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Unexpected Manager of the Year Award?

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I've just finished my first season as manager of Stoke City and been named manager of the year for a 12th place finish?

There were a few notable victories over Man Utd, Chelsea and a 7 nil over rivals Birmingham but no cup runs and nothing more than an average season!

Now i was honest at the start of the game and put my repuatation as sunday league footballer etc so the only reason i can think i've been awarded this is for the performance based on reputation?

Otherwise I dont really know why i'd be given this?

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Mick McCarthy won it on mine, despite me leading arsenal to the league. He won the FA cup with wolves, also saw it puts him into the all time greats for irish managers, gutting for me =/

and u also beat birmingham 7-0, interesting

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Yea the highlights are on youtube under richfp88! it wasn't as enthralling as it sounds!

At least Mick McCarthy won something on yours, i've achieved nothing lol

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