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Why does my board expectation suddenly drops as well as the media expectation, odds?

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I won the league 5 times in a row with R Madrid with a couple of champion league, and some other cups. And my 5th season was my best performance because I finally managed to beat barca instead of either grinding for a draw or getting beaten, and had an unbeaten season. Then, follow up with beating barca again on champion league final.

Then, on my 6th season, my board just suddenly expect me to just qualify for the euro champ? Then, the media prediction gave me the to get 2nd all of a sudden? I always have my assistant manager set to handle press conference, and half way through the season, I'm getting a lot from my asst. manager in the press conf that At. Madrid is going to win or Barca is going to win the title. I'm clearly sitting at the top of the table, same point with Barca at the moment but what's wrong with everything all of a sudden? My asst. manager never predict anything other than my team for winning the title for 5 seasons and it all changes. That makes a lot of my players unhappy about his comment and I'm starting to think I should start clicking on those press conf.

One thing to note though: At Madrid has been having trouble debt and they got taken over by some rich people last season. Then, they started buying people like crazy, spending 120M+ for the last 2 seasons, while I just sell like all the rest of my big names like Di Maria, Benzema, etc. Only survivor left from original squad are Casillas, Ronaldo, Huguain, Ramos and Ozil with Pepe getting old as well as Ronaldo hitting 30. Would that cause my media prediction to go down for selling those world class players and not even sign a anyone significant for like 3 seasons? I have my youngsters coming out of ranks though.

But again, At Madrid gets 3rd for all 5 seasons, Barca 2nd and me being first, but maybe At Madrid get some owner like Man City??? But no one predict Man City to get EPL title after one season though IRL... And At Madrid isn't the richest club in the world right now, my team is because I didn't sign anyone significant....

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Just want to add what I noticed... I have a lot of match reports that "A young R. Madrid shows that you can win with kids as they came out top against a much more experienced TEAM_HERE side". My squad in the last season was the youngest at average age of 22. Now they are 23 obviously, but I didn't see anything like that last season. I did see a couple of time that when I lost last season, the news says the experience beat the youth or the youth struggled against experienced or something along the line. Does it mean that my squad experience matter in the media prediction?? And my board isn't sacking me because I made like 100M+ or close profit every season? Now that I'm out of experienced and world class players, with untested, unexperienced just out of U19 squads on my defense line, and somewhat on my midfield, my media prediction drop?

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