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Can anyone help me please, technical advise.

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Right, when I start up football manager 2011 i can a "XML parsing error!" box that come up and says "not well-formed (invaild token) at line 1 of default.xml" with an "O.K" click box at the bottom. When i click "O.K" it goes away. This XML error comes up twice before FM starts up as normal. If i did not click okay to both errors then FM would not start up.

This doesn't seem much of a problem as FM is still working, however i have noticed (and posted about it) that none of my media press comments seem to have any impact. I can comment on any manager or declare an interest in any player but I wont get a responce or a reply. I have checked the personal page of the player after commenting and still no evidence that my comment was even made.

Can anyone please tell me if it is possible that these two problems could be linked and can be fixed. I have no idea what the XML error means and all my experiance and computing knowledge has told me to un-install and re-install the game, which did not fix either of the problems.

Any help would be greatfully recieved, thank you.

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