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Neil Brock

For ALL users of Football Manager 2010 ESD versions – New 10.3 Patch

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We’ve now released a 10.3 patch just for the ESD version of Football Manager 2010. This 10.3 patch removes the need for activation on the game via Uniloc. There are no other updates and fixes contained in this patch and it should NOT be downloaded for any other version of the game (Disc/Steam etc).

If you do not download this patch prior to the 1st February you may be asked to reactivate your game, which you will not be able to do with your old ESD code.

Because this issue does not affect Macs, there is no Mac patch.

They can be downloaded from the following links

FM2010 PC ESD Patch – Direct Download: http://www.sigames.com/downloads/

FM2010 PC ESD Patch – Torrent Download: http://torrent.sigames.com:7000/torrents/fm2010_v10.3.0_patch-digital-unlock.exe.torrent?99C9A47BA919D80A56C3D1F11BDFD352646209A6

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