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FM11 [custom league] Polish revolution (2 versions)

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I have prepared two additional files with modified Polish league competitions.

One for the supporters of enlargement league (team 20th), one for supporters of any reduction (12th team).

Both files were created using the editor of the Advanced Rules.

In the games 12th Ekstraklasa team wanted to set up the game, like in Scotland (3rd round robin, split into two groups where the first sixth game with him one round, and the other six with you), 38th in total meetings.

The problem arose, however, in the fourth round, where the host of the meeting is... randomized and it happens quite often that teams are meeting the balance of home/away - 3/1 instead of (as is the case in Scotland) 2/2.

So I decided on a more equitable system in which teams play each other two rounds, then played two rounds with each of the first six teams, and the second six fights in the same way about maintenance - a total of thirty-second meeting.

Another problem identified is the lack of gradual change system settings for games. I wanted to force the final solution of the third season, and not as is currently the second but after the first season, there have to increase (or reduction) matches the final shape. I was therefore forced to take radical cuts (or extensions).

Polish league after the season reduced from 16 to 12 teams.

1. includes the 20th Division teams, and second with 24 reduced to 22

Relegations and promotions:

League last fall in the 12th team

1. League for the first promotion only team, dropping the last third

2. League for the third promotion the first, fourth last fall


Polish league expanded to 20 teams.

League increased to 20 teams, the first and 2 contain the 22nd Division team.

Relegations and promotions:

The third last fall Ekstraklasa Teams

1. League promotion for the first third teams, the decline for the last third

2. League promotion for the first third teams, the loss for the fourth past.


There has been modified from its original Polish Cup, did not add the League Cup.

Competition in the 2011 /12 season begins on July 16, 2011 (Super Cup match here, and at lower levels) League competition begins a week later.

Winter Break begins from mid-December and lasts until mid-February.

There is no play-offs, because not all of them is in order and can not be set up, everything as it should be (random promotions or lack of them, even though everything seems to be suitably They presented).

2. league was reduced to 24 teams (instead of the two groups after the 18th team) because it would be fixed later, two groups (no formal groups after the first season), in addition to the editor with advanced settings, there was no possibility for a proper division of the group of east-west.

In the second division, I chose the best 24th team with the highest reputation, so if there is any team, you can replace it yourself ;)

The downloaded file (s) should be placed in the directory:

\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2011\editor data\

Sorry for my english language, but I translate by google...

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