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"Challenge for the title?"

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Hello all.

Just finished my first FM11 season with arsenal, and the board aren't happy with me.

At the star. Of the season, I selected "qualify for Europe". Half way through the season I was top of the league so they offered me a chance to change it to "challenge for the title" or "win the title". I chose challenge.

Come the end of the season, I finish up in 3rd; 2 points behind 2nd, 3 points behind 1st. The title was only decided on the last day of the season, so should this be considered a good attempt? The board weren't happy that I finished 3rd, by which I apparently didn't "challenge for the title".

Does this sound wrong? Or am I putting too much of a good spin on things?

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Yeah, I had something similar - I lost the title finishing second by 2 points, and apparently didn't challenge. I think "challenge for the title" essentially means they won't be as angry with you if you don't win it than if you pick "title winner".

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