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Facilities being constructed and then the board reset it-11.2 Patch. SI Pls Respond

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Originally Posted by Tycobbler39

Game is playing fine for me. Just noticed something strange; earthquake perhaps. Construction began on my Youth facilities, and as time progressed it was about 50% complete. I just got a message today that constuction began on my Youth facilities and should be complete in 5 months. The progression bar went back to 0%.... oh boy

Neil, is there any repsonse of the above problem mentioned. Thanks

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I replied to you in the other thread - is his happening in 11.2? Is this with an old or new game? Has the construction started pre-when you installed the patch? Let me know, thanks.

I'd also suggest if this is the case, creating a thread in the relevant place of the bugs forum and we'll look into it. Thanks.

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