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are agents so totally and utterly retraded? Let me give an example. Zaha young striker starts the game with crystal palace, on a nice long 5 year contract. Currently hes my top scorer and hes been making noises about a bigger club. Of course hes going nowhere, we had the chat, he was told hes not leaving and seems happy (feels he has a good relationship with me) Ok. He started as hot prospect and has become a key player, i can see there is a bit of problem here so i offer new contract which is basicly exactly the same as the old one except i want to offer him 2k a week more wages and to bump up his goal bonus and app fees. The offer i made was in line with what the club can afford, its not going to get any higher. After a cursory glace at the ridiculous demands the agent is making, i put this imporved offer on the table with a take it or leave it... and he refuses. Why would an agent refuse his client more money? its not like hes leaving the club till his contract expires anyway, if he misbehaves ill put him in the reserves. What i cant understand is why this agent isnt sacked at the first oppurtunity, hes obviously holding his client back. Agents are just a constant boring chore to deal with. Another example i see a fair bit, is the agent demanding 1 increment higher wages than the club will allow me to pay...what is the point of that ffs? and its not like a manager cant have a quiet word on the training ground is it? Get rid of them, they suck

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Agents are needed in the game as they are a curse many a manager has moaned about in real life.

But the bit you mentioned about him refusing the same deal but with a pay rise is a bit silly.

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