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Any chance of taking a look at your save game?

sure, i'll pull it off when im home tonight and send it on Marc

and no he isnt good, my first choice keeper for past 4 seasons is a god and only earns 20k


I saved my game ready for it to be sent and carried on playing, Just got to 1st April where it flagged up his contract was due for renewal again, when I went to offer he only wanted 10k this time, so all seems to be good. I will still send the save game just in case it is a bug.

Guess he wasnt smoking during that meeting ;)

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I was reading this thread on the train, and it made me laugh out loud, to the strange stares of many people. :D

In my Arsenal save, I'm probably three years away from getting my own son, but now, I'm really not excited anymore if he's going to be crap... :(

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