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Well excuse me for my IGNORANCE

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Well,if you notice on the bugs forum,I got a post locked due to it being rated as "complains" rather than bugs. If the gameplay being RUINED is not a bug then what is it?

If players actually manage to have 40 shots per game and still draw or even sometimes lose how is it supposed to WORK AS INTENDED?

If AI managers,no matter the team,no matter the reputation,no matter their tactical knowledge skill can find the weaknesses of EVERY SINGLE tactic and break them, how is it WORKING AS INTENDED? This would be ok for a champions league or world cup,but it happens for every team,even a friendly with a team of 20.000 euros value can give your players a hard time...

If 9/10 shots from our players are RIGHT ONTO THE KEEPERS CHEST,whereas the AI players seem to have no difficulty finding the net, how is it WORKING AS INTENDED?

And I still haven't got an answer to what I have questioned: Do AI teams have to suffer the penalties from match preparation? Do they have to suffer the penalties from changing their tactics to their SLIGHTEST? If not,why should we?

I'm really dissapointed by that reply,really, and I don't care what most elitists say, if your players break your opponents defenses just in order to shoot right onto the keeper or right to the woodworks 9/10 times NO MATTER THEIR STATS,then there is something wrong with the game,not something wrong with the tactics we use. (and I use "we" because there has been plenty of posts regarding those issues,yet no actual answers)

Seriously,I'm dissapointed by the reply I got,I'm dissapointed by the replies everyone gets regarding these issues...are these issues even investigated for the next patch?

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If your post was like this, then it clearly looks like you are just complaining. You are not detailing what particular tactics you are using (personally I have used the same tactic for 7 seasons and been very successful) and you keep shouting by putting words in capitals.

If you want a proper answer, you should try to be a bit more polite with your post.

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Please provide details of the issues and savegames + tactics where you're struggling and someone will have a look. Otherwise, it does sound like some of your complaints are a little exaggerated, in fairness. I think if you focus on specifics, you're liable to get a little more attention.



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