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Standard liege!

[FM11] Time to rule Canada

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Hello and welcome to Standard Liege's adventure!

Football Manager 2011 (11.1)

Database edits/XML files:

Canada - Using London City's created version, so thanks a lot to him.

Database Set Up

In order to make this game work, I had to modify the FM database to make the Canadian Soccer League playable, which is easy enough to do. CSL has a league reputation about equal to the Blue Square North and South divisions. I have set the financials for the league to be on a similar level as well.

My league differs from the real life CSL in two ways. First, there are no playoffs. Second, I didn't bother splitting the league into two divisions.

I didn't bother making the Pacific Coast Soccer League playable. There didn't seem to be much point given that there is no promotion/relegation.

For the domestic cup, I wanted to edit the Nutrilite Canadian Championship to include the CSL teams and introduce a new format for it. I managed to get that to work, but for some reason the winner didn't qualify for the CONCACAF Champions League. As a result, I scrapped that plan and left the Canadian Championship as-is (between Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver with the winner qualifying for CONCACAF).

Instead, I created a new minor domestic cup called the Dominion Cup. It is a fairly basic 32-club knockout affair. I set it to be lower reputation than the Canadian Championship, but higher reputation than the Canadian Soccer League (due to the participation of Toronto, Vancouver, and Montréal.) Teams are randomly drawn at every stage.

The Setup:

Canada - CSL

France - To Ligue 2

England - To BSP

Germany - To 2. Bundesliga

Italy - To Serie B

Mexico - To Liga de Ascenso

Spain - To Adelante


Career Overview:

Season      	Team      		League      Position   	Achievements & Notes
2010/11      	North York Astros       CLS	          	

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My first job is at North York Astros in the CSL.



North York Astros are a Canadian soccer team, founded in 1990. The team is a member of the Canadian Soccer League, the highest professional soccer league in Canada, and play in the National Division.

The team currently play their home games at Esther Shiner Stadium in North York, Ontario, a suburb of the city of Toronto, Ontario. The team's colours are navy blue and yellow.


Name: North York Astros

Founded: 1990

Home Kit: Navy blue and yellow

Away Kit: Blue

Rivals: -

Minor Rivals:

Legends: -

Icons: -

Favoured Personnel: -

League: Canadian Soccer League

Media Prediction: 10th

Esther Shiner Stadium


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Very interesting career, good luck will watch with interest.

Maybe not too many people know this but football in Canada is becoming very very popular !!! :D

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Thanks E.Gray, good to hear!



Chris Lemire - Fomer Montreal player joined on a free transfer and can play in MC, AMC or Up Front making him very useful, I will be using him in midfield as my strike force is the strongest area of the team.

Mauricio Vincello - An Arengtine playing in the CSL! The LB is 32 years of age and most recently played for Montreal meaning he is use to playing in this country, although at a higher standard, his experience is welcomed.

Niall Thompson - Hopefully should work out well, the former Canadian international striker joins on a free after apparently leaving Vancouver in 2002, so quite a long wait for a team to come along, but the 9 cap striker should become a hit here.

Igar Radkovic - Is a 20 year old CB who can improve to a fine Canadian CB, lets hope he choses Canada over Bosnia. Should be great in this league and maybe move on to bigger things.

Gerard Ladiyou - Another young CB, this time only 17 years of age but apparently 5 stars in the Coach report so I'm happy. Hopefully will develop a partnership with Radkovic.

Nikica Jurjevic - A young fullback who can play on both sides, his secret weapon is his long throw which I will be taking full advantage of and hopefully will help my goal tally for the season

Justin Johnson - My last siging of pre season, the right winger complete my squad and is hopefully the missing link in the team.


No players left the club, as I try to build a squad.


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February 2010


Just the 4 friendlys this month and I am very pleased with the ways things went expecially as my squad was all together for the first couple. Obviously I was expected to beat the reserve side and I did but could of easily been double that tbh, a very good game to watch. A solid win v Pittsburgh was to follow, where my 2 new Centre Backs were on display and as you can see they did their job very well indeed!

I was looking forward to the Ottawa game very much so and boy it didn't dissapoint, it had everything - from amazing goals, to terrible reffing you name it, this game had it, was gutted to lose up on the wrong side of things but a very good performance. Cleveland a home was a good win for us and was nice to go back to a clean sheet, the GK playing very well.

Overall, a very good month but friendlys count for nothing and it's what we do in the CSL that matters.

In other news, Toronto FC in the MLS got 2 wins and a draw in February which is expected and De Ro is playing superbly.


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Good luck. I don't know if you saw in my thread, but there's a couple small issues with the database file. The main problem is that there is no automatic ban for red cards. Other than that, though, it should be fairly stable. I'll be interested to know if you run into issues.

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rancer - Cheers, ha thats cool. I think you should pop down and see them play! London City - Cheers, Yeah apart from the red card issue eveything seems great. Jason - I lost to Brampton 3-1 :*(


As you can see things haven't gone my way at all, and have made a very dissapointing start to the season and need to start changes things around now. The 3 remaning friendlys I had went as I expected after a 1-0 defeat to Harrisburg, despite playing quite well and coming out of the match positive. This was followed by a great 2-0 Toronto [PDL] with goals from Hastings and Radakovic sealed victory and was a good win. The last friendly was a home game v Rochester and was a bit dissapointing to lose 2-0, although I never expected to win.

The season started off with a home game v Brampton, who are proving themselves to be a strong looking team, and the match started in the worst possible fashion with star man Thompson coming off injured after just 12 minutes. But then things improved and Jung John fired NYA into the lead with a well taken goal, but just before half time Brampton equalised with a questionable goal but still it finished 1-1 at half time and I was content. I held out till the 79th minute before 2 quick fire goals sealed the win for Brampton and I lost my first game in the CSL.

An away trip to Windsor Soccer Club followed and I expected to win and gain some confidence and its exactly what I did, with Jung John and Radakovic firing me in front and Windsor never really looked liked grabbing anything from the match. The only bad point was Chris Lemire getting sent off and likely to get suspended.

Another home CSL game, this time v London City and was hoping for a better result than the Brampton game. Although as you can see it was a much better result that the Brampton game, it was still dissapointing as LC dominated early proceedings and I never got control of the match and was lucky to get a point, very dissapointed to see Jung John get injured as he was my top scorer. My first away game was against Hamilton Croatia and tbh I wasn't expecting much after the previous results and as you can see, it was another loss but it did take until the 54th minute from them to take the lead, sadly there was no response from NYA.


As you can see from the below screenshot, there were no real shocks in the cup.


In other Canada related news, Toronto FC started their MLS Campaign well as the recorded a 2-0 victory over Coloumbus Crew with De Ro getting both the goals, they also won 2-0 in the cup despite using a very weakened side and are early favourites to lift the cup.


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Terrible, terrible, terrible. The less said the better, I give up. :*( Not even going to go through the matches. :*(


Out the cup as well, but so are Toronto!


In other news, Toronto have a record of 3 wins 2 draws and 4 losses and are sitting 4th in the Eastern Conference but have been on poor form recently. Canada played Venezuela in a friendly and recorded a great victory by 3 goals to 1, Radzinski scoring twice and Rob Friend finishing the match off.


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A bit of a rough start, but hopefully you'll be able to turn things around next season. One thing that I noticed when playing is that the players' salaries are way off in the first season. Some of my worst players were earning top salaries, while some of my best were earning next to nothing. At the end of the first season, I was able to clear out most of my squad which created a lot more room in the wage budget. Once that was done, I was able to sign better players on salaries that actually reflected their contribution. The key is to just release all the overpaid players, even if it means having to pay them compensation in the first year. Your wage budget for season two will thank you.

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