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For each club there is a Minimum and Maximum amount of supporters set (you can view it in the editor). But I was wondering whether this amount will change with changing circumstances like the club's reputation? Or is it a set amount and is the Maximum Attendance the actual maximum you will ever get with that club, however well you are playing? :confused:



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It seems to me it would be silly if it didn't change, especially if you are talking about a lower league club. Certainly there is a max somewhere based on the catchment area of the club, but I imagine it must grow as the club grows?? At some point it would have to stop to keep you from building a 500,000 seater, but for any club the number ought to be high enough that you can eventually draw crowds that match the best attendance clubs in your country.

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My understanding (based on FM10) is that it does increase.

Looking at Genie Scout, my Histon team had something like a minimum of 440 and a max of 4500. Some years on, I'm now in the Premiership and whilst the minimum has remained the same, the max is about 50,000 now. I just wish they'd build a new stadium as mine is capped at 33,000! I believe Dafauge on his epic save got a stadium for a non league club to hold over 100,000 - so I imagine there were many increases there to keep up with that.

Hope that helps.

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