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How often do you move club?

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It depends I started at Ajax, rejected Zenit, then took the Fiorentina job, whilst there I have rejected Bayern, not sure where Id move to from here

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My "career savegame" so far...

Unemployed with Sunday League reputation > Thurrock > Bradford City > Scunthorpe > Guinea > Ghana > England > Leeds United > Roma > Ajax > Liverpool > Aston Villa

I apply for any job I see as a realistic career progression.

Highlights -

Getting Scunthorpe promoted to League One

Getting Leeds promoted to the Premier League

Winning African Cup of Nations with Ghana

Winning the Dutch Cup with Ajax

Winning the Dutch League with Ajax

Finishing 2nd in the Premier League with Aston Villa

Winning the FA Cup with Aston Villa

Lowlights -

Getting sacked by Bradford City

Getting relegated from League One with Scunthorpe United

Getting sacked by Roma after a tycoon takeover

Getting sacked by Liverpool

I probably have more fun with a career game like this than I do managing Southampton. I did apply for the Saints job on a number of occasions but they turned me down, now I'm too good for them! :D

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I never leave Man United but i would probably go to Barcelona or Real Madrid if i was offered the job.

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Jeez, are you on a mission to ask a record number of questions?

I move when a better offer comes along, I don't feel I can take my current club further or if I feel my heart isn't in the club.

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