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just started my second season with Club Sport Marítimo B, i notice that the my team has moved leagues without promotion, first season i was in the Portuguese Second Division north and second season i have been moved to the south not sure if this is a bug or if there is another reason why this would have happened.

anyone have the same thing or know why this has happened

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There are 16 teams in each league - North, South, and Central. After the first season when teams are relegated and promoted to that level, the teams will need to be re-distributed by their region geographically.

So if your club is based in the centre of Portugal, and you are playing in the North section of the division, after 1 season and the promotions/relegations, there may be 6 additional teams which have been relegated/promoted into your league which are further North than you. To fit them in, your club would be re-distributed to either the Central or South divisions. Hope that makes sense.

It also happens in England with the Conference North/South.

Edit - Just checked and Maritimo is based in Madeira which is an island off the North West coast of Africa, therefore I would assume that you would be in the Southern section because there can't be many more Portuguese football teams further South than you.

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The reason for this is due to promotion/relegation of other teams I think. You must be the most South club in the North league and when clubs in the league below got promoted, they were more Northerly than your club and so you were moved to the other division. Happens in the BSS/BSN I believe as well.

Edit: Brookie explained it better.

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