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SI - regarding player signings!

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Dear SI,

For FM2012 would you please put some more hardwork into the reactions when you sign players.

Just now there is nothing that 'adds' to the game. For example: i sign a top player (imo) for a championship club but the next day - no public reaction. I sign a promising youth player and same again. Occasionaly i get the '*** is set to shine' comment or 'fans pleased with *** signing' etc but to me there is a serrious lack and missed chance to make this better.

Why can there not be a reaction to every signing you make?

Fans are sceptical about *** signing

Fans are delighted " "

Fans expect alot from new signing " "

Fans can't wait for " " debut

Fans shocked at " " signing

Fans can't believe " " signed for their club!

Fans in dreamland after " " capture

Board expect " " to bring success to the club

Board are delighted with " " signing and expect big turnover on signed shirts!

Board are upset at 'lack of ambition' with " " signing

Board feel signing of " " is a bargain and you have a sight for talent

Board feel signing of youngster " " to be a good bit of business

Board feel signing of hot pospect " " will be a fantastic bit of business due to future sell-on profit

Board feel let down by the signing of " "

Board will not comment about the signing of " " as they believe in their manager

Board beleive their manager has signed a quality player in " "

" " has shocked England after signing " "

" " has captured the biggest signing of the transfer window

" " is delighting fans after his recent purchases of " "

" " has setup his team for this season after bringing in " " " " " "

" " has strengthend their chances of promotion after " " capture

Theres hundreds of different quotes and potential stories to add into the transfer news reports. When i sign a player i expect a reaction - good or bad and then to prove the fans/board wrong or to show i did the right thing.

The game to me doesnt capture the news aswell as it could do.

So SI/Miles PLEASE add some spice to this for FM12 as its getting boring now. Its the same with the lack of questions/responses in the Press Conferences. The press conferences are also so easy to use but sometimes answering a question can have such a bad effect on morale when perhaps it shouldnt.

The only good thing i seemed to have noticed is that now when you praise or offend another manager - your players dont respond in the way they used to.

Is there anyway to change the news items of the manager signings - so i can put the above in my game to spice it up?


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i miss the ol'

'Player X set to boost shirt sales...'

always made me feel like the man!

That one is still in. I got it when signing Kagawa for Spurs just a few days ago :3

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