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[FM11] An American Manager in Europe?

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Since American Managers have such a rich history of coaching European cluibs <sarcasm>... I decided to give it a try as an American Manager, therefore I picked some of the smallest leagues to attempt to get a start. And with the addition of the dynamic leagues now, I want to see what I can do. I loaded a game and basically followed dafuge in setup. I use British Pounds as currency, Custom Large Databare with Current International Players, nothing all that special. I picked the following countries, and in all the countries I picked all leagues included with the game FYI.












N. Ireland







When a club accepts my application, it'll be posted.

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I got hired on 1/5/11 by Afturelding a newly promoted team to the First Division of the Icelandic League. No staff and crappy players. I currently have a wage budget of 1,450 pounds/week they're going to give me 4,500 pounds/week when I get hired. If I can find that many players well the club will be in red this season. I'm getting paid 400 pounds/week on a 3 year contract... I hope by then I'm in the Europa Cup... now to hire the worst staff ever assembled, and off to find players eager enough to play for peanuts.

The club is located about 13 miles north of the Icelandic Capital Reykjavik The club hasn't done well at this level and above. Its a semi-professional club founded in 1909. The club has a national reputation and the Chairman is looking to leave. We're expected to finish last in the First Division by the media. We have a stadium that fits 1000, with 300 sitting, in average condition. Looks like my top salary for players is capped at 300 pounds a week, and my ass man is going to make 130 pounds a week so this is going to be tough. Off to find staff and players.

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Booo no Asian countries :thdn:

Good luck in Iceland and nice to see another North American on the boards...

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2011 Season - Icelandic 1st Division Afturelding

Upper Division Cup The board of directors didn't care about this, I was still forming my team when it took place, finished second to last.

Icelandic Cup The Board of Directors wanted to get to the 3rd Round, I didn't make it past the first round, got stuck with another team from the same league and lost.

2011 League Table I was suppose to get last, but barely survived the league despite so many new players.

League Postion Graph 2011 Well it says it all, from 1st to last in 4 weeks, then a slight rebound.

2011 Squad I liked it considering what I had to work with... which wasn't much to be honest.

Transfers 2011 Brought in a lot of players, in the end too many crappy players I couldn't get rid of even for free.

Key Players

Rogvi Jacobsen My Faroe Islands international central midfielder/playmaker was our best striker with 6 goals, 2 assists, and 2 MOM

Botond Antal My Hungarian 19 and under co-captain and my goalie had 7 Clean Sheets, conceded 38 goals in 27 games... but he was better then my alternatives.

Jon Johannesson The future uber defender currently a 19 and under iceland player, the 40,000 pound transfer will be justified in time, one of the future guys to lead us to european success if I don't fired beforehand...

Jon Strom Another 18 and kid I hope has potential in the future. Hasn't lived up to the hype so far.

Wentzel Steinarr About the only guy who got recognized from my club for anything good, he got his first Cap for the Faroe Islands

Have to build up the team and eliminate the dead weight and try to get promoted ASAP.

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It depends on the reputation fo the other teams in the league :)

BTW I'm the "jerk" :p


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Afturelding 2012, Icelandic First Division

Upper League Cup Absolute Disaster, led me to use my new Goalkeeper as a Result of ending up last and giving up 20 goals in 7 games...

Icelandic Cup We played the SAME team as last season, they got relagated last season, and in Round 1, they beat us in Penalty Kicks 3-2

Icelandic First Division Very Tight Division, finished 2 spots higher this time, up to 8th, was painful, after 7 games I was in 2nd. Then I had a spell of 12 games without a win. Once the team was on the rebound, the season was over.

Division Positions during the season At least I was consistent at the end of the season.

The Squad Couldn't get the job done when it came to it. There is a lot of potential, most of which hasn't been shown on the field.

The Transfers Got a huge squad now that needs to be slimmed got some new players signed up already for next season.

Key Players

Zannetos Mytides The Cypriot U21 Goalkeeper took over for the previous one that bombed early in the season, and did a lot better. Played 23 matches for 6 clean sheets and conceded 27 goals

Abian Serrano A New striker that ended up being our top Goal Scorer. He scored 6 goals, had 2 assists, and 2 MOM honors only played in 18 matches, 4 as a substitute. I will play him every match and hope he can break 10.

Cheik Toure The defender from the Ivory Coast got 4 MOM honors, the most on the team, and overall is our best defender.

Tony Taube The young Swedish defender got 3 MOM honors. One of the rocks of the defense, our 2nd best defender.

Rogvi Jacobsen The Faroe Islands international player and our team captain played in the most matches and had a below average season. He's on the last year of his contract, being 33 now I hope to open a spot for him as a scout if I can convince the board for more scouts, I think his time on the team could be closing

Our balance is currently 417,741 pounds in the RED. We already have a bank loan of 45k till 2016... Finances aren't going to get better unless we can get to the Premier Leagiue or we get a huge cash infusion.

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Afturelding 2013, Icelandic First Division

Upper League Cup Got 6th place in my group, was trying things out, got some interesting results... Board of Directors don't care about this cup thankfully

Icelandic Cup Finally met the Boards expectations of getting the third round. Had a hard first round match I won in extra time a man down. Next match was against a lower league team, barely won that, then in the 3rd round I got my ass handed to me by yet another lower league team, but the Board of Directors were pleased.

Icelandic First Division Table Finished 5th, 7/8 points out of promotion.

First Division Past Positions Spent most of the season between 5-8th place as the top the teams kept slamming me back down.

The Squad Way too many scrubs on the team, I'm looking to change that ASAP as soon as other teams are willing to buy my players already.

Transfers Many of these players are the reason why this upcoming season I think I can make the run on promotion.

Key Players:

Cheick Toure This former Fulham player joined us and his my star defender second highest goal scorer with 6, 2 assists, and 9 Man of the Match honors. He's looking for a larger club and a few have made bids for him around 60k. I hope to keep him, but I don't know I won't let him go for under 100k.

Dylan Tombides Was our star striker with 9 goals, the Aussie was a former West Ham player. I hope next season he continues to develop and lead us to the Premier League.

Aljaz Cotman When my starting keeper was injured, my back up took the helm, getting only 6 clean sheets and giving up 35 in 27 games needs to improve!

Fannar Kolbeinsson Here is my top assist leader with 7. He can't shoot a goal if his life depended on it, but if I can get his creativity up, this kid has a ton of potential.

Rogvi Jacobsen The old workhorse keeps on going with 6 assists. He keeps on playing as the key creative man for the Faroe Islands as well. Going to make him a coach if he'll accept. He renewed for yet another year, although he's really only good for 1/2 a match or so these days, I'll take it, those 6 assists were critical.

My debt is ever increasing 45k pound loan plus a balance of -541k pounds. Really need to move on up to get things financially balanced. Hoping for Promotion!

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Afturelding 2014, Icelandic First Division

Upper League Cup Got 4th Place in my group set the tone for a the harmony of the squad and showed that perhaps with some minor tweaks we could do well.

Icelandic Cup Had 2 First Division Clubs in my first 2 rounds, barely beat the first, lost the second one. The Board of Directors were mad, I was suppose to reach the 4th round.

Icelandic First Division Came down to the last day, THANKFULLY all I needed was a tie to get promoted to the Premier League

Past Positions Had 2 dips in form primarily due to injuries gained, as well as some players finding it hard to adapt to Iceland early in the season. Overall when the morale was high and our best players we available, we more often then not dominated.

The Squad Still have a large squad sent a few players of too my feeder club who I believe I can help bring to the first division thru my loans, we'll see overall I'm looking to try to get rid of a few players, and maybe make 2 older players part of my staff.

The Transfers Brought in a few awesome players, put some on season long loans, and actually sold a few, and got 1500 for one. Hoping to transfer quite a few players and hoping to bring future stars in.

Key Players

Andri Hermannsson Our goal leader... 12 Goals, 2 assists, 3 Man of the matches, done in 22 matches. Was injured for about a third of the season, hope he can build off his success next season a future Icelandic Star.

Kristjan Emilsson Our assist leader with 9 assists and 7 goals in 25 matches. Underrated by the game, another future Icelandic Star

Diogo Formosinho My new main Goalkeeper from Portugal. In 31 matches he had 10 clean sheets and concede 34 goals. I might finally found my long term head keeper!

Erhard Ludovic My french playmaking midfielder. 2 goals and 6 assists in 30 games. He normally passed the ball to Emilsson who normally passed the ball to someone else so it takes from Erhard's total.

Cheick Toure The Ivory Coast Man was once again our leader in MOM honors with 6, he also got 3 goals in 31 matches. Interest in him has waned, and when Bristol Rovers made a 60k Pound bid for him I rejected and Toure said he was happy here :)

Yaya Toure The new uber sought after man at the club now has a miminum release clause of 250k Pounds to him happy. 1 assist, 4 goals, 4 MOM honors in 3 matches and his huge in the 20 and under Ivory Coast national team even though his nationality is considered English.

-635k in debt, I hope to get to the Europa Cup sooner then later, I hope I get a good amount increase in salary so I can stay in the league, its a critical time, might be fired this season.

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Afturelding 2015, Icelandic Premier League...

The best season so far injuries plagued us throughout the season. I overperformed despite all the odds I faced... and I still could loose my job.

Upper League Cup Group B In a group that is 1/2 Premier League and 1/2 1st Division, getting second place I knew I had a shot in the other competitions, but this one had to come first.

Semifinalist Upper League Cup I made it to the Semi's and lost extra time, I was lucky to take it out that far, I was a man down, and it just wasn't meant to be.

Icelandic Cup I won the Icelandic cup, in the 5 matches I played 3 went to Penalty kicks in including the final... how I won I dunno but it did lead to me to the Uefa Cup!

Icelandic Premier League Ended up in 4th place was for a good portion of the season second, then when a few 'stars' moaned about going to a bigger club morale broke...

Past Positions I fought my way up and broke down at the end. Still damn impressive considering the Injury plagued season

Icelandic Premier League Fair Play Award If we won the league ok I would love this but since we didn't maybe we shouldn't of played so fair... lol

The Squad The Foreign takeover continues lol... Iceland just doesn't have the players, but I get them in young, and the club trains them up so I think I field a very strong (strong by my team standards) Europa Cup team.

Transfers Got rid of dead weight when I could, and brought in some new stars.... found some damn good Czech players. I have a feeder club where I send people to train hopefully they'll help create new Icelandic Stars!

Key Players

Diogo Formosinho The only player to play in every game and the only key player that was not injured. Played in 36 matches conceded 35 goals with 14 clean Sheets. This young portuguese player is going to get some attention after the Europa Cup!

Kristjan Emilsson The young Icelandic was injured for a lot of the season. Played 20 times, scored 9 and got 2 assists and Man of the Match honors. If he could of played more it would of made a huge difference. He was one of the cry babies looking to leave... and he gets visitors to the stadium and they can get him for his minimum release clause of 250,000 pounds.. I won't take any less.

Vlastmil Tobias Wasn't exactly the striker I had hoped he'd be, but he did get 11 assists to lead the club, and got only 4 goals in 18 matches. I may change one of my alternate set ups just for him to have a central attacking midfielder role IF I he can be taught to be an accomplished or better cental attacking midfielder... time will tell.

Chieck Toure Another cry baby about going to another club... yeah going to Npower League 2 in England is going up from a club who is in the Europa Cup??? lol He was also a bit injured during the season but still clocked up 25 appearances with 5 goals, 1 assist, and 8 Man of the Match honors which he had the most of at the cllub.

Yaya Toure A lot of coaches check him out, a lot of people praise him, he's the silent wall in the back. 30 appearances, 4 assists, 1 Man of the match honors, and 4 yellow cards. He forced a minimum release clause on me to I upped to 250k pounds no one offers it yet... I will loose him eventually he's really that good. He's just a great player, probably my best.

Rogvi Jacobsen Since I've been here... I made him captain and he never complained about not enough time on the pitch or anything... he is a player/coach and starting this season he's just going be a coach as he's retired. During the Icelandic Cup he made his last appearances due to so many injuries. In the Icelandic Cup final he was able to bring the trophy home Icelandic Cup Final he got the last penalty kick for the win!

Club News

Stadium Expansion The expansion is going to cost 1 Million pounds and will make the 1000 seat stadium into a 1866 seat stadium.

Consortium wants to takeover the club Speaks for itself... local businessman

Consortium hints at replacing ME yep after I secured an Europa Cup entry spot, the new management if succesful want to ditch me lol

New Chairman No new investment into the club, and the intention was always to replace me with a 30 something year old Icelandic player who is about to retire... lol Thanks for the Icelandic Cup Victory lol

Finances Well our finances suck, but the previous board payed off some of what I owed. 400k of that is my debt, the million is for the stadium...

I hope I get to play at least 1 season in the Europa Cup to get a bigger name for myself before getting tossed, it should be interesting.

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Nice thread mate. I live in Iceland so nice to finally see a career update from a team in Iceland :)

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Afturelding Icelandic Premier League 2016

Upper League Cup My Board of Directors was satisfied with the Quarter Final Exit, its a nice little tournament to test the players for the real season so it works well for that purpose... i should of made it but was one of those games

Champions Cup Basically the Community Shield of Iceland... I was the Icelandic Cup Champion and I beat the League Champs 2-1

Icelandic Cup Knocked out in the 4th round... they wanted me to reach the quarter finals which I would of made had I won this match. I should of beaten them but I got the loss at the wrong time.

Icelandic Premier League Could only muster a second place spot, it came down to the last game which I got a tie, had I won I would of won the league by goal differential which would of been nice, but the Champions League would be even harder them the Europa Cup which is tough enough at this point...

Past Positions in the League Started off slow, was in first place in the middle of the season before slacking towards the end of the season.

Manager of the Year I would like to thank me, myself, and I for this honor :)

Fair Play Award I think I got my team smoking grass cause well 2nd straight year they're playing fair

Icelandic Team of the Year 4/11 are MINE!!! 3 defenders, 1 forward, I am happy to say the least that they're recognized.

Europa Cup

In the second round I played a small Bulgarian club Pirin and had a 1-1 tie away, but killed them at home 4-2

In the third round I played Vorskla Poltava from the Ukraine who I got lucky beating at home 3-2 and away 4-3. But that was nothing compared to my 4th round opponent...

In the Fourth Round I played Bordaeux who was 5th last season (14th as of 1/1/17 manager got sacked) I lost 2-1 in France and even outshot them... in the return leg at home I tied them 1-1. I am thrilled I did that... I had I won I would of gotten completely destroyed in the group phase, which even happened to Bordeaux as seen here

What is nice is that I now have money in the bank, all I need to do is continue to make it into the competition and I'll be able to advance on financially.

The Squad Large again cause my max salary is only 500 pounds and I have almost 7000 pound/week wage limit, so I max it out everytime :/ I'm still not respected yet to be able to get good players to come from better clubs in better leagues.... YET... when I can the number of lads will decrease proportionately

Transfers brought a few people in, sent a few whiners away. Going to clean house this year I think unless I can't find uber players, then I'll continue stocking up on crappy players

Lionel Zoko 13 goals on the season, my top striker

Yaya Toure 2nd best defender, and tied for second best goal scorer at 10

Kristjan Emilsson 2nd best striker, tied for second best goal scorer at 10

Vlastmil Tobias The number 3 striker, with 7 goals and 21 assists.

Chieck Toure The man of the season 8 Man of the Match performances, fan favorite. I had him as 500k worth player, now I'm at 2.5 Million and recently got a 1.5 million pound bid from Ajax for him, still not selling and for now he's happy, until he complains AGAIN about wanting to go to a bigger club.

Finances 500k in the bank!

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Afturelding Icelandic Premier League 2017

Upper League Cup I made it all the way to the finals and ended up losing the final 5-2 to my arch rivals FH.... We'd meet again.

Champions Cup Battled with FH again, and this time won the battle 3-1.

Icelandic Cup Was a tough battle again, had to play FH again, and lost this time 3-1

Premier League Finally I won the Premier League and I'm in the Champions League... I beat FH 2-0 on the last day of the season sending them down to 3rd place, it felt so good especially with it being an away game. The home game was a 1-1 tie for those wondering.

Past Positions The second half of the Premier League season saw my have a 9 game win streak that led me to the title. It started when something amazing shot morale thru the roof... has something to do with the Europa League, I think at least lol.

The Squad as shown by value. I have a lot scrubs sitting in the first team that just need to be let go for no other purpose then freeing up resources for newer and better player so I can consistantly kick FH's arse in the future.

Transfers Picked up a few new players who got play a bit, only one became a key player, most of the sold were worthless youth scrubs, but I made 42,500 in transfers out and brought 2 players in for 50,000 pounds. Still looking for a few killer players.

Key Players

Zoltan Acs My new 23 year old Hungarian striker, Played in 39 games, got 15 goals, 4 penalties, 7 assists and 3 MOMs to make him one of the MVPs... but I think he can do better.

Lionel Zoko The 31 year old French Striker kept his form good as well, playing 38 games, scoring 12 goals, 5 assists and 1 MOM. He's clearly not going to get any better at this stage of his career, I need better.

Yaya Toure The 22 year old whiner from the Ivory Coast now boasts a 750,000 pound minimum transfer clause. Over all he's the 2nd best central defender I have, he played in 43 games, scored 9 goals, 3 assists and had 5 MOM honors. He's part of the pair that keeps out Europa Cup matches so tight.

Vlastmil Tobias My third Striker is the charm, being the assist leader on the team. The 23 year old striker from the Czech Republic played in 36 games, scored 8 times, scored 3 penalties, 21 assists, and had 7 MOM match honors. He is the engine that makes the scoring happen.

Cheick Toure My top defender and top performaning player overall is now worth 675,000 pounds, I priced him at 5 million now. He could of played internationally for Ivory Coast and England but has become an Icelander! The 25 year old Icelandic International played in 47 games, scored 6 goals, had 3 assists, and 12 MOM honors. He's sought after by teams around world, the top bid has been 2.75 million so far from English Premier League club... Doncaster Rovers who are now last place in the EPL with 9 points after 19 games.

Proud to be Icelandic My star player didn't acknowledge that he wouldn't of been the player he is today if it wasn't for me! See if he EVER leaves my club!

Europa Cup The most important Goal here is money and recognition for the club, myself and our League.

In the second qualifying round we met a Ukrainian club called Karpaty whom we beat 2-1 away and at home to got to the next round. It was tight, but we made it.

In the third qualifying round we met Sion of Switzerland where we beat them 2-1 at home, in the return match in switzerland they beat us 2-3 but since we scored 2 goals there and they only scored 1 in Iceland, we go thru due to the away goals to the 4th qualifying round.

In the fourth qualifying round we got Bursapor of Turkey. This was a stressful home match to say the least, but we managed a 3-2 win, we went to Turkey where chased the game after a 1st minute penalty kick until the 80th minute we tied the game and held out for a 1-1 tie which brought us to the Group Phase!

We ended up in Group H with from the hardest to the easiest teams...

Inter Milan of Italy

Anderlecht of Beligium

OB of Denmark

OB is as good as us, we had 2 1-1 ties with them. It made me happy we didn't get this far to get trashed.

Anderlecht was on a different level though and beat us 2-1 in both matches. Not bad since they did beat milan at home too.

Milan beat us 2-0 at home and 3-0 away, both respectful results considering one of their players get paid more the all mine put together.

We made some money as a result of the ties and the first rounds so its well worth the pain

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Club News

European Club Ranking We moved up 147 spots to 479 on the top 500 clubs list!

European Competition Rankings The Icelandic Premier league is now considered the 80th best league in the world up 19 spots over last year.

Cup seedings We are battling for 1 Champions League Round spot, which I have next year. Now we have 2 teams who start out in the Second Round of Europa Cup qualifying up from 1, and now we only have 1 team who gets into the First Round of Europa Cup qualifying

Team and Manager Awards

Upper League Cup award for worst discipline EVER in that competition Kinda strange since the last 2 years I've been the Icelandic Fair Play Team of the year winners... oh and I won that AGAIN despite the Upper League debacle... Mr Fair Play yes I am that much into fair play and I don't finish last!

Team of the Year Winners Yaya and Cheick Toure recieved the honors this year...

Manager of the Year Of course I'm the manager of the year!

Stadium Expansion 2!

2nd Stadium Expansion So they want to spend another 1.5 million on inceasing the stadium by 1336 to 3202 seats. Haven't had a sold out game before the expansion, I was more hoping for better training Facilities, but hopefully next year if I bring home the big bucks....

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Afturelding Icelandic Premier League 2018

Upper League Cup Won it pretty easily, had 1 loss, and it went to penalties in the quarter finals and final... oops

Champions Cup Defeated my arch rivals 2-0 to win it.

Icelandic Cup Except for one blip early on, I won this in easy fashion

Icelandic Premier League Dominated the competition, at one point I had so much problem scoring but my defense totally rules the league.

League Positions Up until the last match of the season I either had ties or wins. I lost the last game of the season putting on a weak team to save my best players for the Champions League, and since I had already won the League it was cool to loose to Keflavik 5-2 since it prevented my rivals FH from getting into the Europa cup :)

The Squad Just as big as ever due to my available resources increasing last year, only problem is I can't recruit the players I am able to afford now for the most part. I'm have a Continental Reputation, my team only has a national reputation, so I can't even get the best players I can afford yet, which is hampering my performance in the Continental tournaments :(

The Transfers I got rid of some youngsters who were a waste and some whiners who wanted greener grounds. Otherwise I brought in 400k worth of players, some did alright, some didn't perform as expected, pretty disappointing. I definitely need better players to one day win the Champions League.

Key Players

Alexandr Boiko The best Goalkeeper yet...

Cheick Toure My best player, the million dollar man now... still complained but is playing great still and getting compliments from around the world. Can't believe I'm still able to hold on to him, but I think he loves Iceland and the Champions League

Yaya Toure My second best player, who plays next to Cheick had a few injuries but otherwise still scores a lot of goals and helps keeps the team semi competitive in European Competition.

Vlastimil Tobias with 13 assists he still makes magic happen at times, all he needs are better strikers to get the job done.

Kristjan Emilsson with 10 goals he's tied with the most goals, did alright but we need better...

Zoltan Acs He should of done better too but sadly didn't

Champions League

In the first round we Borac from Bosnia, in the first match which was away we won 6-1 (biggest win in ALL competitions) at home we won 2-1, onto the second round...

In the second round we played BATE from Belarus, in the first match away we got a 1-0 victory, on the return match at home we won 2-0 to get to the third round...

In the third round we had the battle of Vikings... the Battle over the most dominate Nordic Team was on when we face FC Kobenhaven.... it was an epic match for supremacy... the first match was televised away, in which we had a 1-1 tie, in Iceland they came... and no one scored we advanced to the group phase thanks to the away goals rule!

Our group was one of the groups of death... Consisting of...

Manchester City



We tried our best, but we are just not good enough to get past this stage, outside of 2 matches we were simply outclassed especially the 6-1 crush from Schalke.

Other Team News...

Team of the Year only 2 of my players are considered the best in the league... sad

European Competition Rankings I really don't see how we dropped 21 spots to 101 best...

Club Rankings We are the 325th ranked club in Europe

Champions cup Seedings same as last season

Payout for making the group phase This is what its ALL about only a 6.175 million pound pay out :)

36 game unbeaten run I might of had problems with scoring, but domestically my defense rocked

Expansion complete we now have 1336 more seats for fans

Another Stadium expansion we're adding another 936 seats for 1.1 million

New Facilities Getting new Facilities finally to train our team better!

New Pitch Nice new pitch to battle our adversaries on!

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Afturelding Icelandic Premier League 2019

Upper League Cup Made it to the finals and lost to my arch rivals FH :(

Champions Cup Beat Fykir to retain the Cup

Icelandic Cup Went thru it just fine, Winning the title.

Icelandic Premier Division Dominated the League to go to the Champions League next season again

Past Positions Lost the first match, then took first place as its our Divine Right

Messaoudi Wins Premier League Golden Boot My new Star Striker helped me dominate

Best 21 and under player in the League My new midfielder is another reason for domination

3 Superstar Players 3 Players are best in the league

The Squad The overall value of the players are going up with new players being a lot better then the majority of my players.

The Transfers 4 million worth of players came into the club... 240 worth left. Still have too many players, but my quality is going to ensure a better European Status


Adil Messaoudi My best ever player, my Moroccan born Dutch Striker was purchased from Liverpool for 1.5 million. In return he only Scored 36 goals, had 14 assists, and 11 Man of the Match Matches in 37 games.

Milenko Paunovic My best ever midfielder, my Serbian midfielder was purchased from Maribor for 1 million. He scored 4 times and had 18 assists in 36 games.

Eero Hyypia Has done well becoming more of a distributor then a striker of the ball. He scored 3 goals but provided 14 important assists.

Christian Vinueza Our New Ecuadorian striker cost us for only 40k and in return scored 14 goals, 10 assists, and 9 penalties.

Marco Bianchi My best defender now, really showed his stuff in European Competition, making many ties happen. In 40 games he got 7 goals and 7 Man of the Match honors


Stadium Expansion Yet another expansion, once done we'll be able to have over 5400 fans once complete!

Youth Academy We're finally getting a youth academy!


Euro Seedings We keep all the spots we had already

League Ranking The Icelandic Premier League moved up 28 spots to 73th most competitive league in Europe

We moved up 230 spots to 210th in the European Club Rankings!!!


It was a fruitful European Campaign for us as we're still battling into the new year which absolutely amazing!!!

The first team we played was a Bosnian team from Sarajevo. We beat them away 3-1, and beat them at home 5-1 to make the next round.

In round 3 we met Storm Graz, I thought this would of been our exit given their performances lately. We got a 1-1 tie away, but beat them 2-1 at home to advance to the 4th Round

In the 4th round we met Greek Champions Aris, and we played them well, in our first match at home we won 5-3, away we won 3-0 to reach the group Stage:

Champions League Group E

We were stuck against:

Olympique Lyonnais



The hardest team Lyonnais was tough, we came back from behind in both matches to somehow get ties, at home we managed a 1-1 tie, in France we got a 2-2 tie.

Sampdoria we managed a 1-1 away tie but at home we got THUMPED 7-2 by Sampdoria. Not really sure what happened except It was the last match of the year and everyone was waiting to take their break.

Fenerbahce was the easiest for us to play, in Turkey we got a 0-0 tie which was frustrating knowing now that a win would of meant staying in the Champions League. At Home we took an early 2 goal lead, gave 1 up after the 60th minute and managed a 2-1 win at home...

Coming in 3rd place in our group means we go to the Europa Cup Knockout Stage.

Europa Cup 2nd Knockout Stage

In the First round we face Tel Aviv, if we survive that we get either Galatasaray or InterMilan... Will update when I get as far as I can in the Europa Cup!

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