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San Marino, Andorran etc.. ?


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Just a quick question as to whether anyone has made any of these leagues as with the dynamic reputation now I would enjoy playing with these lower leagues.

Places such as;



San Marino



I've also heard there's a channel islands download but I can't seem to find it. If someone could point me to any of these I would be grateful :D

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I've made a San Marino and a Andorra Update. Both can be found here and here.

Both update were fully tested and had some feedback that made possible the correction of some minor bugs.

There is an issue on the lower reputations league (when they enter in the top 50 of the dynamic league rating system they start to get incredible high prizes for TV rights) that i tried to fix on the Andorra update but i didn't finish the testing. (Putting a league on the Top 50 is not easy) this issue will appear in all lower league updates since it's a game related bug.

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