutes against tired legs and score hatfuls) this has been a virtual breeze.

B93 A W 5-1 (N'Doye 4, Kristensen)

AGF A W 1-0 (Chawinga)

Lyngby A W 4-1 (Chawinga, Antonsson, N'Doye, Cesar Santin)

We've drawn Brondby in a two legged semi-final. I reckon by the time I play the first leg the league trophy will already be in our hands.


A bit of a disappointment really. Some good results but not even close to qualifying. Some teams are just a lot better than us. We made the Europa league group stage, but finished third.

Champions Cup

Qual 3

Genk A W 3-0 (Chawinga, N'Doye 2)

Genk H W 2-0 (N'Doye, Antonsson)


Juventus H L 1-4 (Kristensen)

Juventus A X 0-0

Europa League

Zilina A W 3-0 (N'Doye 2, Landu-Landu)

Dynamo Kiev H L 0-2

Malaga H L 3-4 (N'Doye, Chawinga, Bolanos)

Malaga A L 2-5 (Delgado, N'Doye)

Zilina H W 3-1 (Absalonsen 2, Hooiveld)

Dynamo Kiev A L 0-4


A bit of business over the winter break. Loads of bids for Kahraman, Leemens and Terziev were turned down. There were no bids for Chawinga and N'Doye despite lots of managers talking about them. Slapping a £15m price tag on Chawinga seemed to stop them.


Ian Morfou - £30k, RSA, 18 from Bidvest Wits. Quality young right back from South Africa.

Salem El Turky - loan, LBY, 19 from Chelsea. Need back up at centre back and this lad is good. Want to potentially woo him over to Denmark.

Alex Chamberlain - loan, ENG, 20 from Tottenham. You know who this is. Remember I am playing FM11, he's not made a shock move.

Takis Markou - £600k, CYP, 19 from Anorthosi. Fought off interest from Lazio and Fulham to land this one. Defensive midfielder.

Ben Ansah - £85k, GHA, 18 from Kotoko. Striker who may have it all. Not as good as Deogratius, but fully expect some big strides over the next couple of years. He's been signed for a while but I can't bring in Non-EU under 18s until their 18th birthday.


Soren Fredriksen - Free, to Standard

Bryan Oviedo - Loan, to Freiburg. There is an option for them to buy.

First team squad now has 16 nationalities, plus another 4 in the reserves.

We've beaten the Superliga record for most wins in a row. First game back we just need to avoid defeat to break the longest unbeaten record.

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still going. actually i've already started the next season. threw my toys out the pram a bit when i lost the danish cup final... mainly down to the fact dame n'doye was suspended when i was attempting to get him 40 goals for the season in the final match of the season. oops.

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Catch Up

Sorry this is going to be a dreadful update. I've sort of been playing on and off and progressed but not had time to write a proper update. First up;

Last Season:

We cruised to the league title, eventually winning it by 20 points. We ended up with two losses so we went off the boil a bit but we had other matters to concentrate on. In the cup we steamed past Brondby 7-2 on aggregate. In the last game of the league season we battered FC Fyn (who were relegated 5-1) and Chawinga scored 4 and N'Doye got his 39th of the season. Unfortunately he also picked up a booking that saw him banned for the cup final against AaB. We subsequently lost. Oops.



James Ward, DC, ENG, Aston Villa, Free, 20

Jack West, AML/C, Eng, York, Free, 20

Erik Malmstrom, AMC/SC, SWE, Hacken, £450k, 17

Salem El Turky, DRC, LIB, Chelsea, Loan, 20

Matias Schwarz, MC, ARG, Marseilles, £4.5m, 20

Radek Macala, GK, CZE, Sparta, £700k, 17

Friday Chukwu, AML, NIG, FC Ebedei, £8k, 18


Ozdogan Saban, Rosenborg, Free

Mikkel Vendelbo, Mainz, £300k

Leyti N'Diaye, Koln, £300k

Tanju Kayhan, Gladback, £900k

Yussuf Kamara, RKC, £12k

In come a load of youngsters, out go a load of underperformers.

Start of Season 2014/15

SonderjyskE A W 2-1 (Chawinga 2)

AaB H X 1-1 (Hooiveld)

OB A W 1-0 (N'Doye)

Viborg A W 3-0 (og, Kahraman, N'Doye)

AGF A L 0-3

Vejle H X 0-0

A promising start to the season suddenly capitulated against AGF. Oh dear. Borghello tore us to shreds.

Champions League group: Chelsea, PSV, FCK, Dortmund

hey! PSV... what's the name of this challenge again? In the away dugout this time...

I'm going to go to monthly updates with mini-match reports now.

Year    Club          League              Pos  Europe      Other
2010    Valur         Icelandic Premier   1st  N/A         UL Cup Winners
2011    Valur         Icelandic Premier   3rd  ECC 2nd Q   UL Cup Winners, ICC Winners, IC Winners
2012    Valur         Icelandic Premier   1st  EC 4th Q    UL Cup Winners, ICC Winners, Unbeaten in whole league season
2012-13 FC Kobenhavn  Superliga	 	  2nd  EC Grp Stg  None
2013-14 FC Kobenhavn  Superliga           1st  EC Grp Stg  Danish Cup Finalists

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September 2014

Randers FC H W 2-1

After our poor run of form we were looking to bounce back with a victory. Chawinga opened the scoring with a brilliant breakaway goal where he ran with the ball from his own half before slotting it under the Randers keeper, but they were level within 15 minutes after some truly horrible defending from us. A late N'Doye goal got use the points, Chawinga put him through on goal before he slotted past their keeper.

Brondby A W 2-0

A game where I continued my excellent record in the derby matches against Brondby. My record against them now reads P8 W7 D1 L0 F20 A6. Chawinga also kept up his fine record against Brondby with another couple of goals where he went on unstoppable runs before putting it past the keeper. In this game I experimented with formation from the 4-4-2 for the first time - I decided to go back to my 4-1-3-2 that worked so well with Valur. We were under the cosh for a lot of this game but looked a lot firmer than we had. They had two goals disallowed(!!)

Dortmund A X 2-2

An excellent result in Europe for once! It was going against us from the off - they took an early lead and Matias Schwarz was then carried off with an injury. Our previous defensive stance (we played 4-4-2 again for Europe) was thrown away and I decided to go for it with instant results. Chawinga hit a magnificent brace to put us 2-1 up at half time. The second half was a thrill a minute, but unfortunately we couldn't hold on. This gives me hope that we could come at least third in the group...

FC Midtylland A W 3-2

We started with Ben Ansah up front for this one in place of N'Doye to give him a rest. I was cursing this early on as they took an early lead, but the man in form quickly had us back in it; Chawinga powered home a header from a Skovgaard cross to equalise and then powered home from close range to give us a 2-1 lead at half time. With 20 minutes to go Chawinga turned provider as Ansah was slipped through for his first goal of the season. They pulled one back quickly after but we saw the game out after that.

HB Koge A W 4-1 Danish Cup

The result looks comfortable but the tie truly wasn't until a bizarre turn of events in the second half. They scored a free kick in the first ten minutes and then held on and dominated play for the rest of the first half. We really weren't playing too well at all. Then on the hour mark Delgado was sent off for a second bookable, so I dragged Amankwaa off and chucked on Bergvold to keep a competitive midfield together and kept N'Doye as a lone striker. It worked a treat. Within 5 mins N'Doye had the equaliser and he never looked back. With goals in the 70th, 82nd and 87th minutes he went away with four goals and a comfortable victory.

Silkeborg H W 2-0

Two neat goals by N'Doye seal us a victory and secure September as a fantastic month for us. The team for this match is incredibly young - Wiland (33), Hooiveld (31) and N'Doye (29) are the only players over 22. Daan Colot made his debut in this match. We play Chelsea midweek so I felt I had to rest some but I still put out quite a strong line up.

Top end of the table at end of September:

1. FC Kobenhavn +8 23

2. Esbjerg fB +10 20

3. AGF +8 18

4. FC Midtylland +3 17

5. AaB 0 15

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the home tie was an absolute thriller. i wasn't sure how to play it with their manager so i said he was underachieving. hmm

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October 2014

Chelsea H L 0-2

According to my backroom staff Chelsea seem to struggle against teams like us. I'll believe it when I see it. I decided to go with a 4-1-3-2 in a Champions League game for once to try and give us a little more protection than the 4-4-2 I was planning to use for most CL games (even though I'd all but abandoned it in the league.

Despite having some awesome possession they take the lead half an hour in. Cavani, who was on low fitness going into the match managed to somehow lob Wiland from the edge of the area. It was a quality finish, but we'd carved out chances of our own and felt hard done by. In the second half we clearly tired but we also didn't play as well and this was compounded when Chelsea were awarded a fairly soft penalty with 20 mins to play. In the end though Chelsea were dominant and deserved their victory. In the other game PSV beat Dortmund at home. Chelsea had beaten PSV in the opener so the table runs - Chelsea 6, PSV 3, us 1, Dortmund 1

Esbjerg fb H X 1-1

So three days after Chelsea we play 2nd in the league. A boring first half gives way to a boring second half until we let one in. Then Chawinga hits the post but we can't break the door down. With fifteen minutes to go Jack West is brought down on the edge of the area and we get a penalty. Kristensen steps up to take it... ffs why haven't I made Chawinga my penalty taker?! Nevermind, he slams it into the back of the net. I go gung ho for a winner. N'Doye misses another great chance so I drag him off for Ansah back from scoring for Ghana U-20s on international duty. It almost works... but ah... it finishes one apiece. We should have forced a victory there but the team as a whole underperformed.

SonderjyskE H W 3-0

After a long international break we welcomed El Turky back from injury in at right back. Ansah started with Chawinga upfront to keep N'Doye fresh for the midweek match against PSV. We went 4-4-2 to mix things up a bit and get a bit of practice in for midweek when i planned to play it. Chawinga should have put us 1-0 up midway through the first half after some great work, but he hit the post when it looked easier to score. Just before halftime Bolanos also hit the post. Again we went in at 0-0. We switched back to 4-1-3-2 after halftime and went attacking and immediately Chawinga put us 1-0 up latching onto an Oviedo cross and firing home from close range. With 15 minutes to go Kristensen (who has come on as a sub again) fires home a free kick from the edge of the area. We go 3-0 up when Ergin Kahraman hits home from inside the six yard box during a goalmouth scramble and suddenly the match is very comfortable.

PSV H X 3-3

We played a very standard 4-4-2 for this one and took an early lead. Kristensen fired in a low cross which Dame N'Doye latched onto before smashing home from close range. PSV came back at us, but it was fairly square. We created chances of our own, but on the stroke of half time their star striker Guilherme is played through but Wiland makes a magnificent save. Straight after half time they equaliser after a horror pass from N'Doye put them on the break and Guilherme finishes easily. Oh dear. Controversy hits 15 mins later as Guilherme injures Antonsson who is marking him before taking advantage of the space opened up as he's lying prone on the halfway line and putting PSV 2-1 up. Then N'Doye is played through clear on goal and lobs the keeper.... but it hits the bar!! It doesn't take long to equalise. Substitutes combine as Friday Chukwu cuts inside before squaring the ball to Landu-Landu who fires home a beauty from the edge of the area. GAME ON. And with 15 minutes to go N'Doye and Chawinga combine and Deogratius puts the ball past the keeper THREE-TWO! And then they equalise with two minutes left on the clock. Both teams go gung ho and Chawinga misses a great chance deep into injury time. So close to a great victory. Dortmund and Chelsea draw and we're certainly still in a battle to make at least one of the knockout stages. Antonsson was given a fractured cheekbone by Guilherme.

AaB A W 2-0

It's another damp first half in the league before an inspired piece of work by Dame N'Doye puts us 1-0 up. Towards the end of the game Chawinga goes on a mazy run before crossing for N'Doye to head home a second. What is up with Danish referees though? 9 yellows in this match! (and lol - two shots on target for both teams in the whole match... yawn)

Viborg A W 3-1 CUP

A far weakened team played against Viborg with both matches against OB and PSV in view. Unfortunately it was one of our regular first team players Delaney who was carried off after 10 minutes so I brought on Landu-Landu. He made an immediate impact heading in a Bolanos corner. Just after half time they had the ball in the back of the net, but it was disallowed for offside. Straight after this another Bolanos corner caused havoc in their area and a Hooiveld volley was deflected into the back of their net for an own goal. With twenty minutes to go Bolanos was provider again as he played a delightful ball through to Ansah who put his one-on-one past the keeper. A consolation ten minutes from time wasn't enough to worry us.

Top of the table at the end of October:

1. FC Kobenhavn +13 30

2. FC Midtylland +11 26

3. AGF +11 25

4. Esbjerg fB +8 21

5. Silkeborg 0 21

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November 2014

Aside - Valur made the group stages of the Europa League after getting through 3 rounds of qualifiers - Aktobe, Inverness Caly Thistle and Nacional de Madeira were all defeated and they got drawn against Shaktar, Fulham and Lokomotiv Moscow in the group stages. Remarkably they pulled off a victory against Lokomotiv, with goals from Thorarinsson and Lydsson but have lost all their other matches. Their league form was pretty wretched though - they've not come close to winning the title since I left and finished 9th this season. They must be rolling in cash though after this European run and they recently became the only Icelandic side to go professional.

OB H W 3-0

We were hit by another injury to a midfielder within 4 minutes with Grigor Terziev being taken off. Just before half time we turned it on with N'Doye firing a powerful shot past the OB keeper. On the hour mark N'Doye and Delgado linked up again with the young Spaniard putting a lovely shot in. Ten minutes later Delgado struck again with a beautiful finish from the edge of the area.

PSV A L 0-3

My first match at the Philips Stadion. They took the lead in the first 20 minutes and didn't really look back. They went 2-0 up after we failed to clear a corner. We made some changes at half time but we were under more threat when N'Doye got himself sent off. Van Wolfswinkel finished us off in stoppage time. Urgh. Dortmund lost to Chelsea. Beat them at our place and we'll confirm a third place finish. A draw could make things a bit nasty in the last game.

Viborg A W 1-0

This was a totally crap match. Another hangover from midweek adventures. However another wonderful performance by Delgado saw him play through Chawinga with a beautiful lofted through ball and Deogratius hammered the resulting one on one into the top corner. Not the greatest game of football ever but we got the right result. The team look tired despite squad rotation.

SonderjyskE A W 2-0 CUP

We dominate the play in this match but we fail to put away our chances in the first half until Chawinga puts us ahead just before half time with a cracking run and shot. On the hour mark Chawinga grabs a second. AGF, Brondby and FC Midtylland are the other teams through to the semi. We play AGF on Saturday and their match went to extra time and penalties so hopefully we gain a slight advantage there. We draw Midtylland in the two legged semi final in the next half of the season. Last year we had the title wrapped up before we got there.

AGF H L 2-3

Our bogey team. As you can see I'm optimistic heading in but it starts off badly and gets worse - we're 2-0 down in 20 minutes. We are truly dreadful - 3-0 down on the stroke of halftime. We've carved out all the best chances but our strike force hasn't taken them and they've put the ball in danger areas and taken us apart on the counter. They've had 2 shots on target to our 10 in the first half and somehow we're 3-0 down. Midway through the second half with us still misfiring I drag N'Doye off and put on Ansah... it works immediately. 20 mins to go and we have a goal. Time to put them under pressure. 10 mins to go and Landu-Landu wins a header that puts Ansah clear again... he rounds the keeper and puts it into the net!! We pile on the pressure, we hit the bar... but to no avail. It feels like an injustice but we must take our blinkin chances!!! Six clear cut chances and only two taken.

FC Midtylland H X 2-2

This game becomes all the more massive now as they've won a load on the bounce and after last week sit only a point behind us in the league. With Dortmund midweek we could have done without the pressure last week put on us, so I end up playing a strong side because the league is more important than Europe right now. Denmark's European places went down so this means that we simply must finish as champions. Getting into knockout stages can wait. We make the breakthrough. In almost a carbon copy of one of the goals against AGF Landu-Landu won a header from a goal kick and headed N'Doye this time clear. He rounded the keeper and tucked it away. 10 mins later they were level. Another cross we failed to cut out or win. On the half hour mark they were ahead after breaking from a corner. Oh hell. However on the stroke of half time Delgado cracks another one in from outside the area. 2-2. The second half is without event, but we were tepid. Again. We could do with a few midfielders back.

Dortmund H L 0-3

Must win for European ambitions. We go 1-0 down early on and they make it 2-0 with a fluke goal just after half time. Moments later we have the ball in the back of the net but it's offside. With 15 mins to go, and after throwing away another opportunity we're 3-0 down and it's game over as far as Europe goes this season. The end of this month has been a total disaster.

Top of the table:

1. FC Kobenhavn +16 37

2. FC Midjtylland +18 36

3. AGF +13 32

4. Esbjerg fB +10 31

5. Brondby +5 29

6. AaB +3 28

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A shame about the European play, but that was a mighty tough group to end up in. Of course those are the type of teams you'll eventually have to beat to make it to the finals

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my usual first xi is very very young. quite often 8+ players are under 23. with a couple of years of bedding in they could be a very strong unit.

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December 2014

Vejle A W 3-1

Two league matches until the winter break and two crucial matches. Vejle and Randers are both teams we should beat, but Vejle we had already dropped points to this season. We took the lead after 12 mins, Bergvold curling in a lovely shot from outside the area. Just before half time Chukwu swung in a deep cross that Bolanos latched onto and fired home. On the hour mark Chawinga scored a cracking goal to put us further ahead. They pulled one back almost immediately... another failure to deal with a corner! That's where it ended. Job done.

Randers FC A X 2-2

We take the lead when N'Doye scores a fabulous goal. He picked up the ball from a throw in on the half way line and marched through the defence before cracking it into the top corner. Back to his best. Just after halftime Chawinga added a second after a great move. 10 minutes from the end of the game Hooiveld has a complete breakdown and passes the ball to one of their strikers with an open goal in front of him. wtf. The next minute we have another defensive breakdown. wtf. We concede two in the last five minutes from complete defensive meltdowns. It was completely comfortable until some madness in the last five minutes.

Chelsea A L 1-2

Yeah. It was the last game in the group and no-one cared. Roll on winter break. Ansah scored our goal. They scored a winner in the last minute. poo.

Top of the league at midseason break

1. FC Kobenhavn +18 41

2. FC Midtjylland +18 38

3. AGF +13 34

4. Esbjerg +10 32

We haven't been as dominant this year, at all. I've changed to a "better" formation. Hopefully after the break they can go on a bit of a run.

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Top 11 players in terms of minutes played with age in brackets:

Wiland GK SWE (33)

Kahraman DC TUR (20)

Chawinga SC DRC (20)

Hooiveld DC NED (31)

N'Doye SC SEN (29)

Kristensen MC DEN (31)

Landu-Landu DMC NOR (22)

Markou DMC CYP (20)

Skovgaard DL DEN (22)

Lemmens DR NED (19)

Delgado MC ESP (19)

7 of my most regular players are under 22. Throw in from the next 7 Delaney DEN (23), Morfou RSA (19), Ansah GHA (18) and El Turky LBY (20) and you get the idea.

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i'm partway through january and i've only had bigs from midsized clubs for landu-landu so far. no sale.

i've sold bolanos, oviedo and gytkaer because theyre out of contract, wont accept less money and the second half of the season is far less strenuous.

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i'm partway through january and i've only had bigs from midsized clubs for landu-landu so far. no sale.

i've sold bolanos, oviedo and gytkaer because theyre out of contract, wont accept less money and the second half of the season is far less strenuous.

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that was bizarre. loads of bids for landu-landu, reject reject reject. his agent wants more cash, i offer him a £9,500 per week up from £5,000. paok come in and chairman overrules my rejections. then he both rejects my new contract and paok!! ok cool!

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yeah! and still on 5k, but i've offered him the new contract anyway to tie him down to a four and a half year deal instead of the 2 years he has now.

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March 2015

All the winter break saw were players leave the club. Bolanos (£300k), Gytkjaer (£120k), Oviedo (£100k) all left the club. Chukwu went on loan to CSKA Sofia. No one was brought in. In the second half of the season I can reduce my squad somewhat.

Brondby H W 3-2

Firstly we had N'Doye suspended this match then during the winter break Chawinga picked up an injury which he only just recovered from to get on the bench for this match up. No bother. Malmstrom picked up the baton and scored his first goal for the club early on. Brondby equalised but Kristensen hit back with a pinpoint header. Then a good finish from Malmstrom put us 3-1 up just before half time, but they still had time to make it 3-2 before half time. It was a nervy second half but we held out.

Silkeborg A X 0-0

Horrible match. We dominated but N'Doye was awful, missed at least 3 or 4 clear chances. It was definitely one we should be winning.

Esbjerg fB A W 1-0

Tetchy game this one. Beforehand I was annoyed that Chawinga had been called up by DR Congo U-20s for some random tournament, but hey. N'Doye looked threatening but he still couldn't finish for toffee. Luckily El Turky put us in front on the stroke of half time. Second half got a bit mental towards the end, the ref had been booking our players all match. N'Doye was put clear through on goal and one of their few booked players dragged him down as the last man in the box. It was a clear penalty, but the ref didn't give it. Ergin Kahraman decided to give his penneth and was shown a second yellow. N'Doye gets subbed for a central defender.

Top of the Table:

1. FC Kobenhavn +20 48

2. FC Midtjylland +22 42

3. AGF +13 38

4. Brondby +3 36

5. Esbjerg fB +9 35

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April 2015

SonderjyskE A W 3-0

SonderjyskE had just sacked their manager and were definitely low on morale. We took them to the cleaners with three goals in a tight period just around half time. Firstly Matias Schwarz got his first goal for the club with a beautiful finish from the edge of the box. Then Hooiveld headed home a second from a corner just before half time. After halftime N'Doye finally scored getting a foot to a sharp Skovgaard cross. Malmstrom won a penalty later on, but El Turky skewed it over the bar.

AaB H W 1-0

Another clean sheet. El Turky got another goal from a header from corner. Our strikers missed another hatful of chances. Time for a runout for the reserves I think for both Deogratius and Dame.

Viborg H X 1-1

The match starts off badly when Viborg take the lead off a badly marked free kick in two minutes. A limp first half display ensues. A bollocking at half time reaps immediate rewards when yet again, El Turky heads home a corner. Five minutes later Chawinga misses an absolute sitter - he looks utterly and totally out of form. We push forward and push forward and don't look like we're getting anything... then deep into injury time Ansah is felled in the box from a throw-in and the ref awards a penalty. Kristensen steps up and hits the bloody post. ffs.

OB A W 1-0

A midweek match that again lacked a certain something. This half of the season we had very rarely torn any team apart and this continued that. We won thanks to a late and brilliant Kristensen strike from the edge of the area. This game continued to prove that Chawinga is having a terrible run of form of late.

AGF A W 2-0

Our bogey team would usually be the case, but Borghello was suspended and they had quite a few players out injured so I fancied our chances a little. I dropped Chawinga for Ansah and I brought Holger Ross in for a unexpected start in midfield as Kristensen was feeling the exertions of midweek. Within 15 mins Ansah had broken the fimsy offside trap, sprinted through on goal, rounded the keeper and it was 1-0. Within five mins of the restart though Thobias Skovgaard was clearing one of their chances off the line when it looked certain to go in. Just before half time it was Lemmens who broke the offside trap, skirted down the touchline, put a lovely ball in for Ross, who attacked it but was challenged, but the ball broke for Ansah in the area who tucked away his second of the match. Ansah hit the bar in the second half denying him a well deserved hattrick but it was an excellent victory against a team we usually struggle against.

FC Midtjylland H W 3-2 CUP

So the first of three matches in quick succession against Midtjylland with a Vejle match somewhere in the middle. We started well and a lovely move from the back saw Kristensen put the ball on a plate for N'Doye to tuck away. They were level within ten minutes with Gilberto scoring one of the best goals I've ever seen. It fell to him outside the box from a corner and he shot with such a curl on it I thought it was going wide until the very last moment. Unbelievable. (Turns out it hit the post, hit Wiland and went into the back of the net... WEIRD GOAL) Three minutes later we were back in front when Ergin Kahraman headed home a Kristensen corner. That's the way it stayed until half time but both teams had had numerous chances... it was a cracking match. Despite many chances in the second half we couldn't extend our lead and then a goalmouth scramble from a corner saw them equalise. Their keeper was having a blinder pulling off brilliant saves from an El Turky header and a Landu-Landu long shot, we just couldn't break through. I brought Ansah on for the still out of sorts Chawinga and again he made the difference, he picked up the ball on the edge of the area and had an instinctive shot, it came back off the post, came off the hitherto brilliant goalkeeper's back and dribbled in off the other post. Own goal. In the last minute Kristensen hits the bar!!! All to do in the second leg... we had 25 shots to their 7!

Top of the League

1. FC Kobenhavn +27 61

2. FC Midtjylland +25 52

3. Brondby +7 46

4. Esbjerg fB +12 45

I'm somewhat convinced that with 6 matches left I will win the league now. Whether I win the double or not? I'm a little more sceptical.

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May 2015

The month that matters

Vejle H X 2-2

I decided to rest some players for this. Essentially this was a free match. If we won we were almost certain to lift the title. Any other result may cause Midtjylland to have a view that they could catch us and they may rest players for the cup tie to try and defeat us in the league. However I'd rather not see us lose against a team who were towards the bottom of the league. Half an hour in though they took the lead, some excellent work down the left and a cross we didn't deal with saw them go in front, but almost straight away a quite awesome finish from Malmstrom saw us equalise immediately. Then Malmstrom came off with an injury... hopefully nothing too serious. In the last ten minutes a Holger Ross corner is headed home by consecutive Superliga player of the month winner El Turky. In the last minute some haphazard defending after El Turky is having treatment from the physio sees Vejle equalise. The good news however is that Midtjylland lost against AGF and a win over them next weekend would secure the title. A loss to them on Wednesday though would see the double dream die for another year.

FC Midtjylland A X 1-1 CUP

So this was typical. They scored in the first two minutes. It stayed the same until half time although you could argue we had the better of the play. Just after half time we make a breakthrough - their keeper hits a limp kick out and Markou wins it in the air to put Ansah through on goal (Chawinga is suspended for this match) - Ansah races clear and fires past the keeper - brilliant goal! They come straight up the other end and a heartstopping moment sees our defenders somehow scramble it clear. Blimey this is nervewrenching. 20 mins from the end I bring Delgado on for Kristensen in his first game back for a while - he almost makes an immediate impact knocking a great ball through to Ansah but their keeper is equal to it. A nervy last few minutes are seen out and we're in the final!

FC Midtjylland A W 2-0

Here again? Win this and we win the league. Lose it and we'd still probably win the league but I'd rather not let it get to that. They rightly had a goal disallowed for offside early on, but the main talking point of the first half was them going down to 10 men after a horror challenge from one of their midfielders. In the second half a lightning fast break from a corner saw Ansah play El Turky through to put a lovely cross into Landu-Landu, his shot came straight off a defender who put past his keeper for an own goal. With ten minutes to go a brilliant move out from the back left Chawinga to cross for Kristensen who hit a lovely half volley into the back of the net. Party in the stands. The final whistle blew, we were champions again.

Brondby N L 0-4 CUP

This is weird. No idea why this is suddenly in the middle of the season but it looks like the league season finishes a lot early when there's no big tournament in June but the Cup final doesn't move, hence the scheduling of this match. No wonder I hadn't wrapped up the league before the semi-final this year! Anyway, this was our chance to secure the double against a team I personally had never lost to, but they gave us a game at the start of the second half of the season and I really wasn't feeling entirely confident despite of our unbeaten second half of the season.

Starting Line up: Wiland, El Turky, Hooiveld, Ergin Kahraman, Skovgaard, Markou, Landu-Landu, Schwarz, Kristensen, N'Doye, Ansah. Subs: Klein, Delgado, Terziev, Antonsson, Murphy, Bergvold, Chawinga

Lemmens was suspended after picking up one too many yellows, so I shifted El Turky to right back and put Hooiveld in the middle.

They took the lead after 12 minutes with a screamer from the edge of the area. Minutes later Hooiveld headed against the bar from a corner as we piled on the pressure to try and get back on level terms. The rest of the first half was lifeless. I switched to 4-4-2 at half time and brought Bergvold on for Markou and Murphy came on for Skovgaard. 10 mins into the second half as we pushed for an equaliser they catch us on the break to make it 2-0. 5 mins later it was 3-0. Another year another abject failure in a cup final. Bloody hell it's 4-0...

Randers FC H D 0-0

Time to start really putting the youth in for these matches, but also I really really wanted Chawinga to come back to being somewhere close to how he has been before. This has been a terrible second half of the season for him with zero goals. Wiland was dropped for the first time under my management. It was a shocking match. 0-0

Silkeborg H W 3-0

N'Doye put us ahead just before half time after a defensive mix up by them. 10 mins into the second half Ben Ansah adds another. In the last ten minutes Ansah latches onto another through ball and makes it three.

Esbjerg fB H W 3-0

Ansah put us in front 10 mins before half time with a brilliant volley from a Morfou cross. 10 mins from the end Jack West runs past a couple of defenders before putting a great ball throigh for Chawinga. He rounds the keeper and puts it home... amazing! at last! In injury time Chawinga again profits from a defensive mix up to add a second.

Brondby A L 0-4

Time for vengeance. Except it isn't. We lose 4-0 and our unbeaten run. Unsure what's happening when we play Brondby. Well that takes the shine off the title.

Final League Table

1. FC Kobenhavn +31 72

2. FC Midtjylland +24 59

3. AGF +11 55

4. Brondby +10 55

5. AaB +5 53

6. Esbjerg fB +6 49

7. OB -1 46

8. Silkeborg -4 45

9. Vejle -6 37

10. Randers FC -15 31

11. SonderjyskE -22 30

12. Viborg -39 17

Can't help feeling this year was a step back. We've got 13 points fewer. Scored a lot fewer goals. We did slightly better in the Champions League. I can't avoid the fact we went almost the whole second half of the season unbeaten but Brondby tore us apart twice and that is unacceptable as a derby performance. I need some big game players.

This could be quite an active transfer window.

Aims for next year:

Win the Double

Get out of a European Group Stage

Go unbeaten against Brondby and AGF

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Start of Season 2015/16

The story so far:

Year    Club          League              Pos  Europe      Other
2010    Valur         Icelandic Premier   1st  N/A         UL Cup Winners
2011    Valur         Icelandic Premier   3rd  ECC 2nd Q   UL Cup Winners, ICC Winners, IC Winners
2012    Valur         Icelandic Premier   1st  EC 4th Q    UL Cup Winners, ICC Winners, Unbeaten in whole league season
2012-13 FC Kobenhavn  Superliga	 	  2nd  EC Grp Stg  None
2013-14 FC Kobenhavn  Superliga           1st  EC Grp Stg  Danish Cup Finalists
2014-15 FC Kobenhavn  Superliga           1st  CC Grp Stg  Danish Cup Finalists

Transfer Activity:


Luigi Zanetti, 21, DMC, ITA, Lecce, Free

Stephen McManus, 32, DC, SCO, Middlesbrough, Free

John Salum, 19, MC, COD, Al-Arabi, £1.8m

Damir Vrancic, 18, DMC, DEN, Esbjerg fB, £190k

Christian Poulsen, 35, DMC, DEN, Newcastle, Free

Daniel Bonig, 19, DL, GER, Spurs, Loan £325k

Diego Barcelos, 30, AMC/SC, BRA, Nacional de Madiera, £625k


Cesar Santin, Retired

Lars Jacobsson, Retired

Johannes Klein, Free

Martin Bergvold, Recreativo, £150k

Johan Absalonsen, Hertha Berlin, £300k



Johan Wiland, 34, SWE

Radek Macala, 17, CZE


Mikael Antonsson, 34, SWE

James Ward, 21, ENG

Jan Lemmens, 19, NED

Thobias Skovgaard, 22, DEN

Daniel Bonig, 19, GER

Jos Hooiveld, 32, NED

Stephen McManus, 32, SCO

Ergin Kahraman, 21, TUR

Ian Morfou, 19, RSA


Christian Landu-Landu, 23, NOR

Takis Markou, 20, CYP

Luigi Zanetti, 21, ITA

Thomas Delaney, 23, DEN

Christian Poulsen, 35, DEN


Thomas Kristensen, 32, DEN

John Salum, 19, COD

Holger Ross, 20, GER

Matias Schwartz, 21, ARG

Grigor Terziev, 20, BUL

Jack West, 21, ENG

Friday Chukwu, 18, NIG


Erik Malmstrom, 18, SWE

Dame N'Doye, 30, SEN

Deogratius Chawinga, 20, COD

Ben Ansah, 19, GHA

Danny Amankwaa, 21, DEN

Diego Barcelos, 30, BRA

Wow, I still have a stupidly young squad.

Denmark have gone even further down the rankings, we've got Airbus UK in the second champions route round for the Champions League.

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Oh exciting stuff, got Christian Poulsen. Exactly what I meant by trying to sign a former star! Those huge defeats at the hands of Brondby should probably not be happening, but in fairness your players might not have been that motivated with the title already in the bag... I see you spent almost 2 million pounds on John Salum, I imagine he'll be expected to make an immediate impact?

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yeah, pretty much, but also I need plenty of central midfielders for the formations i'm playing. he came highly rated, no real weaknesses, bags of pace, could influence chawinga into staying longer term with a countryman there. he has a high workrate as well.

champions league 2nd qualifying round was fairly amusing...

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July 2015

Airbus UK A W 8-0

It took what it felt like a while to get going, but eventually we made the breakthrough midway through the first half when Schwarz hit home after picking up a loose ball in the box. This got us going, within 5 mins Ansah had put us 2-0 up after good work by Terziev. Moments later Terziev was the creator again as he put Chawinga in to score. A few moments later it was four as Chawinga latched onto another through ball. Just before half time Terziev got one of his own as he curled one in from the edge of the box. It took until the hour mark for the next one, Schwartz hitting a lovely low shot from the edge of the box to join Chawinga on the verge of a hattrick. Next Chawinga converted that hattrick as Ansah put the ball on the plate for him to finish. It took LITERALLY seconds for Chawinga to get his fourth, Airbus took the kick off and passed it back loosely, Chawinga latched onto it and hammered home our 8th from 35 yards out. That's where the scoring stopped.

AC Horsens A X 1-1

We absolutely dominate this match but it looks like we aren't going to make a breakthrough until the final 10 minutes when Ansah heads home a Delgado corner. Unfortunately that goes to waste when James Ward drags down one of their strikers in the box and is lucky not to be sent off. They score the penalty. Same old story as last year. Strikers won't bloody finish the glorious chances we provide them with.

Airbus UK H W 8-0

I had the opportunity to rest some players and I sort of did, but I also wanted to get Dame N'Doye scoring. It wasn't him who got the first, Malmstrom scrambled home the confusion from a Poulsen free kick with the faintest of touches. This bizarrely prompted Airbus to make a substitution :D After four minutes. Next it was an own goal from another Poulsen set piece which put us further ahead and put us into double figures on aggregate. Midway through the first half Ansah got his third goal in as many games. Just after half time Ansah latched onto a Schwartz through ball and put us 4-0 up. Minutes later N'Doye was brought down in the box and Ansah completed his hattrick. 20 mins from the end Ansah got another goal. Finally just after that N'Doye headed in a Jack West corner to finally get himself on the scoresheet. Five mins from the end we matched our total in Wales, N'Doye headed a West corner against the bar and Salum followed in to score on his debut.

FC Nordsjaelland H D 0-0

We rather controversially had a goal disallowed in this match but I am tearing my hair out at my strikers inability to convert the chances that are created for them. You'd have thought with all the shooting practice against Airbus they may hit some form...

Renova A W 3-1

Renova are a team from Macedonia. They suprisingly knocked out Victoria Plzen in the last round who I was expecting to play. Despite a host of chances in the first five minutes against the run of play they take the lead when James Ward plays a suicide ball across the back of the defence. Then for the next half an hour we played the definition of "my strikers are snatching at chances right now" until finally Ansah latched onto a through ball and equalised. Just into the second half Ansah wins a penalty and Chawinga calmly tucks it away. His 50th goal for the club. Moments later it's three as a Chawinga shot is deflected into the path of Schwartz who smacks it home low.

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Some of my players:





if there is anyone else you want to see shout out

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August 2015

Silkeborg A W 6-1

After failing to win my first two games I felt the pressure building to get the first win on the board now. Essentially one of our strikers should hit a hot streak soon (and they should be on that hot streak already if the Champions Cup matches are anything to go by!). 10 mins in we take the lead, Bonig crossed for Chawinga to head home. 5 minutes later it was two when Diego Barcelos played in Ansah who rounded the keeper and tucked it away. On the 20 min mark Chawinga grabbed his second of the match as his free kick was deflected past the Silkeborg keeper. On the half hour mark we made it four when a long punt by McManus was latched onto by Ansah who hammered the ball into the top corner. Then it was five as Schwartz scored a lovely goal from the edge of the area. Moments later they won a bizarre penalty as McManus was accused of handling the ball with no-one close to him, hence they pulled one back. Ansah hit home just before half time but it was disallowed for a narrow offside. Just after half time they are awarded ANOTHER bizarre penalty as someone who is nowhere near the ball is adjudged to have fouled someone else nowhere near the ball?!?! This time they miss it. On the hour mark things got worse for them as they had a defender sent off. With ten minutes to go Chawinga secures his hattrick with a powerful finish from inside the six yard box.

Renova H W 5-0

News before this match - Friday Chukwu has been sold for £850k to Hoffenheim. When I decided to buy him I was still playing with wingers, but with Bolanos and Absalonsen gone so have any formations without solely wing backs, so a big profit on him is good business. I may have been able to get more, but I wasn't really up for the fight and could do with the cash. He may well turn out to be one of the great wingers of his generation, but hey.

We scored 20 mins into this tie, Chawinga scored another free kick. Five mins later Jack West hammers the ball home from the edge of the area. Just after half time Chawinga adds a third, his 10th of the season already. Moments later Chawinga hits a terrific free kick for already his third hattrick of the season. 20 mins from the end Salum chests down a cross before hammering a volley into the top corner. One round to go to confirm Champions League group stage place. It's against Red Star, who incidentally spent £6m on a certain Salem El Turky this summer.

Randers FC H W 3-0

We took the lead early on as Delgado played a lovely through ball for Bonig to finish neatly. On the hour mark Chawinga puts us 2-0 up. In the last five minutes Landu-Landu crashed a shot against the crossbar and Jack West was on hand to put away the rebound into an open net. We appear to be in a lovely run of form. FC Midtjylland next week, who are top of the table at this point of the season.

FC Midtjylland A W 3-0

Welcome to FC Kobenhavn Stanley Owusu. £1m straight from Africa. Gulp. My back is covered now if a tempting bid comes in for N'Doye, Chawinga or Ansah now. It was a lively opening five minutes but neither side made the breakthrough and the rest of the half was goalless, but you'd say they were the better of the two teams. The second half started with a bang when Ansah headed a Chawinga free kick in. Midtjylland took the game to me and that gave me the advantage of counter attack on their long pitch, however it was a corner that lead to our second as Ansah scored another header. 15 mins from the end Ansah wrapped up a brilliant hattrick as he volleyed home a James Ward cross. A brilliant brilliant performance.

News - after this match I tied up what I expect to be the last signing of the summer, 19 year old South African midfielder Sipho Mokoena, £90k from Kaizer Chiefs. Also, Danny Amankwaa joined Sturm Graz on loan with a view to joining on a permanent deal.

Red Star A L 0-1

Media reports suggest 21,000 Kobenhavn fans are travelling to Belgrade. wtf. That is beyond belief. They take the lead after 20 mins and we struggle to break them down. We lose our first match of the season, but there's nothing to suggest we can't make it back in the second leg, just a worry that we didn't get an away goal.

Esbjerg fB H W 3-1

So we screw up early on but Ergin Kahraman catches the guy who is clean through on goal and makes a great tackle, but from a limp cross coming from that move Poulsen puts the ball into his own net. Oh dear. The first goal we've conceded that wasn't a penalty in the league this season. On the ten minute mark a great bit of play by Terziev and Chawinga put Ansah in the clear, his shot is blocked but Chawinga is on hand to put the ball into an empty net to equalise. Five minutes later Chawinga has us in front with an extraordinary finish, a high swerving drive from the corner of the penalty area, WOW. 15 mins from the end Chawinga rounds off his fourth hattrick of the season. Blimey. Then the yellow card happy ref gets red happy. Firstly Esbjerg have a player sent off for a second booking, then Schwartz gets accused of diving and gets a second yellow.

Red Star H W 3-0

The first half is realllllly dull. We struggle to break them down. I make a couple of subs at half time but it's the dream team up front who break the deadlock - Chawinga plays a low ball into Ansah who breaks the offside trap and tucks the ball home. 10 mins from the end a good bit of passing play ends with Ansah on the edge of the area who turns, shoots and scores a wonderful wonderful goal. With the clock running down Red Star panic in defence, Delgado wins a header and Ansah is clear through on goal with the ball in the air, he heads powerfully towards goal but the keeper saves it, only for it to fall to Chawinga who puts us into the group stage! We scored a magnificent 27 goals in 6 matches to qualify!

Champions League Group H: Sevilla, Fiorentina, Marseilles, Kobenhavn. Not the worst draw ever... We're Denmark's only representatives left in Europe so not a chance at having our automatic group stage place back anytime soon. Other news - Ian Morfou has been sold to Spurs for £2.8m - I can't turn down money like that for a player who isn't automatically on the team sheet. The good news - Chukwu, bought for £8k, sold for £875k, Morfou, bought for £30k, sold for £2.8m. Our balance sheet is looking seriously black at the moment. Further news - so far this season Valur have won the Icelandic Upper League Cup, Icelanic Cup and are top of the league with 5 matches to go. Come on!

Brondby A W 2-0

Advantage may be sought from Brondby having their Europa League match going to extra time and penalties three days before this match, but still, those losses last year are still fresh in the memory. A very very good month so far could be ruined in this match. They had the ball in the net first, but it was ruled out for offside. After 20 mins we took the lead, another cracker from Ansah, who turned, shot and scored a brilliant goal from outside the area. Minutes later Ansah smashed a header against the bar from a Chawinga freekick. Within moments it was 2-0, Delgado slicing the Brondby defence apart with a delicious through ball to Lemmens who scored his first goal for Kobenhavn. We continued to make chances, again we hit the woodwork, this time Chawinga from a free kick. After half time they begin to work back, Macala pulls off a magnificent save to keep it at 2-0 at the start of the second half. With 20 mins to go again Ansah hits the bar after a fantastic run. This is how it ends. What a brilliant month.

Top of the Table

1. FC Kobenhavn +15 17

2. OB +11 16

3. AGF +2 15

4. AaB +2 13

5. FC Midtjylland 3 12

6. Brondby -2 10

Chawinga wins player of the month. Bonig is second place and Ansah is third. Clean sweep. What's that? Oh year, Deogratius scored, count 'em, three hattricks this month - Silkeborg, Renova and Esbjerg fB.

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Wow, what a team :thup:

Looks like you have some ace strikers, the latest purchase looks like he brings a bit more of the "big striker" to the table, a bit taller, a bit stronger, better at jumping.

I also see you're best mates with Emile Heskey? :D

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yeah he's one of my coaches :D

dunno whether it's my new formation, new confidence or new set pieces, but chawinga and ansah have burst into life. i'd love to be playing my new signing but these two are playing unbelievably right now.

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