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Storming run since 11.3 patch

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First up; this is not a complaint, just an observation. And correlation doesn't prove causation, but it's certainly interesting.

Since the 11.3 patch I've stormed to the top of the league, averaging 4 goals a game over the last 13 games and conceding only 7!


I've been playing around with a 'play each player in his best position and to hell with balance' idea for a while, and it was mostly successful, but after the patch I'm having the best run ever.


For those that are interested, the player instructions are:

DL (Insua) - Wing Back, Attack

DCR (Luiz) - Ball Playing Defender, Stopper

DCL (Skrtl) - Central Defender, Defend

DR (Ramos) - Full Back, Automatic

DMC (Vidal) - Defensive Midfielder, Defend

MR (Affelay) - Wide Midfielder, Automatic

MC (Gerrard) - Advanced Playmaker, Support

AML (Giovinco) - Winger, Support

FCR (Teves) - Trequartista, Attack

FCL (Torres) - Advanced Forward, Attack

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I'm not exactly top of the table, but I've done something similar. I had a terrible start to the season as Tamworth in the BSN, a team predicted to reach the play-offs, in 6 games I had drawn 3 and lost 3, and ended up in the relegation zone, but after the patch I went on an amazing run of form and now find myself 6th in the table, just off the play-offs with still half a season to play.

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yeah, 19 wins and a draw in my last 20 games, loads of goals, never looked beat even at 2-0 down after 20mins away from home...

won league two with 110 points, 108 goals, 36 wins, 41 conceded (was 3rd when I installed the patch)

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I've had the opposite effect with my tactic that I created using 11.2.1 and got some great result, since installing the new patch the tactic does not seem to be producing the results anymore.

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