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long (ish) time reader, first time poster.

Picture the scene: I'm managing Liverpool. We're playing Blackpool and Andy Carroll scores a goal and runs off to celebrate only to see the goal chalked off for offside by the assistant. No problems so far. The next thing that happens confuses me.

Carroll is then cautioned and having already been yellow carded earlier in the game, sent off. But I'm not entirely sure what for. It doesn't mention anything explicitly in the commentary, besides "Liverpool showed the referee what they thought of that decision!"

So my question in a rather roundabout way is, Can players be cautioned for dissent in this game? Also, if so, shouldn't it then be made clear what a) the caution and b) the sending off is for? As I now don't know whether to caution, fine or appeal the sending off as I'm not entirely sure what he did wrong?

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He'll have been sent off for what he said to the ref. It's happened a couple of times where players with a certain personality have a go at the ref for what they feel is a poor decision.

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Ah right, fair enough then. Thought it was that but find it a bit odd that the game doesn't find it necessary to tell you. For all I know, he could have kicked another player in the head :p

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