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Very poor signings

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Hey guys, Im not too sure If this has been mentioned..But I find that AI managers are sometimes very very poor. Example, I led Crewe to promotion to the Championship, and after 17 games I was offered the Newcastle United job. At that time, I was 3rd and had a good squad...I checked back to Crewe at the end of the season, only to see them finish 22nd and relegated....The manager bought 4 new players, all of which were very very poor. I know your going to say its the managers stats, but Ive seen this happen to the best teams.

Even my favourite team, Panathinaikos buys rejects worth 30k, when its budget is 6 million etc. I wish the AI managers would 'sometimes' buy the players we would buy if you know what i mean


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I feel you guys. Its somewhat bizarre at times what I see happen in this game. Totally unrealistic at times. I really hope SI go back to the drawing board for FM12, and come up with a better AI.

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In the premier division some of the signings made are a bit poor for the club but so far at Championship level, the AI are doing a very good job of bringing more than adequate players in.

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