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[FM11] Up North!

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League Run : England all 6 tiers - Playable




Blyth - An Insight

Blyth Spartans A.F.C. are a semi-professional football club who play in the Conference North, and are based in the town of Blyth, Northumberland, England. They are often the most Northerly team in whichever league or cup they are playing in. They are managed by former Hartlepool United and Darlington manager Mick Tait.

They were founded by Mr. Fred Stoker in September 1899, who was the club's first secretary before forming a practice as a distinguished physician in London’s Harley Street. He thought it appropriate to name the team after the Greek Spartan army in the hope that the players would give their all as they went into "battle" on the field of play.

Main Aim

My aim is to take Blyth from the Blue Square North to World Domination!!

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Blyth Spartans AFC - Blue Square Bet North - 2010/2011

I took up the job at Croft Park with the board wanting me to finish mid-table at the very least. There were a lot of top teams in the division and I knew it'd be tough but if we held our own, promotion could be a possible.

BSN Overview


I couldn't have asked much more of my lads, with a complete overhaul of the squad we ripped apart anyone who came in our way and achieved promotion to the BSP. Only negative was we couldn't get 100 goals in the league just falling one short.


FA Cup Overview

We did pretty well in the FA Cup reaching the third round before getting thrashed by west brom 6-2. However, we did earn about 200k from the tie which was a real bonus


FA Trophy Overview

Exceeded Board expectations and won the FA Trophy against BSP team Histon while also netting a nice sum of £50k. However the only problem was we kept forcing replays from our opponents which then kept piling up the fixtures. It was as if we kept playing Two-Legged games to ensure progress in the next round.


Next Season

It'd be nice to retain the FA trophy but main focus will be to not get relegated!

Note: Next update will be in a couple days time!

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thanks guys thanks for the comments im in my second season will post up the final overview when its finished

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hhmm the lower leagues in england are very easy its a bit of a struggle championship onwards

Let's agree to disagree :)

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Great start to your career, if the only bad things that happen to your team is scoring 99 goals in a season then I'm sure you'll be fine ;)

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