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"Player Instructions"

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Hello my fellow FM'ers.

Something I've been crying out for, for a long time, and has been mentioned before, is Player Instructions, specific to a player, constantly set.

I would love to have the option to have a tab on the players profile, that says "Player Instructions" - that will allow me to permanently set the instructions for the player, perhaps in the "Training" section of the player.

The reason I want this, is because I don't want to have to change Player Instructions on a game to game basis, depending on the team I pick. I have 2 players I use on the left wing. 1 is fast, that I want to get to the byline and put crosses in. The other is more technically gifted and I want him to cut inside, and get involved in the play in the box. If I can set them personally, when the fast guy plays, he just does that automatically, and when the technical guy plays, he also just does his player instructions automatically.

At the moment, I have to manually change all the settings in the tactics screen for every time I put a different player in to my first 11, and it's exceptionally time consuming.

Thoughts on the idea?

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A crazy thing to leave out of the game.

Gets my support, would make such a difference. It's these "seemingly" small things that have an impact on the game and saves valuable time.


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I couldn't agree more on this Nep.

When you have Lennon and GDS on the right wing, they are two players you want to play completely different. Frustrating to have to keep changing them, and I am only 5 pre-season friendlies in!

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