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any links about MLS guidelines for users ?

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If you mean about team registration the game tells you in the registration screen.. if you look it up however it's not going to match because I believe they might have changed some with the new season.

it's a little complicated to just go on about them, but there might already be a thread somewhere... The big things are designated players and international slots, the international slots are pretty obvious but they can be traded to acquire players, so look under transfer clauses to see if that's the case for the team. The DP is just a player that can sign a bigger contract and their salary doesn't count toward the cap.

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MLS Guides

They're for FM09 and FM10 but not a whole lot has changed other than the team rosters, more teams, and 3 DPs per team. I wrote the FM09 one. Harryseaess wrote the FM10 one. I was too lazy to make one for FM11.... :p

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