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Faces Config Problem / Query

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I'm trying to create a config for faces using the players name and birthdate instead of the UID as show in the FAQ:


<record from="FILE_NAME" to="graphics/pictures/person/{FIRSTNAME} {SURNAME} {BIRTHDAY_DD}-{BIRTH_MONTH_MM}/portrait"/>

So for example if your players name was John Smith and he was born 30th March (year doesn't matter) and the filename of your graphic was johnsmith the line for the normal face would look like:

<record from="johnsmith" to="graphics/pictures/person/john smith 30-03/portrait"/>


But I just can't get this to work at all. I have tried putting the full birth date, and I've tried it with full stops between the day and month instead of the minus sign, but nothing works at all. All I see are the default faces.

I know the problem with the config is in the "john smith 30-03" part because if I replace that with the UID then the faces show just fine.

Anyone any ideas what's wrong? Does this actually work in FM2011?

Thanks in advance.

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