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Buying better players , frustrating ?

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does anyone else find it frustrating that when you try to buy players from a higher league they don't even want to talk to you :( ? , i am at leeds and have tried and failed on many occassions to try sign premier league players , i often get my bids accepted but have not even had 1 player interested in joining me , i know it's a step down from the prem but i can offer regular football and better/similar wages to some premier league fring team players :( , i just cant seem to improve my squad !

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Talk to Ian Holloway about that - he's at a prem club and players still won't move to 'pool.

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Invest in younger players that will be more interested to move to a championship club before they get too good or go for older players that will add experience. Once your promoted to the prem it does get alot easier. I usually go for potential wonderkids when the regens appear each year to push on up the table year on year.

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