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Begining to think i might have a bugged save game

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I have played footie Mgr for the past 10 years or so,, i know how the match enginge and tactics work,, but getting some really odd results in this years game that i just cant get around.

I know people will jumo to defend the game to death and im not knocking "the Game ",, just mine so far,, so before having a go just consider some of these first

I'm managing Rangers in the SPL,, like every year I always go them first and play until I have acheived all i can or get bored first. I usually win the spl first season,, but usually play a half season first half hearted just to get used to new features etc before starting for real. I have in the past NOt one first full seasion but always at least by the second.

Im currently about 9 games shy of the end of season 2 and dragging behind in THIRD !!!!!!!!

I have tried all sorts of tactics , player combinations and roles etc, and gave them time to get used to them before trying another new idea,,, but its the manner of the losses thats getting me

As I wright this I have just lost to Celtic in the 3rd lg game at PARKHEED,, iT was the big game as i was 10 points behind going in to it and winning would have got me right back into contention and losing obviously ending it.

I scored first and then the game turned on me again,,, their first goal was when my defender passed a lazy pass back right into the path of their striker,,, their second was a penalty for what looked like nothing. I then lost 2 of my best players to injuryies.

Second half I change the tactics bring on some new faces and Im dominating ,, their keeper becomes superhuman,,, BUT WHAT HAPPEND NEXT TOOK THE ****,,, my midfield broke away and played out wide to the winger,,, he tore down the right flanks beating their last defender and getting to the byline,,, their keeper go's toward him , and he side steps him and plays back across the box to my incomming striker centre to the goal on the 18yard line. DOES HE SHOOT FIRST TIME INTO THE EMPTY NET ? NO,, Does he take a touch first or sky it ?? NO,, he gets the ball at his feet,, stands and looks at the empty net,, waits a second or two ( the gk is on the deck miles away and there is no other defender in the box),, he then turns with his back to goal and dribbles the ball BACK OUT the box and toward the other wing and there passes to a teamate ?????????????????????,, ,,, I knew then no matter what i did ,, i wasnt getting an equaliser,, the computer was obvioulsy saying NO!!

I know one icident dosent make a game bugged,,, but In my first season,, in 3 out of 4 old firm games I was a goal down within 2 mins and a player sent off within 5mins !!

Whenever celtic play a game before me and drops points ,, my team always drops points in their next game ,, even during a good run and even if its a home game against weak opposition,, to the point its predictable...

For some reason too when im on a good run and the teams morale is all high,,, when i go to the pre match screen before a BIG GAME for some reason the team morale has suddenly dropped for no reason.

The only thing that might be the casue in defence of the game,, is the fact that i know im awaiting a new laptop and as such knowing im going to have to re install and start again,, so perhaps i might have been slightly less focussed than usual,or made some decisions i might not have otherwise, ,but still,,,,Im not a novice to this game ,,and, it just feels jinxed this year lol

I wiill be really interested to see if all these random events keep happening when i re-install the game on another pc.

Has anyone else encoutered anything similar,,, im on the latest patch,,, and pulling my hair out ?????????,,

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Yeah me. Waiting on 11.3 I decided to play a friend's save. 5-0 against already retrograded team. I was 3rd in the league. What the hell?! I guess their win was a combination between no pressure + manager talk + playing home = win against top league club. I also managed to overturn a 2-0 into a 2-3 only to get 2 more goals in the last 5 minutes of the game. **** got serious when I found out they were also an almost retrograded team. My club has some serious problems with low reputation clubs. This kind of sh** might happen IRL once or twice per season but It just keeps happening.

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This has been disputed by SI, but I have found it to be relevant for the last few FM versions.

I start a save game at release, then there is a patch and the game mechanics change, but the database etc does not. Then there is another patch.

Then I notice all sorts of little problems so I start a new game. Then all those little problems are gone.

Did you start the game on 11.0 and now playing a couple of patches and a hotfix later?

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