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Agent relationship and new contracts

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I've discoverd that offering your player new contract effect relationship with his agent even if you don't enter negotiations. I have player that has been performing superbly and i wanted to offer him a better contract, but he wasn't intrested. Few months later I tried this again and he still isn't intrested, but now my relationship with his agent is "dislike". I think this is wrong and need to be fixed. You should know if your player is interested in signing contract with you without risk of damaging you relatinship with his agent. Offering new contract can be only positive thing for agent because he can earn easy money without trouble of finding another club for his player...

Another thing I would like is to be able to see fees paid to the agent and player for running contract. I use those to calculate asking price for the player because I would like compensation for those fees if I'm selling player.

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Wen Jie   

Every failed negotiations with the player brings about a negative rating for you in the player's agent. If you are attentive enough, next time after you have a negotiations breakdown, check back at the agent after a few days, you will likely to see your name appear in the disliked personnel.

For me, this is a serious flaw. Sometimes the contract breakdown is because the player don't even want to speak to you. Do it a dozen times, and you will have a hatred agent relationship. And this hurts you further if the agent happens to have a dozen of other clients.

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