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I feel sorry for SI

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Must be so frustrating, working on a patch, and taking alot of time and effort, releasing it sooner than expected and yet still everyone moans about it. They must be thinking why do we bother. Feedback is good for future improvements, but alot of it isn't even feedback just moaning and having a go, stop being so ungrateful !

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So ungrateful? Is anyone here doing me a favour? That's called business mate

Why so many people get upset about moanings? just let it be... Some praise, some moan, that's in every aspect of life. Me? I just live my life and leave other praising and moaning, sometimes I join both parties

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Constructive criticism on forums is fantastic, helps SI get a feel for what the users want. So many features in the game have been developed from this forum.

Yes there are alot of pointless threads started *cough cough*, but thats what will happen in an open forum.

As for SI taking criticsm personally, believe me mate, there is no room for sentiment in successful business.

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