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[FM11] [Newcastle FC] - We've got something up our Slieve (Donard)

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Newcastle FC - Northern Irish Premiership - 2029/30

Media Prediction: 1st

Season Summary:

No-where near the level of competitiveness in the league as last season. Finished well ahead of Crusaders (who in fairness, did sell their best striker during the winter transfer window - after losing another of their better strikers to Celtic on a free, pre-season.)

I was disappointed that our chairman went over my head and sold my no.1 goalkeeper for a fee (which despite not being a bad one in context) that really should still be within my territory to decide if it's good enough.

League Table/Season Position Graph - Finished 1st

Co.Antrim Shield - Winners! - Won this mini-tournament for a change after successive final defeats.

Irish League Cup - Winners! - A solid retention of this trophy. I think this is actually ranked higher than the All-Ireland Cup ironically enough.

Irish FA Cup - Winners! - Fourth year on the bounce.

All-Ireland Cup - Quarter-Final - Disappointing.

Champions League - Group Stage - Not alot of joy in the CL despite never really being battered by anyone.

Europa League - 1st Round Knockout - Porto are a side I felt we could have possibly pulled of a shock. After the games themselves, I'm convinced we could well have but a few key performances just weren't up to scratch.

Key Players

Andre Pollock - As always.

Adrian McCready - Got injured for a decent amount of time which spoiled his season but still our main man up front.

Glenn Taylor - Experience at the back really shows alongside the more youthful Pollock.

Nathan Wells - Probably our best attacking player overall. I've made him captain following this season. Picked the player of the year award and top goalscorer gong.

Elliot Beckford - Always a physical threat up front and had a good season for us.


First Team Squad




Club Info



Honours History

End of season manager profile/


Next season:

Our league's ranking has slipped unfortunately but not by much.

Dungannon have turned professional now for next season also.

Can't complain anymore about the board not at least, trying to get us moving in the right direction, stadium wise. Hopefully this is a regular thing every season, with the expansions increasing. Although ultimately I imagine, a new stadium will be on the cards sooner rather than later.

In terms of trophies, once again, the league and main cup is all I'm particularly worried about. The CL progression I'm convinced will come in time. I've no issue being patient whilst the club is still being built up.

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World Cup 2030

Hosts: Germany


Germany 1 - 1 England (England through on penalties) WOOOOT?!

Brazil 1 - 2 Argentina (AET)

Denmark 0 - 1 France

Spain 3 - 0 Portugal


England 1 - 0 Spain (AET)

Argentina 2 - 2 France (Argentina through on penalties)


France 0 - 1 Spain (AET)


England 2 - 1 Argentina

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Galway made it to the group stages too? A great year for the 'Emerald Isle'! :thup:

Bad luck against Porto too.

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Looks like you're getting closer to a breakthrough in Europe. My prediction is Quarter Finals of Europa League next season :)

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Pretty much neglected this game for a while but I do have two (very short & sweet I must admit) season updates to do..

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:( Isn't nice to admit but I've lost interest in continuing this career. I feel like I'm stalling majorly in terms of progress in Europe. Probably my lack of ability to get the better players but regardless, the experience is something to take with me.

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