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Hello, I hope somebody can help. Basiaclly I've lost my Hall Of Fame when i reformatted windows, see here: http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/242486-Someone-from-SI-Please-read-amp-reply-HALL-OF-FAME-ISSUE?p=6210962#post6210962

I've had a PM from a guy at SI advising that unfortunately there is absolutly no way of retrieving the information. So what I'd like to know now, is how the points system works for the Hall Of Fame - do certain competitions carry a certain number of points? Because on the world wide hall of fame for example, Udo Lattek is 13th with 9 major trophies and 5 minor trophies, but Helenio Herrera is 6th with the same amount of trophies - just a different amount of points.

I'd like to be able to add my total points up to know where I sit currently in the hall of fame. My trophies (only ones that relate to the hall of fame) are as follows:

Southampton - 8 Major Trophies, 4 Minor Trophies

7 x Premier League winners

1 x Champions League winners

3 x FA Cup winners

1 x Europa League winners

Holland - 1 Major Trophy, 1 Minor Trophy

1 x World Cup winners

1 x European Championships winners

Total: 9 Major Trophies, 5 Minor Trophies

But how many points do I have? Any information on this will be sooooo helpful to me - you have no idea how gutted I am at losing my Hall Of Fame, it's just one of my many Football Manager OCD's.... :-(

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Are you a mac or windows user? For macs go to: macintosh>user>shared>sports interactive. Should be under hall_of_fame.dat. Not sure about windows

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