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DB's Academy Scheme 2011 - The Game.

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The Background Story

David Beckham's New Academy Scheme.

David Beckham has decided to find & train 10 already talented, 14 year old footballers from around the world in order and then get them contracts in 10 league two sides in hope they succeed to the level that he once played at. They will be trained for a year and contracts shall be signed at the age of 15. League two sides will come for you at random. He realises he's heading towards the end of his career and wanted to give something back to the great sport he's earned all his fame and fortunes and also gained a lot of respect.

The 10 players who sign up shall receive updates on there performances and international call-ups/drops/performances, anything i see important. Requests accepted. All players will be allowed to assign one, technical, mental and physical attribute. The rest will be left to CA & PA, which will be similar for each player.


1. letissierandhenryaregreat - Rudolph Benjamin

2. MattieCoopz - Matthew Cooper

3. Time^- - Hollandse Hoere

4. manutdfan4lyf - Tardinho

5. YBK - Yakup Baris Kasikirik

6. CuddleFish - Cuddle Fish

7. JohnTerry26 - Igor Kešina

8. Makalele - Jeffrey Amankwah

9. bergtaur - Obiareus Economou

10. Excelsiour - Dave Williams

11. BigShane - Shane Bigimus

12. BtahtheZone - Jamie Reynolds

England is the only playable country then Spain, Italy, Scotland, Germany and France are View only.

All player profiles will be loaded in the next post. Everyone starts off with 100CA. Which is good for league two i guess, PA won't be revealed but it's quite high

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January 2011 - Rudolph Benjamin

Today, youngster Rudolph Benjamin, founded by David Beckham, has signed a contract making him an Olympique Lyonnais player! The 15 year from Southend had scored 7 in his last 5 and along with his height and heading ability he's good on the deck too! It's a very proud day for him and his family. Also, the Soloman Islands are likely to benefit from this as he will certainly push the islands international game already making 2 youth caps at the age of 15! We all Wish him the best of luck.

The New Olympique Lyonnais Player

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It's a interesting time for two of the Academy scheme as there are massive clubs chasing them. Shane Bigimus has a very interesting decision to make as the likes of Liverpool, Chelsea & Arsenal are fighting for his signature! It must be a very overwhelming time for the youngster, he recently tweeted on his twitter page.

ShaneBigi@ just got a visit from king kenny himself! Overwhelmed!

Maybe this visit has swayed him towards liverpool but who knows!

Where will he go?

Dave Williams is also attracting clubs of very high stature. For example, Aston Villa, Bolton & Chelsea. The decision seems a little easier for him although if he does chose Chelsea, it could limit his game time! Yet his progression may be a little faster. Tough Choices for the Both of them!

Transfer Proof

Dave Williams has been tweeting shane saying:

@DaveyW>ShaneBigiWouldn't mind reuniting with you at Chelsea, good luck deciding ;)

It might be a busy and tricky January for the young boys.

More Transfer news as it happens.

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