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Sportsmanlike Madness!!!!

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I noticed in the 10.3 release notes:

- Fixed player putting ball out of play for injury when there is a realistic chance of someone putting it into the net

Just finished a match - Fulham away to West Brom. We're 1-0 down with only seconds left of injury time. Zamora plays a defence-splitting pass to Leigh Griffiths. He's through on goal, only the keeper to beat... and he turns and kicks it into touch because there's an opposing player down in the penalty area. There's barely time for the player to be taken off the pitch before the whistle goes. It was the practically the last kick of the ball in the game and he used it to put the ball out rather than try to score.


I mean, I suppose I could understand it if we were winning or losing by a big margin and one more goal would make no difference, but it was the difference between a draw and a loss. Speechless!!

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Unfortunate, my team are quite mercilessly the opposite way, I've seen my team leave a player down injured for 4/5/6 minutes before he gets treatment as we go about our usual game. I guess Griffiths personally just must be very sporting lol.

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